Panama City Florida

Joe: I could see a Colosseum-style temple in this area, and we can nickname it the Nascar Temple. Hey, maybe the art in the temple can be sponsor stickers and decals on everything.


Geoff: And they’ll swap out the movie for Logan Lucky and… wait, there goes my Apostate Meter™ again!

Joe: The truth is, from Mobile, AL to Pensacola and on to Tallahassee, with Panama City being nearly smack dab in the middle of that east/west line up, it’s honestly a little surprising there isn’t a temple there already. Membership—as well as can be surmised from various “Find a Ward Near Me” attempts—seems to be on par with other smaller temple districts. That and the fact that this is a “narrow neck of land” that lies just outside any 200-mile-radius bubble make this a real humdinger of a guess, I’d reckon.

Geoff: Since most people know the Florida Panhandle is a region where hope goes to die, they need some hope. We’re out of the bubble! We need to make our own bubble! Spring break, woo!