Temple Predictions – April 2018 General Conference

Mark Brendanawicz

Mark Brendanawicz

What will a new Church president and a new year bring? More temples? We hope so. See how our predictions match up with yours.

San Juan Puerto Rico Temple

Joe: Puerto Rico has (UPDATE: STILL) been in the news for all the unfortunate reasons of late, so please don’t think I’m being glib. I think a San Juan temple announcement would be especially monumental this conference seeing how the puertoriqueño saints could use some hopeful news. More than that, it would signal, much like Haiti I would think, a commitment to a growing church investment in the area and its members. There’s a lot going on right now with a humanitarian response to the island in the wake of hurricane damage (please lend your support).

A temple announcement would also send the signal that the church is undeterred to continue support, spiritually and temporally to the saints, and everyone, in Puerto Rico. After all, President Eyring recently urged the saints in Puerto Rico to rebuild not only their buildings, but also their faith in Christ. A temple announcement now seems like the perfect moment to show that the church intends to help them do both.

Geoff: That really would be pretty neat, right? Currently the Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple serves essentially all of the Caribbean, even down to Trinidad and Tobago, which is right off the coast of Venezuela. Even Suriname is in the district, which is on mainland South America. (Fun trivia: which language is spoken there?) So is Guyana (which also makes sense because Guyana and Venezuela don’t get along).

Construction is underway on a simple temple in Haiti, but I’ll put my non-gambling money on that temple serving Haiti and only Haiti. Half the reason they have that thing is because the DR won’t allow Haitians into the country, and Haitians overall are too impoverished to go anywhere else, least of all Fort Lauderdale.

So a temple in Puerto Rico would be pretty cool. It’s only one Greater Antille closer than the DR for all the Lesser islands, and there are a so-so five stakes on the island. Travel is also relatively cheap to the rest of the US. Like you said, though, what a great message of rebirth that would be. The unrealistic part of this is—sudden revelation aside—I doubt a decision would be made to build a temple based off of a recent natural disaster.

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