The Sisters hop on to talk about Mother’s Day and all it entails, and Arianne plans on welcoming a new baby this coming weekend! Remember when she said she was itchy? Turns out that’s a more serious thing than we anticipated.

Why do people flip out when you tell them you don’t have a name yet picked out for your coming baby? What’s up with that? And Arianne has a full rundown of awful Mormon Corridor names while Tiffany encourages her to embrace her inner professional wrestler.

There are still stories to discuss, however.

For example, are Mormon mommy bloggers creating a false perception of reality? Deseret News wonders whether the blogs are hurting more than they are helping.

That said, here are some mommy bloggers you should know!

By Common Consent is a venerable Mormon blog, and the Sisters have fallen in love with author Jessie Jensen.

How well do Mormon women cover the unique pressures they face navigating LDS culture, professional ambition, and family responsibilities?

Oh yeah, and there was that one time the Church found out about a philandering mission president in Puerto Rico named Philander, and the actions they took, which involved releasing and excommunicating him.