EP 411 – Wrestling With Doubt

Were Elder Renlund's remarks on doubt insensitive? Participate in our new segment on doubt. GEOFF MEETS MCKAY COPPINS.

Jana Riess takes Elder Dale G. Renlund to task over his remarks on doubt during a BYU-Hawaii devotional. Specifically, Riess describes Elder Renlund’s remarks as insensitive, because people really do doubt, and they do feel a lot of pain. Kurt has some thoughts.

Building on that, we think it would great if we could help each other through difficult issues of faith. Therefore, we are introducing a new segment, “Wrestling with Doubt” wherein we will present a topic and ask you to sound off on it to help others, or provide your own question. We want this to be constructive and we’d love to use your emails or SpeakPipe audio to carry the discussion. So send us an email, comment on Facebook, or leave some audio here that we can use to further the discussion as we outline in the show.

In world-altering news, Geoff attended an event with Elder Christofferson and Bob Woodward, which was all well and good, but more importantly, he MET FREAKING MCKAY COPPINS. You can watch the video below.

What’s up with the recent push to forbid missionaries from coming over for an eating appointment if there is not an investigator present? Is this church wide? Does it prevent missionaries from bonding with ward members?

Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has some words to say about migrants and how we treat each other as brothers and sisters, and he uses Mosiah 18 to convey his message. Check out their new video for “Land of the Free.”

Utah is being asked to outlaw conversion therapy. Conversion therapy does not work, but does it need to be outlawed to be disavowed?

Would you like to see pictures of the Rome Italy Temple? Click here. See them. Use them.

Other news: President Nelson’s daughter dies, rumors abound of home-centered church being a precursor to home-only church, and two mini temples will be rededicated in 2019 after being unceremoniously closed and mysteriously stripped to their studs.

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