#LightTheWorld Day 10: “Search the Scriptures; For in Them Ye Think Ye Have Eternal Life”

Light the world - Day 10 - Search the Scriptures
Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

How will your life change if you search the scriptures, not just read them, but search them?

A few thoughts enter my brain for today’s Light the World scripture from John 5:3 – “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life.” At first my mind went to how this applies in the context of Light the World, that of serving 25 ways over 25 days. Unlike yesterday’s great story, I didn’t see the obvious external actionable item related to scripture reading. Am I supposed to encourage someone to read the scriptures today? Should I stand on a street corner and hand out copies of the Book of Mormon? Maybe I can help a little old lady at church today figure out how to find something in the Gospel Library app. (I actually did that last week, so… preemptive bonus points!)

I thought the video for today might provide some inspiration:

Nope. I love these, but this one just kinda said, “Yeah, scriptures are good. Scripture it up, folks.”

So my mind continued searching for external applications specifically related to searching the scriptures, and I think I found something. Bear with me as I connect the dots.

How many of you have had an on-again/off-again relationship with your scriptures? Scriptures can be the Sam and Diane of spiritual pursuits. Why is it so tough to be consistent with daily scripture reading, let alone regular, genuine study? (Am I truly searching when I sorta blaze through an Isaiah chapter of 2 Nephi in an effort to at least get something done?) Just as I sought the answers from a sub-30 second #LightTheWorld video—i.e. hoping for the easy way out—taking the time to read and study is hard. Satan wants it to be hard. True effort is hard! And when it comes to searching the scriptures, no one is going to do it for you. It’s a very personal experience between you and God.

But I’ve found something truly powerful in my attempts to be, at the very least, reliable in my scripture study. I find that my demeanor improves, my focus is better, and I’m more knowledgeable about the things of the gospel by impulse because they become commonplace.

Indeed, scriptures help me bear testimony. There’s a reason missionaries memorize so many scriptures, even if old-school, memorized discussions went out the window in 2003. Knowing the scriptures—studying them—gives us a deeper well of gospel knowledge to call upon, whether in everyday discussions, church meetings, or if we face crises of faith. And the only way to replenish the well is to continue the search.

When I am consistent with searching the scriptures, I find that I am calmer throughout the day, that the promises contained in the scriptures actually shape my life.

And as I improve, I am in a better position to serve others through means covered across these 25 days, and I am also able to impart what I have learned and help my fellow brothers and sisters grow in the gospel just their knowledge helps me.

Don’t be put off of reading your scriptures because it appears to be for the learned or those engaged in more profound pursuits. The scriptures are for all of us. They are profound as you make them. Don’t just glean them. Search them!

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