Santa Cruz Bolivia

Geoff: With Managua finally receiving a temple, Santa Cruz has the dubious honor of being the area in the world with the most stakes without a temple. The main distinction being, of course, that Bolivia has had a temple in Cochabamba for some time. Still, the immediate Santa Cruz area has eight stakes, which is more than Cochabamba. Does the land of Evo Morales deserve its second temple? It would seem so, as Bolivia is the only remaining of the larger South American countries without a second temple. The trend seems to point to a yes.

The downside is that only one of those stakes has been organized in the past ten years, so overall, we’ve seen a steady, if slightly tepid, growth trend in the area. Also, with the Salta Argentina Temple on the horizon, that kinda sorta brings another holy house to the kinda sorta general area. Kinda sorta.

Joe: Oh my goodness the aesthetics of this glorious city alone make it an alluring choice. I only hope that in a city with such a dominant architectural style, the Church doesn’t pull a “Rome” and go with something so completely opposite to the pervading look and feel that it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s a 1500s Spanish colonial city. This temple, if it happens, should look more like Tijuana or Tucson than some ultra-modern sleek spaceship.