We’re thrilled this week that the host and creator of BYUtv’s Relative Race, Dan Debenham, sits down with us to talk about the success of the show, family history, producing content with LDS standards but not for an LDS audience. All of your burning questions will be answered, including the mystery of the super intense Relative Race offices.

But hey, there’s also some news. Sadly, we’ve seen a story this week about a former Missionary Training Center president who reportedly sexually abused sister missionaries. If the revelation alone isn’t enough, one of these former missionaries confronted him and recorded the entire thing. The Church released a statement on the issue, and we’re sure this is a story that is just barely starting to develop. In the #MeToo era, the reckoning is likely to continue.

Do you cleave unto the First Presidency message in the Ensign and Liahona to do home teaching every month? Well tough garbage, because President Nelson will have none of this nonsense! The First Presidency message is done. What’s replacing it? Nothing officially, but in an era of wide access to social media, Face to Face broadcasts, email marketing, and LDS.org, a monthly message became unnecessary.

In other weird news, Arizona lawmakers are moving to build a memorial on the capitol grounds for John D. Lee, the man regarded by most historians as the primary agitator responsible for the Mountain Meadows massacre. So… great job, Arizona?

Garments have changed in a very interesting way, but more importantly, the intended shelf life of garments is only a year. What?

The Bangkok Thailand Temple looks awesome. No further explanation necessary. But if you want one, here it is.