Relative Race Season 5, Day 3 Recap: More Rain, Gross Smells, and Motherly Bonds

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I'm not crying. You're crying.
Image: Lenzworks Productions

As Dan would say, welcome to Day 3 of Relative Race, and we’ve already seen some amazing family discoveries and fierce competitors. Over in Knoxville Tennessee Team Red says goodbye to Elizabeth’s cousin Shea, while not to far away, Demetrius is saying goodbye to his 1st cousin Dante. Demetrius is hoping that by putting together his own line through his father, he will be able to help Dante connect to his own father as well. And that is what makes Relative Race so great – it helps not only the contestants, but the families they meet along the way.

New Destinations

With rain as a constant companion during the last few legs of the journey, Team Red blasts out of Knoxville, Tennessee headed toward Roanoke, Virginia with an allotted time of 4 hours and 15 minutes. But what would Relative Race be without some good matured fun, as we see the sisters making fun of Demetrius’ secret technique for driving in the rain?

Team Blue also left Knoxville, but instead headed toward the Louisville, Kentucky suburb of Jeffersonville, Indiana, just across the Ohio River. With not a minute to spare in a time limit of just over four hours, Demetrius and Chonta struggled with their selfie, causing Dan to reject them in epic fashion.

Meanwhile, Team Green continues its adventures in Texas, this time bidding farewell to Keith’s uncle and making its way to Amarillo. Despite finishing last on the previous leg and incurring a strike, the brothers are optimistic about their chances this leg. That optimism briefly faded, however, when after taking their selfie, the brothers discover the driver is missing. I guess he took a bathroom break or something, because eventually we see him saunter back to the car, much to the brother’s chagrin. I need to watch it again, because I’m pretty sure one of them said something to the effect of, “[Dad] was just over there eating a banana.”

Coming off their first-place finish, Team Black is flying high, leaving Fort Pierce, Florida and heading to Gainesville, Florida with the shortest drive of the day at 3 hours and 46 minutes. Hopefully they’ll be able to use some of the driving skills their cousin Sandra taught them. We get to see the sisters talent as the decide to jam out the National Anthem with just their lips. It’s hard to explain, you have to see it. Then they finish it off with a few jabs at the other teams via text message.

Smell and tell

Day 3’s challenge kept the spirit of wacky Mormon challenges going strong. Teams had to correctly identify 10 items in 10 minutes just by smell and touch with their faces, with their eyes obscured. Remarkably, all the teams seemed to do really well in the challenge. The items ranged from garlic cloves to a rubber boot, to a meaty bone, to burnt wood, to turmeric. And then there was the diaper, which was comical to watch as the contestants, rubbed their faces in it, bit it, and sniffed it, until they could figure it out.


1st Place

Coming in at just 5 minutes over their allotted time and despite the sometimes handicap of a designated driver, the Green Team stops their clock when they meet their uncle Anthony. Both Marcus and Keith’s mother died when they were really young, so they have had no contact with their mother’s family. Anthony is their mother’s 2nd brother and hasn’t seen either of the brothers in over 20 years. Not only was it a great way for Keith and Marcus to connect with their mothers side, but according to Anthony, it brought closure to him, because he didn’t now what happened to his nephews. Anthony told a story about how the brother’s mom used to throw “rent parties”, she would charge people $2-3 to get in and at the end of the night, she’d have enough money to pay her rent for the month. That’s pretty clever.

2nd Place

At just 11 minutes over, but with probably the biggest revelation of the day is Team Red. We knew it was going to be a big reveal because the emotional music began to play as the sisters wound their way down country roads to their final destination. Waiting at the end of that winding road was Maria’s mother, Sharon. You can just imagine how emotional that reunion was. You can definitely tell Maria get’s some of her features from her mom. Maria then learns about what led her mother to give her up for adoption. Maria’s mother met her father in Tampa Florida and they dated, but he went off to college and they lost contact. He never knew she was pregnant. Her mother was young and didn’t have any support, feeling pressure by the doctors, she ultimately decided to give Maria up for adoption. She was clear with Maria though, that she never was not wanted. She always loved her and was praying for the last 34 years that they would eventually reconnect. Team Red might be 2nd place of the night, but they definitely get the win for the day in my book.

3rd Place

Despite their best efforts to cut through the rain faster, Team blue comes sliding in at 3rd place again at 21 minutes over their allotted time. In Jeffersonville, Chonta gets to meet her cousin Shawn on her father’s side. According to Shawn, their great grandfathers were brothers. Taking them inside, Shawn shows them a print out of their family tree which stretches out across the entirety of his table. What’s incredible in all the episodes of Relative Race is how much the contestants have in common with the family they meet. In this case, Chonta is a personal trainer and fitness instructor and her cousin Shawn is also a kick box instructor and MMA fighter.

4th Place

Seeming destined to first or last place in each leg is Team Black, coming in just 6 minutes behind Team Blue at 27 minutes. Maybe it was karma for the text taunting. In Gainsville, the sisters meet their cousin Nicole Upthegrove. No, that’s not a typo. How cool is that last name? Nicole is a cousin on their dad’s side, which they don’t know a lot about and are excited to find any piece of. Along with Nicole, they meet her sons Andrew and Zach and they quickly bond of the mutual love of music. After taking a trip to a recording studio we get to hear the girls musical chops as they share their original song about their dad leaving, “Jesus had mine.” If that wasn’t enough, then we get to hear a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace that the sisters sing with their cousin Nicole.

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