Have you ever wondered what Mormons believe? We’ve got you covered. Mormon.org just released a new set of videos that highlight basic beliefs of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The lead video, “60 Beliefs in 60 Seconds” is what you’d expect – a number of diversity-oriented Mormons appear in order, offering quick snippets about Mormon belief. The responses are what you’d expect: family, hope, scriptures, fry sauce… wait, not that. And “joy” is the capper. It’s a great production and easily shareable on social media.

The other videos are a bit more of a dive into some of those areas, including parenting advice.

Here we have, “When You Struggle as a Parent, Remember to Love,” where a mom reminds us that we can’t control our kids, but need to focus on loving and teaching them.

Another mothering video stresses the importance of “small teaching moments”:

Do Mormons believe in the Bible? This one is a bit weaker, considering they sent a man we’ll call Jim to what appears to be BYU and Utah Valley University to get answers. We did a similar thing in 2010, asking Provoites what Mormons believe. (We meant it to be a joke, but it wound up being meaningful.)

Next up, is family prayer just for praying? Of course it’s not. Again we revisit the “small teaching moments” parents to learn about effective ways to approach family prayer. “There’s no right time to do it.”

Back to the man about town. The new question is whether Mormons believe in Jesus. This is a bit stronger of a segment, allowing Mormons themselves to explain that they do believe in Christ.

Lastly, praying with little kids! Yeah, this one gets me. It melts my heart when my little one says prayers, thanking Heavenly Father for every family member he can think of. Also, cars and trucks.

So here you go. Share these videos! Learn from them! Go forth!