Richmond or Hampton Roads Virginia Temple

Geoff: I try not to be biased here, living in DC. But we need a win. Earlier this year the Church announced the long-term closure of the Washington DC Temple for major renovations, then followed up a few months later by telling us the Raleigh North Carolina Temple is also hitting the mat.

Just look at the 200-mile map with and without those two temples. We are in a hearts-of-the-children desert!

Now obviously a temple in Richmond or the Hampton Roads area would not be magically completed in time to bridge the gap while the other temples are closed, but this speaks to a slight weakness in coverage in the region.

The I-64 corridor is a fast-growing area, a temple here would keep most saints within an hour of sacred work, especially if it were in Richmond.

Downsides: Richmond is only 90 mins from DC. Hampton Roads isn’t much farther for Raleigh. The Washington DC Temple also lost about a third of its feeder stakes to the Philadelphia Temple.

Joe: I could easily see a temple in this neck of the woods, Geoff, just probably later rather than sooner. With major freeways that provide fairly easy passage to either the DC or Raleigh temples from places like Richmond or Newport News, I don’t see a temple in this area for a while. Unless of course we looked westward to LDS hubs like Roanoke or Lynchburg (and Beeeeyuna Vista, y’all!!). A temple there would almost be more understandable, servicing the heart of Appalachia, including almost all of West Virginia. It’s odd that neither of the Virginias have a temple. Perhaps it’s punishment for Thomas Jefferson’s deism.

Regardless, I’m more Hampton Roads than Richmond on this one, but an announcement of the Good News in Newport News would be pretty epic for the Mormons of the Eastern Seaboard. Imagine how many Duck Beach hopefuls, in brave acts of performative righteousness, would sneak away to do a “quick sesh” before heading back to the throes of unrequited love in the Outer Banks. Will marriage proposals go up over Memorial Day? You’d better believe it.

Geoff: “Fairly easy passage”? You’ve driven I-95, yes?