Episode #381 – My Dad’s Wearing a Funky Hat

Is it time to fix the temple prep course? Changes to visiting teaching are an indictment on us all for our failure to know and love.

Should the temple preparation course be changed? It doesn’t exactly cover many of the realities of temple attendance, especially for the first time. So why is this manual lacking in so many areas?

The Church will donate $10 million to fund homeless shelters throughout the Salt Lake area, but why are so many of these initiatives centered on Utah? Are we not a global church? Is this just knowing one’s backyard and reacting accordingly?

The format for General Conference will change in 2018, with Priesthood Meeting and the Women’s Meeting taking turns in the Saturday evening slot. What does this change mean for commerce in Utah County?!

Likewise, the Church recently changed the format for Visiting Teaching messages: “Do What She Needs.” This is great, but we’re still puzzled that so many Latter-day Saints just focus on a message and stick to a script. Why?! Why do you not just serve people?!

In other temple news: the Houston Texas Temple will, indeed, go down for major refurbishments following hurricane damage. It will be rededicated quietly in 2018. Also, a cool story about how stained glass windows from a Presbyterian church found their way into three newer LDS temples. Church officials also broke ground on the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple in October.

The Church updated the social media logos for a number of its properties last week, but failed to provide much context or inform the public that this was not a change of the Church’s actual logo. Chaos ensued. Confused was felt. Rest assured, this was to combat the bevy of Mormon-related Facebook Pages that are not run by the Church.

Sorry, fans of VidAngel. Its troubles continue to mount. The filtering firm announced recently that it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. According to the company, this is all well and good, but… come on. Dark days ahead, people.

In missionary-related news: Matt Holland (son of Jeffrey R.) has been called as a mission president, stymying the hope of many that he would eventually run for governor of Utah. Also, enterprising young minds send their friends fake mission calls, which is both fun, dumb, and also a missed opportunity to really mess with people. In addition, one of the last missionaries to serve in South Vietnam before the fall of Saigon is now Vietnam’s first mission president. Check out Peggy Fletcher Stacks’ interview with him below.

Lastly, the Church has standardized the questions for prospective missionaries. The questions read much like temple recommend interviews with additional inquiries into mental health and past transgressions. That last one is where it gets confusion, because missionaries must reportedly divulge previously repented-of sins?

Orrin Hatch is reportedly considering retiring from the Senate, since he’s almost a nonagenarian. And who will fill his shoes? Allegedly none other than Willard Romney.

BYU tuition is shooting up! Shooting!!

Are you a Javert Mormon or a Valjean Mormon? Mette Iverson wants to know.

Lastly, is Utah the artisanal chocolate capital of the world?

Editor’s Note: This week’s intro song was actually composed and recorded by Geoff, not Fiverr. Huzzah.

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