Benin City Nigeria (or maybe Lagos) Temple

Geoff: Nigeria currently has one small temple in Aba, down in the southeast of the country. That one temple serves 43 stakes—all in Nigeria—across nearly 600 units. Just this past weekend, two wards and five branches were created in Benin City alone.

The only knock against Benin City is it is slightly closer to Aba than, say, Lagos, but it’s also more centrally located than the latter, which is close to the border with Benin (the country, not the city). So a temple could go in Lagos, but Lagos is also a mess. Lagos also falls neatly in the middle of a gap zone on the radial circles on our main map. Either way, do not be shocked if Nigeria gets a second temple this conference. And if not this time, then in April 2018. West Africa is the future of the Church.

Joe: I definitely think West Africa is in the hot seat for another temple. And Lagos is definitely the more prominent city, but there are also a lot of stakes in Benin City, so I’m with you on this one. It’s a solid guess. Benin City this year, Lagos next? 😉