After playing will they/won’t they for a few years, the delicate dance is ending with the Church severing its ties with Boy Scouts. What does this mean for the future of youth programs in the Church? How do you feel about sunsetting Scouting?

Plenty of drama in Mesa, Arizona as the Church moves to demolish homes within the Temple Historic District to make way for a revamped temple compound, including a new visitors center. Preservationists have accused the Church of acting in bad faith. Either way, the Church actually owns most of the homes, so demolished they shall be.

Al has plenty to say about Ministering. Plenty.

Isn’t it fun that meetinghouses now restrict access to social media networks on the building’s wifi? Except Facebook. Why is Facebook exempt?

Provo and Salt Lake City are the worst places to live in the US if you’re single! This cold partially be because there are no bars.

On his World Tourâ„¢, President Nelson shared a great story about how the announced temple in Bengaluru, India came to be. Check it out. Also on the tour, the prophet denounced dowries and encouraged those experiencing poverty to pay tithing as a “way out.”

Volunteers (i.e. missionaries) in Turkey have been temporarily reassigned due to political unrest in the country. Will they return? Who knows! (God does.)

The Houston Texas Temple is back! It’s back, kids!

The Church has reminded us to take care of the earth. This is for you, Scott Pruitt.

Remember that survey on missionary safety? The results have been announced! And changes are being implemented!

Also, these excellent videos: