Neuquén, Argentina Temple

Joe: The booming, provincial capital Neuquén in Argentina is the largest city in Patagonia and well positioned along transportation lines to relieve the Buenos Aires temple district by at least 10 stakes and 5 districts in the southern area of Argentina alone. Besides, Patagonia has an outlet in Salt Lake, maybe it’s time for SLC to put an outlet for faith and worship in Patagonia. Or am I confusing the clothing brand with the geographic region? Either way, this is a good guess, says me.

Geoff: Yeah, and Cotopaxi is HEADQUARTERED in Salt Lake, Joseph. Let’s keep our priorities straight. Either way, now is not the time to joke about the presence of outdoor apparel vendors in Utah because, um, you know.

Back on task, I think this is a compelling choice, and one I’ve not seen anyone but you call for. If you look at the map on the first page, the whole southern cone is pretty dang isolated as far as temples go. But do they really have the critical mass sufficient to support one? Admittedly, I’m on the fence, but I’d love to see this, if anything because my cousin served a mission in Neuquén.

Or we could go the other way and build a temple on the Islas Malvinas, err Falklands, err… let’s just cause an international incident for fun!