Bahia Blanca Argentina Temple

Joe: In a past prediction I brought the Argentine city Neuquen into the picture as a semi-left field but entirely decent guess. Consider this prediction the same but by another name. A look at where the stakes are in this region of the stake-laden Buenos Aires temple district, make Bahia Blanca perhaps just slightly more compelling a location than Neuquen. With Bahia Blanca, you’d be able to more reasonably attract the four stakes and two districts that hover to the north between Bahia and Buenos Aires while still being about even regarding travel to either Bahia or Neuquen for the three stakes and two districts in the far south.

In other words, while this pick is maybe a bit more centrally located to the scatter shot of stakes in southern Argentina, I genuinely think either destination could work. So if I’m not mistaken, in this instance I believe the temple selection committee has stake presidents square off in a bracketological arm wrestling invitational, giving new meaning to what some may consider madness in March.

Geoff: You make some compelling arguments. I think I’m still vibing on Neuquen, or better yet, somewhere deep into Patagonia like Ushuaia just to cover the southern cone. I like Neuquen for at least serving Patagonia more directly, but the new Concepción Chile Temple is kinda sorta nearby, even if a different district. But I like the idea of Bahia Blanca being a tad closer to Mar de la Plata and other areas.