Temple Predictions – October 2018

Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

Gather 'round the website everyone, for 'tis time to predict the locations of new temples to be announced this General Conference

Lagos Nigeria

Geoff: Last time we said Benin City. This time I’m saying Lagos. Truth be told, it’s a coin toss between the two, but for the sake of funsies, I’m going with with Africa’s most populous city even if Church growth seems to lean more on Benin. We’re not breaking any news by telling you the Church is growing like gangbusters in Africa. There were three temples on the continent in 2010. Now there are five more announced and I doubt that is the end of it.

Complicating things is that Lagos is crowded. It’s hectic. It has overexpansion problems and infrastructure woes. Building in Benin might be easier and cheaper. Also, if a temple does happen in Sierra Leone, it wouldn’t necessarily affect Nigeria directly, but it might be bold to announce two in the same general region in one sitting.

Joe: I think Lagos is the logical pick. If the Church can build a temple in Hong Kong, I think it might know a thing or two about how to deal with overcrowding. Infrastructure woes though, let’s just hope it’s not the same team that failed to account for humidity and mold behind the total rebuilds of the mini temples in the southern United States.

As a capital city, Lagos makes a lot of diplomatic sense, as a regional hub of commerce, art and entertainment, it makes a lot of operational and logistical sense and as the largest city in the entire African continent, it makes a lot of status sense to want a notable presence, one that merits a temple and possibly more—humanitarian operations, diplomatic attaches, future MTCs, publishing and distribution outlets, etc—in Africa’s largest city. The fact that there are plenty Church units and then some with growth seemingly not slowing down, I’d venture to say this one should be a home run.

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