Happy Halloween! To celebrate, let us remember this wonderful couple that RIPed Home Teaching and three-hour church.

Also in Halloween news, a brilliant BYU communications student showed up to a party in blackface. Now he’s facing discipline. Is that OK? Is he a fool? He’s done ridiculous things.

There’s a great new Church website about dealing with and thwarting abuse. Check it out.

There are no more less actives! Stop calling them that! Everyone is returning!

Famed church pageants are going away! What’s up with this? What’s up with austerity?

Is your ward full of anti-Santa people?

The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting is horrible, and the Church has spoken out against antisemitism.

Mormon Helping Hands are putting their hands all over Florida!

A great ward in Chicago is closing down because of altering demographics. Sad.

The University of Utah has a great new Century of Black Mormons digital exhibit. Check it out!