Through October 30th, visitors to Brigham Young University’s main campus in Provo, Utah will have the opportunity to tour a full-sized replica of the ancient tabernacle used by the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness.

The structure and grounds were originally built as part of a stake exercise in Southern California. It later toured the country, reaching as far as Michigan.

Julie Carr, who has responsibility for the tabernacle, described the original conception of the project:

Craftsman in our stake were assigned something to build. They weren’t told how to build it, they were just told which scriptures to read and they got inspired,” Carr said. “The men who build the instruments inside the tabernacle truly had a great experience…. We originally just built this as a learning experience for the youth in our stake, but it became something more, and people from all over have been wanting to see it.

Built primarily for religious education purposes, the tabernacle is open to the general public on weekends and evenings. We recommend you schedule in advance.

This is much cooler than handcart reenactments. Get your Old Testament on!

Full schedule and ticket information is available here.

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