Episode #398 – Not to Be Pedantic…

Are you prepared for the most epic General Conference debrief the world has ever seen? Good, because Al and Geoff are bringing it to you with aplomb.

Join Al and Geoff for a wild ride through General Conference, including brilliant breakdowns of the “home-centric” church, including a shorter block of time at the church building.

Also, what’s in a name? Everything! Are we Mormons? Not sure. Is this the “Mormon Church”? Definitely not. Do we take part in Mormonism? Maybe? We’re still figuring all of this out.

So let’s work through General Conference. Let’s talk about faith. Let’s talk about conversion. Let’s talk about how to keep newer members integrated into the gospel and how to help returning members feel at home there. We can do so much more, and General Conference helps us get there.

Also, we got some new temples, which is awesome!

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