‘Dwight in Shining Armor’ Makes for Pleasant, Nerdy Family Viewing

Cast of Dwight in Shining Armor - BYUtv
BYUtv arrives a little late to the world of tween fantasy in the pleasant "Dwight in Shining Armor," but least it's not YA dystopia.
Cast of Dwight in Shining Armor – BYUtv

If one new show wasn’t enough for you, we’ve got coverage of another new show to BYUtv’s lineup. You’ve got to give it up to BYUtv for trying to break out of their old model and bring in a wider audience. So what is Dwight in Shining Armor? Well, just about every Dungeons and Dragon geeks fantasy. I can make that joke because I was a D&D geek as a kid. I mean who wouldn’t want to wake a sleeping princess and hordes of enemies and become the long awaited champion to save the world?

The story start pretty innocuously, as we see the main character Dwight riding his bike through what appears like typical modern-day suburbia. Dwight seems to be the type of kid who wants to help everyone. The kid even has a checklist on his phone for his to-do items. That’s your first inclination that this is a fantasy. No teenage boy I know is that detail oriented. I can hardly get my kids to recognize the socks on their floor as they walk right over them.

Searching for Owls and Finding a Princess

Being the upstanding kid that he is, Dwight takes off to the woods to try and find a picture of an owl for his friend. What he doesn’t expect is that the woods are creepy. Honestly, it reminded me of the movies you see of Joseph Smith going into the woods and feeling an uneasy presence in the forest. After one misstep Dwight goes falling through the ground and lands face first on a sleeping princess, locking lips with her.

The kiss, if it can be called that, not only wakes up Princess Greta from her thousand year slumber, but her adviser Baldric as well. Baldric reminds me of a combination of Gandalf and Hagrid. Greta and Baldric both believe Dwight to be some sort of “chosen one,” following a common trope.

Before anyone can do anything they are attacked by one of Greta’s enemies, who has also been slumbering for a thousand years. Is that that an orc? Seriously, it looks like something Saruman brewed in the pits of Isengard.

After some superb magic by Baldric, the group is able to escape. For now.

Three People on a Scooter

After the escape, the trio makes their way to Dwight’s school so he can follow through on other tasks that he has on his list. It’s bingo night, and you can’t miss that! But they didn’t walk. All three of them sit astride Dwight’s wonderful bike, Baldric on the handlebars and Greta holding on behind. It reminded me of the Studio C sketch, two guys on a scooter.

The Black Knight

Where the orc/troll thing went I’m not sure, but the next thing we know, a knight in black armor crashes bingo night and a sword fight between Greta and the Knight ensues. Unfortunately Greta loses (though she has some serious sword skills) and is taken captive. I couldn’t have been the only one who was having flashbacks to King Arthur’s fight with the Black Knight in Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail.

Dwight to the Rescue

Turns out the “Only Hope and Chosen Champion” isn’t much for fighting, so when he goes to rescue Greta, he turns to what he knows best, diplomacy. Diplomacy? Who is this kid anyway? In his hideout we learn that the Black Knight, whose name is really Chlodwig, didn’t kidnap Greta to kill her. Instead he is a love-sick ninny who wants to marry her. Or if she is unwilling, feed her to his dragon. That’s no way to win over a girl, dude.

Here comes the diplomacy. To stop Greta from being eaten, Dwight decides to introduce the Black Knight to “Guy Club.” And the first rule is not to hurt women. Wait, I thought the first rule of “Guy Club” was to never talk about “Guy Club?” You might be surprised to learn it works and Dwight is able to save Greta through his diplomatic efforts. I guess the Black Knight was just really lonely and he wanted to be included in something.

At the end of the show we learn that Greta and Baldric need somewhere to live, so why not buy the house for sale next to Dwight with the hordes of gold they have lying around? Man, I’d hate to see the looks at the bank when the realtor comes walking in with two sacks of gold coins. But hey, no PMI, right?


In the end, Dwight in Shining Armor met my expectations. It had some rather cheesy humor, but their was something endearing about the nerdiness that is Dwight. Maybe I can see a little of myself in him. While I don’t think the target audience for the show is my age demographic, it’s definitely something I can watch with my family and enjoy it. The comedy is broad and the areas the show has explored thus far are nothing new, but this seems to cater more to the tween crowd than an adult one, and for that, it makes for perfectly acceptable family entertainment. Put that on your marketing materials! “Perfectly acceptable – Jeff Borders, This Week in Mormons.”

Is it worth the watch?


And it shows that BYUtv is really trying hard to capitalize on shows that the whole family can watch together.

Dwight in Shining Armor airs Monday nights at 6:30 pm.

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