Kingston Jamaica

Joe: What’s Jamaica doing on this list, you might ask. There are only three wards on the island, you might say. Haiti is getting a temple, you may remind, and that’s not that far away, you could reason. And you’d be right. But travel with me into the land of creative temple guessing. Comfy? Good.

As I said, there are just three wards on the island of Jamaica, that’s true, but there are also 10 branches. Just categorize those branches as wards. Presto! I mean, if we can combine quorums in a weekend, certainly we can promote branches into wards by one in authority saying so from the pulpit. So let it be written, so let it be done, Judah Ben Hur! Add the Cayman Islands branch, and possibly the two in Cuba and you have yourself a veritable temple district! Not to mention, well, yes, actually to mention, as I did before, the tourism market! Don’t Disney cruises port in Jamaica? Don’t members of the Church love Disney? And let’s not forget Rasta! I can see the red, green and yellow bedecked Celestial Room in my mind’s eye now.

Geoff: You were bored when you wrote this one, weren’t you? O’ Joseph. I’m giving this one a big ol’ negatory. It’d be neat to see, but this is just far too much of a stretch.

Besides, they should build a temple in the Caymans so that we can hide all the data on how many names are being done.