Episode #396 – A Trek Into Your Heart

Tiffany is back from Trek! Apostles are normal guys with gay kids! The Church is not super into separating families from kids! So much stuff!

What a time! The TWiM Sisters are back up in this hizzy with recaps on all the great stuff you love.

However, of course, there’s news. FamilySearch, the LDS Church-owned genealogy website, made some waves when it announced it will include same-sex couples in its database, the result of a multi-year effort.

Tired of lame hymns? Eager to hear new hymns? Composer of your own hymns? The Church has announced a program to create a new, unified global hymnbook that will also include user submissions. So get in there any make your own hymn!

After the Trump administration set out to separate undocumented parents, many of whom are asylum seekers, from their children, the Church spoke out against the move, reminding us the families come first.

Plenty of Mormon kids leave BYU and are shocked that the working world involves attendance at happy hours, grabbing coffee with potential mentors, and engaging in all sorts of appearances of evil. Alas, such is not a sin. In fact, it’s a crucial part of professional growth, and a great article at By Common Consent has some fun with the whole thing.

Church photography has changed a lot. No more are Church photographers staging sacrament meetings. Instead, there’s an effort to take candid photos of real people engaged in real life, and it’s awesome.

Hey, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir had a gay conductor, if only for one night.

New Apostles Gerrit W. Gong and Ulisses Soares are keeping it real.

The Church has also implemented new standards for interviewing youth. It’s a process of refinement.

Lastly, LDS Living has the Mormon myths you never knew you needed to know about, but now must make a part of your life.

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