You Can Now Receive Reimbursements Electronically

The Law of Tithing and Fast Offerings
Avoid paper and that unnecessary trip to the ATM.

All hail! We’re a few years into the wonderful advent of online tithing, which has changed the way we give our offering to the Lord, saved paper, and made financial clerks the world over rejoice in losing less of their Sundays to counting an imposing pile of checks. In an official letter dated March 15, 2019, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that what the Church taketh electronically can now be giveneth back electronically, as auxiliary leaders may now receive reimbursements straight into their bank accounts instead of from a check cut by the financial clerk.

The letter is short and to the point, telling members that in order to receive an electronic reimbursement, they must enter their bank information into the Online Donations portal at the SEO-friendly, which members paying online tithing have likely already done. In addition, members may add a secondary bank account if they wish to receive reimbursements into a different account from that which they pay. Regardless, one must provide authorization to receive reimbursements in this format.

Ward clerks aren’t totally off the hook, as it is on them to answer questions and be the experts on this process. If you’re a clerk, you can go to a web portal to get more information.

Some members of the Church may not have any experience with receiving reimbursements or know that such a practice is a thing. Every ward has an annual budget, and within that, each auxiliary has its own budget (sometimes comically low – like $100 for the year). Leaders from those auxiliaries may purchase various items to fulfill their assignments or plan activities. Need pizza for that elders quorum activity? That’s reimbursable. Various supplies for Primary? Reimbursable. Plenty of Latter-day Saints don’t bother to get reimbursed for everyday minor expenses related to their callings, but for those who do want to reclaim the $100 they spent on funeral potato ingredients, clerks can now get a reimbursement over that much easier and faster.

Give your financial clerk a hug. He slogs away behind the scenes, putting in more time and effort than most ward or branch members realize. Buy him some chocolates.

Then submit a reimbursement for them.

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