Temple Predictions – October 2018

Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

Gather 'round the website everyone, for 'tis time to predict the locations of new temples to be announced this General Conference

Panama City Florida

Joe: I could see a Colosseum-style temple in this area, and we can nickname it the Nascar Temple. Hey, maybe the art in the temple can be sponsor stickers and decals on everything.


Geoff: And they’ll swap out the movie for Logan Lucky and… wait, there goes my Apostate Meter™ again!

Joe: The truth is, from Mobile, AL to Pensacola and on to Tallahassee, with Panama City being nearly smack dab in the middle of that east/west line up, it’s honestly a little surprising there isn’t a temple there already. Membership—as well as can be surmised from various “Find a Ward Near Me” attempts—seems to be on par with other smaller temple districts. That and the fact that this is a “narrow neck of land” that lies just outside any 200-mile-radius bubble make this a real humdinger of a guess, I’d reckon.

Geoff: Since most people know the Florida Panhandle is a region where hope goes to die, they need some hope. We’re out of the bubble! We need to make our own bubble! Spring break, woo!

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