As the Trump administration has accelerated the rate at which undocumented children at the US-Mexico border have been separated from their families, only to be held in a converted Walmart with no recourse for reunion with their parents, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been largely mum, something not lost on a good number of Mormons. This is likely because the Church is methodical in its responses to major issues, and also because Church leadership is often traveling over the weekend and does not reconvene until the next week. We’re making a few assumptions, of course.

Now the Church has issued a statement saying it is “troubled” by what has transpired of late:

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has long expressed its position that immigration reform should strengthen families and keep them together. The forced separation of children from their parents now occurring at the U.S.-Mexico border is harmful to families, especially to young children. We are deeply troubled by the aggressive and insensitive treatment of these families. While we recognize the right of all nations to enforce their laws and secure their borders, we encourage our national leaders to take swift action to correct this situation and seek for rational, compassionate solutions.”

This is not the first time the Church has spoken out about issues surrounding immigration. Earlier this year it essentially argued in favor of maintaining the DACA program, and in previous years has made numerous statements calling for compassion and family unity before draconian rule of law.

But that’s OK, Trumpian Mormons. Just keep ignoring statements like this and push for order first, compassion second. That’s the Christian thing to do.