EP 419 – Personal Progress On Crack

Stage productions in the chapel? We thought the chapel was reserved for only sacrament meeting. Or is it?

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow was your Easter? Tiffany and Arianne recap Easter traditions, FaceTiming with missionaries, and how to keep kids from fighting during an egg hunt.

Brigham Young University’s Honor Code office has been under fire of late, less for the Honor Code itself and more for the draconian and arbitrary enforcement of those Honor Code standards. BYU students even took to campus to stage a protest against the office and its shady work. This is a serious issue and plenty of students have horror stories about their run-ins with the office, which we would like to remind you is staffed by paid professionals and not ecclesiastical leaders.

What’s up with the cultural assumption that one cannot wear casual clothes or hold a non-sacrament meeting in the chapels of our buildings? Lately, many have expressed this alleged norm, but said norm does not exist! Nothing in Handbook 2 (or 1!).

We all stood aghast as the 800-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris took fire last week. The worldwide outpouring of emotion and support has been staggering, and Latter-day Saint leadership has not stood on the sidelines. President Nelson, fresh off having met Pope Francis in Rome during his Tour of Italy™, penned a personal letter to the Catholic leader expressing his sympathy.

Notre Dame’s fire also drew attention to previously mentioned renovations of Utah’s pioneer-era temples, all of which are vulnerable to any number of natural disasters and have aging internal components. The Church stressed that it takes care of its temples, and last Friday revealed details about a major renovation of the Salt Lake Temple and its grounds. The temple will close for four years and half of Temple Square will effectively be rebuilt to allow for a more open, inviting, and even public space. LDS Living took advantage of the news to publish an interesting listicle with 10 things you might not have known about the Salt Lake Temple. Likewise, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Tabernacle!

Also, did you know the Salt Lake Tabernacle once had an arrow painted on its roof?

The missionary “surge” continues to ease, as key statistics released during General Conference show a decline in the number of full-time missionaries. As the Daily Herald points out, just over 65,000 missionaries currently serving is still above the approximately 58,000 missionaries in 2012, but only 7,000 more. However, even with a decline in the number of missionaries and a largely static number of baptisms, the number of baptisms per missionary (i.e. a missionary’s “effectiveness” – a very broad concept, we know) ticked up a bit.

President Nelson is going on a sweet Pacific tour, hitting up all sorts of places from Hawaii to Australia. We love these tours, but we really want posters and t-shirts.

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[0:12] Hello listeners welcome to this week in Mormons twin sisters Edition with real-life sisters Arian Smith.
And Tiffany Hale’s welcome here are happy to have you here and happy to be doing our month.
Cast and giving our unique take on all things related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ATS right we’re going to hit up all the new stories from.
Couple weeks exactly exactly but for certain check in a little checking in so yes this last weekend was Easter.

[0:48] And that we had we had a great Easter you came over to my house and this is what we do for holidays which is you know if you have relatives that live close by.
You’re actually like your relatives some of you may have relatives living close by and you don’t really maybe like
very much because sometimes that happened but we always take the major holidays and it has been so nice since you’ve moved here we split the menu,
you do have the items I do half the items we have really good food and we’ve gotten really good at
like what we specialize exactly how exactly we don’t even it’s almost like we know every year because we know who makes the best lamb yesterday to my house.
I did not try the lamp did you try the lamb try the lamb I took a couple bites you what did you think of the Lamb.
I preferred the ham I’m boring I don’t end the ribs her husband my husband my husband did ribs my husband enjoyed the lamp because he went on his mission to Australia so he ate a lot of lamb in Australia so he was,
he’s very excited that your husband was bringing lamb over yes
I meant of course we did the obligatory Easter egg hunt with the children and let them find their eggs and we’re going to give you guys a mom hack,
you’ve done this for the last few years ago yeah this is this is like the best thing ever I wish I’d realized this earlier.

[2:17] Rather than like throw all the eggs out and the kids just go crazy each kid has an assigned color and so they can only pick up eggs in their assigned color.

[2:26] And it creates a whole lot less fighting it’s so genius nobody fights over who gets how many eggs because they don’t get to eat the only thing is,
I got to find their color exactly
my teenagers hide them very well they did better this year that we did last day there was many a meltdown over eggs that were into Hard Rock Lee and I think we found all but I think it is probably still hiding out somewhere in my yard
but these are just plastic eggs with candy so you know
is the get devoured by the dogs or answer who knows the answer always traumatic you must have a lot of ants in your yard because every year I swear one or two aunts sneaks into the Easter egg basket and
your girls are girls flips yes.

[3:12] Well I have to tell you what exciting thing that happened for us yesterday related to Easter as as you know our daughter Shelby is in Texas serving her mission right now. She’s in a little town
Eastland Texas which is like seriously like dead center Texas in the middle of nowhere there’s more cows Than People anyway
but she called us and did kind of a FaceTime with us yesterday so not only can they call a p days now but they
get major holidays you think it’s just Christmas but you know I’m not I’m not really sure how it works because
she hasn’t been calling us on P days you know she had the layout opted out of that and said hey I only you know
want to talk to you folks every once in a while you’re too much of a distraction and so she had sent a message to my husband saying hey I’m going to call you guys tomorrow afternoon so you knew you were totally show me where totally shocked
and so we did I am sure it was through Google cuz she has a Google app we did you know a FaceTime call with her so we were able to see her.
Everybody was able to ask her questions and it was it was seriously like the best Easter gift ever because it was so fun just to see.

[4:23] And again I’m going to start crying here because I cannot talk about this without crying.
It is so fun to see her so happy out there and serving the lord and finding joy in what she’s doing even though it is so hard
and to see her grow and you know it’s it’s kind of a bitter,
better a double-edged sword as a as a parent you know when your kids get older and they leave is you know you raised them to leave that’s what they’re supposed to do you don’t want him
living with you you know forever but yet at the same time it is really sad when they leave because you miss them but it’s also really cool to watch them grow and and.

[5:03] Finding out who they are and gaining self-confidence so it was just it was such a delight to be able to have that wonderful.
Easter visit with her and also just feel her spirit and feel her testimony that’s awesome so I am going to assume.
But since she was able to con Easter of course she’ll call in mother’s yet?

[5:25] This will also mean a Father’s Day call oh yeah is this the first time fathers are getting equal representation this is the first time fathers are getting equal representation,
although I have heard in the past cuz I think Jeff talked about this because his parents were divorced that if you have divorced parents
you get to call your mom on Mother’s Day and then you get call your father on Father’s Day okay you know I don’t know if that was just his mission rule because I I’ve never heard of that as a hard-and-fast mission rule.
I would suspect that you know probably a month or so after Mother’s Day we’re going to get a lovely Father’s Day call well good I think that is long overdue I agree
the dads need to call here I agree you know a Ted again we we’ve talked about Mother’s Day extensively in the past on this show and the emotional.

[6:16] Hit that A Mother’s Day is emotional landmines did you have to avoid if you are banned on Mother’s Day.
The father’s father sometimes don’t get the you know the glory that moms guess they don’t always end up because you especially I think especially over the course of the end of the last 30 40 years.

[6:38] You know compared to you know Dad was pretty involved as involved as he could be but certainly not as involved as our husbands are oh yeah I know our grandfather if he saw the things our husband did.
Our husbands do it yes he would be a jock oh yeah both grandfathers and grandmothers to I have
anyways so so yes it was like I said it was a delightful treat.
Ready able to hear about the people she was teaching and ask her all sorts of questions and learn about the the church in Eastland Texas awesome
awesome okay well we have to talk about what my sake did yes this is this is an Easter related pick for Easter so we actually,
ended up having State conference on Easter this year today which was fine it was great great messages.
You can’t you know parade your children in front of your War II and III at your cute Easter clothes that your kids are dressed up in because let’s face it half the fun of Easter Sunday is dressing up your children making them take a picture whether they like it or not
and then providing them into church the first Easter Sunday picture.
Well you come by it naturally enhance our mother anyway go a long I don’t know well I guess it wasn’t really in conjunction with.

[8:01] SEC Conference but it fell on Easter weekend which was also State conference yes our stake did a thing called The Living last supper and this is the first year our stake has done it a rumor is it spearheaded by.
A businessman in our stake who had seen it done before who may have.
Helped fund the I don’t know I don’t know but but that is the rumor that perhaps he may have
yes I had provided the seed money for this because I went with you to this event and it was no small event now before we get to the event.

[8:36] Prior to your steak doing this had you ever heard of the living Last Supper
no except for a Gilmore’s Girl episode of The DaVinci.

[8:54] Painting the last supper with real life men,
playing Jesus and the disciples okay holding oppose okay just as they would in the picture cost to have a backdrop senior three-dimensional yes real living.

[9:13] Reading blinking people that was about all we saw them do blades to Jesus blink a lot and noticed that the lights must have been bugging him
I told you and I actually force my husband to watch this with me because all I could think of in my head was there is a Gilmore Girls episode
in season 4 where the town does a Living Arts Festival at a they recreate multiple masterpieces okay with living people
now he’s one of them they create the DaVinci Last Supper oh it is okay and this is why this episode stands out to me so much cuz it was so stinkin funny okay little irreverent really funny I know we probably.
Probably our female listeners are familiar with Gilmore Girls I doubt
do we even have mail and I don’t know if we roll their eyeballs when you say good morning to take a look at how did you how did you get your husband to watch this in anticipation of what you were going to see that you have to see this it’s so hilarious and so I just fast-forwarded
through all of the mother-daughter part I’ll catch up to the part about the painting okay in this episode of Gilmore Girls.
Jesus gets in a fight with Judas over a parking ticket because Judas turned him into the police officer anyway there’s like full-blown wrestling where Jesus said you’d be Apostles in costume like.

[10:37] Probably little irreverent,
hilarious so when I heard my steak was during this that’s what that’s what comes to your mom.
This is all I can think of is this break comedy it’s so so anyway that’s what I
can’t get out of my mind going into it but we went we got some tickets for you and your husband have you had to go to the website for fashion Ali Dunn website and Reserve ticket.
As if.
You were going right Temple Open House tickets were free obviously but you did have to reserve a ticket because this was the other interesting thing they were doing it in the chapel I know which I was really surprised about at
first because I heard there was going to be lighting yeah stage and prompts.
Adult sound system and I was like in the shower I know if I was you know because I’ve always heard you know the chapel is supposed to be a berry.
Referent and sacred place because that’s where we worship and take the sacrament and there’s only certain things that are supposed to happen in the chapel and so I thought.

[11:46] How are they getting away with this I have to tell you,
I read all through handbook number 2 to see if there were any driving me nuts to see if there was anything in there that said what you can and cannot do in the chapel.
And there wasn’t so then I might have found a PDF copy of handbook number one.
I should say an alleged copy of a handbook number one this is clearly the attorney and you sell the attorney image of the surface like I need to know
and I couldn’t find anything in handbook number one on the on the use or non-use of the chapel for such things which I said surprises me because,
I just always have to wear a lot of rules associated with the job now what.

[12:33] This whole time I thought that too it must have been a must be cultural thing it must be one of those cultural pass down Faith promoting in her and because there are a lot of weird.

[12:46] Mike Chappell, do you remember I don’t know if they did this for you but when I was in Youth in.
Like when I was a kid in you guys we had opening exercises in the chapel and then they kicked us out and made us do it somewhere else because they said there is a rule you are not to wear jeans.

[13:04] Or pants in the chapel like casual clothes that match out I have heard of that too
but again when I was cruising through handbook number to an able to get out when it’s nowhere in there please a chapel in your grubby Club examples
clearly there are some like cultural myths
right so we we went it was Friday night Good Friday they what they did was they did half hour session where you could go.

[13:40] You decide. So I mean they had the place roped-off there were curtains there was staging,
I will first of all when you walked in you had to like check in and they checked your name off a list yeah they and then
they had the cattle things you know the cattle that the rupee thing the lion guard the lines at Disneyland like Disneyland or BYU because nobody does alignment BYU so you had to like.
Wind your way through all around the delta,
so we go into,
that the that the Overflow overflow for the chapel and they have big curtains big black curtains hanging down between the Overflow and the actual Chapo
okay and so they congregate us all in there and they say squeezing as tightly as you can.
I’d NJ kind of give like a little overview and they say of course no pictures you can take any pictures in the chapel turn your phone’s off when your phone is off no pictures.
And then they part the curtains the black curtains.

[14:44] Parting of the Red Sea and you were allowed to flow into the chapel so you can go into the chapel.
Which you know what one of the things I wondered is usually there’s benches there there’s benches there in my chapped not in ours we not of yours okay okay.
And you sat in the chapel and up when you looked up at where.
The stand is and the choir seats and the podium should be that again there’s big black curtains like hanging floor-to-ceiling black curtains you haven’t heard anything so once everybody gots.

[15:21] Oh and as you walked in
the back your walking underneath a huge lighting structure less professional professional spotlighting structure like you know the kind that has the metal posts and
the five or six spotlights all up on top that ain’t in different directions yeah so why don’t like you going to a rock concert.
A narrator came on over the speakers
not the normal to itch speakers there was a sound system there was a sound system and I might say the narrator had a British accent. Do you think your steak
send me your steak have a British accent or did they just bring the a sexy British accent die in.
Yeah everything’s better with a British accent exactly so I don’t know who it is but I’m assuming it.
The piano was playing and I couldn’t tell it sounded like it was live music.

[16:22] Our life piano playing but I don’t know how anybody could play that long in the dark,
behind the curtain behind the curtain and so they were they were playing a medley a very beautiful medley of all sorts of different hams.
Softly as background music that was not distracted yes so the narration came on explain that this is a recreation of,
the famous painting and then a curtain dropped yesterday Red Sea parted yet again at the front of the curtain get robbed and the spot light came on and you saw.
The scene it looked
so much like the painting it was freaky how many look like to pay today had built first thing I was thinking is where’s the podium yes because they had built a table for the last second over the front of the stand.

[17:09] And the person portrayed in the Savior was right in the middle where the podium would be.
And I thought we’re supposed him did they chop it off this is a burning question I could not get out of my head the whole time so I asked my friend my friend had
her husband was why the Apollo okay I’m dying to know what she said I have to know the next day I was texting her
how do I get the podium she said apparently it detaches.
Notre detachable sodium is detachable get
out of town shut the front door no way.
Carpet turn it back in before exactly the next set the next day
so yeah so then they they just they were holding perfectly still this also amazed me I mean their hands were in all the same position as you what you see in dementia patient.
They were not shaking I don’t know how do you not scratch your nose when I know exactly exactly.

[18:19] So anyways it was very cold the spotlight they said we’re going to get like give you a bit of a history on.

[18:25] This event and the apostles in the spotlight she shined on each and every Apostle and they gave you a little bit of history on the Apostle and then of course.
At the end of the spotlight back to the Savior and they talked about his sacrifice in it and the sacrifice and the events that happened after that last supper so.
Will any other thing that I thought was amazing I mean not only the actor portrayal and how well they did it standing still and recreating it the backdrop behind the actors looked exactly like.
This was an enormous backdrop that was huge
that looked exactly like the backdrop from DaVinci’s painting that was a replica it was a replica of that and so I can
I can’t even imagine I don’t know if they were if you rent that if you make
give you a commission it made I don’t know it was it was amazing I don’t know who was the whole thing was so professionally done and it was so referent and you could really feel the spirit I mean it really was a great way to spend Good Friday
it was very cool it’s you know I kind of have mixed feelings about it because the little.

[19:32] Shazam it was weird I use after I saw the Palmyra pageant in New York because I was just you know you’re very Reverend.
Are your very used to as a church culture just this culture of reverent yes and not being showy and that they’ve gotten rid of plays and they’ve gotten rid of pageants and they’ve gotten rid of.
Roto accept your state did not get that memo go big or go home
you’re so extra extra extra you’re a lot extra actor in the Meridian Idaho Meridian North Idaho steak and gestures
so after I went to the Palmyra pageant it was just not what I was used to I was used to just such a.
Irreverent and it was very like showy and Shazam so I remember afterwards is going so I had a little bit of that with this afterwards I thought it was beautiful and gray but it just felt so good
Aunt Bee in The Chapel at exactly and have a.

[20:36] It kind of felt like I did think it was beautiful and.

[20:46] The goal which I’m sure is to bring us in.
Friends who are not members of the church I would definitely next year take a friend oh yeah who was a member of church I,
wasn’t about to this year because you did do what I got to I got to check these things out I got was this going to be a Gilmore girl or a little better like I have certain rules I never take a non-member friend too fast and testimony meeting.
True. I’m not going to take him to something like this without check it out for exactly sure I would like totally invite my neighbors and I’m sure they’re going to do it again next year because after we left the chapel,
they didn’t course cattle herded us into the gym and they had an amazing set up in the gym they had these big displays on each apostle.
They had a table that replica.
Food at the Last Supper I did take some pictures of that because Photography in the gym was not permit was not prohibited so we will post those are twin sisters Instagram but I’m sure given the amount of money that they put into this that they’re going to save all of that and it would not surprise me if it was a reoccurring yeah after that
yeah I wonder I I bet it probably will be so I’ll write some stories in the news yes
I think the first thing that we need to start with is the BYU Honor Code.

[22:06] Yeah we do this has been we’ve been waiting for a few weeks to get about this because.
And we are both in full disclosure BYU grad it is a mess we are. Rides we love BYU.
Well I do do not anymore
well I did because I did my four years undergraduate there and then I did three years at law school so yes 7 years at BYU I was a little sour. He experienced by the end but I love you I love you I will always have a special place in my heart where I can just not quite there,
feeling lucky to be there maybe America. That’s another day that I went and stayed but this is just been really.

[22:58] Just heartbreaking to get some of the stories that are coming out of here about the Honor Code office and I been talking with you we both feel.

[23:08] Like the culture around Honor Code office was not like this when we were there
not all well and where else it wasn’t maybe it just wasn’t exposed but I still like when we were there there were not people telling on each other no
no it’s not give a little background here so there was a BYU graduate her name was Sydney droughton.
And she graduated in December of 2007 and 2018 and she has a job in finance and she lives in New York City.
So after she graduates in January she starts this Instagram story or Instagram page called Honor Code stories and she had had.

[23:48] A negative experience with the Honor Code office when she was a freshman at BYU an old photo and a tweet from high school surface.
This was before she was even accepted into BYU and she got hauled into the Honor Code office about it right cuz somebody it did she ever figure out who.

[24:06] Turn right I don’t think she ever figured out who Turner in and and then she had another allegation later on that I guess someone
did later diploma she never said you know what that was so she starts this Instagram page thinking you know she’s going to get a couple hundred followers right and then the thing just
explodes like in a week I think it went from less than a thousand 200 over 30,000 followers on this Instagram page and the Instagram page is called Honor Code story
and what it is is people send in their experiences with the Honor Code office anonymously to her
or some of them have even said hey use my name right and then she post those stories on the Instagram page.
And so that’s what has kind of gotten people up in arms.
Not so much what in your honor code for Honor Code office is choosing to enforce the honor code right and she is very clear and I love that she’s very clear.

[25:04] That she agrees with us she thinks the honor code is a great she agrees that it’s a good standard for us to have as students at BYU who she.

[25:13] She loves BYU she loves Honor Code it’s the Honor Code office and some of the culture and policies and enforcing this that.

[25:24] I have given her problems and are becoming a problem,
and apparently not only her problems because there are hundreds of stories I heard Instagram to read somewhere over a thousand people have written wow to her
with the route I don’t know if she’s posted them all okay but she has gotten so many sores and they range the range of stories is huge I mean it’s anywhere from
you know just kind of the tattletale yes or no my roommate told that I wasn’t.
That my boyfriend was over 5 minutes after a seizure.
Tattle but I had a beard yeah I watched a rated R movie at exactly are those kind of petty things and then it goes all the way into just really serious like.
Hard to hear stories about,
you know somebody that goes to confess because they feel guilty and then the honor code you know Diggs out
her morality thing that the Honor Code office digs and eggs until they get them to name you know the boyfriend or girlfriend that they had an issue with and then they all that person in and then there are other,
the really horrible stories about women who’ve been assaulted and with her about this for a few years yet they had an issue a couple years ago where.

[26:38] With the sexual assault in the BYU police in the Provo police communicating with the Honor Code office and
trying all sorts of information that wasn’t supposed to be shared so there are a lot of really heartbreaking stories about women who went and who had been sexually assaulted and then they got in trouble because actually they said well you know,
you should have been out late at night are you should have been doing that so you put yourself in that situation.
Very much victim-blaming which you know anyone who’s been a victim of sexual assault the last thing they need is to be blamed and told.
Your salt is your fault right now it’s just heartbreaking and it’s gotten so far and I mean granted.
You know you never know both sides of the story yet it’s clear from how many stories there are that there is this culture is that Honor Code office that’s gotten CEO and I feel like it’s gotten so far away from what.
Honor Code was originally intended exactly which was you yourself are responsible for yourself.

[27:41] And you are you are the one that knows whether you’ve stepped over the line and you need to keep yourself in check.

[27:48] And now it’s becoming this you know the honor code,
office is taking it upon themselves we are the ones that need to keep these people in Chad shackley you know there’s a lot of chatter on
you know on the internet as well with people say will you you you knew you side the honor code you agree / you can’t be mad about it now again.
All of us who went to BYU sign the honor code but I don’t think anybody sign the honor code with the expectation of if I mess up.
How is the honor code going to interact with me because that’s what the stories are about the stories are about how they were treated by the Honor Code office and how the Honor Code office was more invasive more difficult to deal with.
Then any repentance process they went through with their Bishop I mean there’s even stories of Bishops who have been going through the repair process and.
Advise the person not to go to the other house because they know that the person is repentant and they know that the Honor Code office will be so harsh on them.
For something that they’ve already or badly for you know really early on in this Instagram I saw somebody named.
A particular individual and I’m not going to name that individual she is a female who works in the Honor Code office and apparently has been there for years and they named her and even put like a Facebook picture of her on there instead.
This is the person who creates a whole lot of problems and drama the Honor Code office.

[29:17] I don’t know if that has subsequently been removed it and made it wasn’t having fun with the honor code stories that I saw it or if I saw it as a comment in somebody’s.
Post somewhere somewhere on Facebook that I was like oh that’s very interesting. So apparently.

[29:35] There is a new director of the Honor Code office who came in in January and
so after this Instagram kind of exploded and all of these stories were going viral and media Outlets were picking this up because of how quickly this Instagram exploded.
Are the students at both BYU Provo and BYU Idaho decided to do a little a little a little synonym so to speak.
And so that occurred on Friday April 15th.
And they gathered I don’t know how many gathered at BYU-Idaho but there were about 300 students who gathered at at BYU in Provo I think I heard about 200,
happy where you at yeah and so this Sydney draw out and flew in from New York and she spoke to them and.
Thanks everybody you know for their participation and I think they had a little bit of a moment of silence and and you know just kind of you know made their voices heard
which again is very unusual because BYU was a school that doesn’t like to see this kind of love
I don’t know. That is so frowned I don’t feel like I did now but you know it was interesting because of course all of the local media in Utah picked it up you know I saw it on NPR I think I saw Washington Post a New York Times article on it.
A lot of the national media picked up on this and so it got a lot of coverage.

[30:58] And there there was a response in fact the response that was issued.
From BYU was actually issued before they did this kind of sit in and it was a Q&A that this Kevin I believe it’s you
it’s you TT who is the new director of BYU Honor Code office did to kind of say Hey you know we’re listening to students I guess he sat down with a bunch of students and listen to them and said you know look I’m going to get a
it’ll take what you say under advisement he says you know there’s no set consequences for certain violations and context matters Etc you know I guess in the end we will ultimately see how this plays out if the stories change
get out there was one story that both you and I saw that was posted today.
That I mean they’re still coming they’re still coming out and and one the one from today.

[31:54] Was and here’s what was interesting about the one from today because again and just seeing negative feedback that I’ve seen online people say,
oh people are making this up excetera who won today talked about this this girl talked about how I’m she was sexually assaulted.
She struggled after the sexual assault she went home for summer semester she got help from her ecclesiastical leaders medical professionals.
I’m her Bishop spoke to the boys Bishop that assaulted her and that boys Bishop said hey you should take this to the Honor Code office because.
This has happened frequently she was not the only she was not the only girl so that was her motivation to go to the honor code.
She wasn’t going to originally but she thought if there are other girls I probably should
you know this guy probably exactly should not be a clear night from you on a code office and the title 9 office.
Is designed for victims of sexual assaults to repair and they just separated that a couple years ago.

[33:08] So theoretically the title 9 office is not supposed to be sharing information.
Anyway and so-so
she she gave her statement to the title 9 office and she told them she didn’t want to pursue it further unless another girl came forward
so then she gets hauled into the Honor Code office
and the Honor Code office says to her well since you don’t want to pursue further action with Title Nine this tells me that your your sexual encounter was probably consensual
and then they treated as a whole can essential thing you know put her on probation and they gave her like this whole plan and the plan is attached in this Instagram post that she posted the letters it was
fascinating because I never I never knew anybody personally that.

[34:01] At least the admitted to me that they were on working with the Honor Code office I knew a couple people that.

[34:08] Ended up having to turn roommates in but the ones that I knew that turned roommates in had like boys,
in the bedroom that they shared with the roommate all hours of the night like there’s pretty extreme.
That’s a little different story than 5 minutes past Kirk out totally so but because I’m just never known anyone I I had no idea how this works but this girl posted pictures of.

[34:31] Her letter from the Honor Code office and the plan she was on from the Honor Code office and it.
Is crazy this plan that she was on I told you
this plan looks like a personal progress goal on crack like if it looks like the whole personal progress book
but she got the complete there’s like eight different Talks by Apostles that she supposed to read and then she supposed to write like three to five page
sad reflection and writing assignment like all these points there’s probably like 7 or 8 bullet points of things she supposed to discuss in her essay she’s supposed to keep a scripture journal and you know she’ll them yet and then she supposed to do 20 hours of volunteer service a month
and then she supposed to let you know come it for future self reporting to the honor code
it’s just crazy crazy and so she has this all typed out of this plan they put her on and I was shocked I just had no idea that they had such yes specific step in these plans and she said that it was.

[35:37] Frustrating to her because every time she read these talk but they gave her to read on this
plan it brought up these feeling exotic it reminded her of this assault and she’s just being punished over and over again for something that she didn’t do and I think it said I think she said she said she was suspended.
And she said you know what she’s like and I didn’t do anything and so then so she starts working on her plan cuz she wants to.
Talking to be why he okay and then all of a sudden apparently a couple of other victims come forward so then the Honor Code office goes to her and says well yeah
maybe you were right in this really what I can send to him they put her on hold your suspension is on your suspension is on hold,
just exactly the worst part of it rather than like you know say hey we’re wrong and they screwed this up they said
well you know even though that was that you maybe didn’t deserve to be suspended for that you had two other infractions that you had with non BYU students and so we’re going to we’re going to suspend you for those and she said,
do we didn’t and they said we have well we think you did so crazy crazy.

[36:55] Yeah so I mean that’s,
one of the extreme cases act like there are hundreds more I just the fact even if this was the only one yeah the treatment.
Is so abhorrent to me.
That this is just not how we should be treating students because you don’t you are dealing with kids between the ages of you know probably realistically 18 + 25.

[37:22] You don’t well you will have a lot of perfectionist at BYU you’re going to have kids that screw up because that’s what happens in that age range and so you know if you.
You don’t know if it’s it’s getting through the Honor Code office is tougher than the repentance process with your Bishop I’m sorry there’s something wrong with that it’s crazy it’s just I don’t understand why.

[37:45] The Bishops are just the ones yeah it should just this should be handled by the bishop exactly and I don’t know how
Honor Code office yeah and then let the bishop make a recommendation you know is this something you should be on probation for with the school let the bishop make that recommendation to the Honor Code office if he thinks probation or suspension or something like that is.
Is warranted the we hope this changes we do think this girl is amazing for starting this page I think it’s bring so much awareness.
I think it is stick the protests are good I think that’s going to bring a where to do to.

[38:22] You don’t hear here’s the other thing that I think will will ultimately Force things to change this is strictly Tiffany 101.
You don’t we have a lot of students that are upset about this.
But if a lemon I get on board and alumni start getting upset about this and alumnus threatened to cut their donations to the school unless something is done we Honor Code office that
is why I believe when you change it will really occur yeah definitely well and you got to figure that all of these students that have had these issues.

[38:55] Probably a high percentage of them have parents who are alumni Shaklee so it’s Somebody’s Daughter some benefits.
So it’s.
I hope so yes BYU will stand up and take notice it and maybe they’ll be a little a little housekeeping in the Honor Code office in.
Changing things up a little bit yes give me hope so alright we’ll get off our Honor Code so fox now that one really got us like our blood is boiling it’s very true in a lot to say on that
alright okay so in in other news of course at sadly.
The Notre Dame or Notre Dame depending on how you would like to pronounce it Cathedral caught on fire during the renovation process.
Very sad it’s unit was one of the Premier tourist attractions if you visited Paris a very sacred spot for Catholics and so I’m as we know president Nelson in his little tour of Italy.

[39:56] Not to be confused with the tour of Italy that Olive Garden offers very different to the preceding the Rome Temple dedication right he did meet with the Pope.
So after Notre Dame burn down he said the pope a little note of condolence said do you know dear Pope so sorry you lost your building kind of sucks I mean it was probably.

[40:19] Where did a little nicer than that but I reached out here each day and it was lovely but you know that also brings up
you know we are getting set to renovate probably the most prominent building
in LDS architecture and culture and the theme around the central theme around the church release the central theme of Temple Square
the Salt Lake Temple yes and they just released the rendering Friday and it was super fun to look and see what they’re doing a thing
we’ve kind of been anxiously waiting idiots you know president Nelson conference that you know he would release the renderings that he did so the temple effective December 29th of this year that
it will close and it will be closed for 4 years so this is a pretty extensive renovation and once it reopened it did say that they are going to have a.

[41:15] Tour so.
And that’s probably going to be out pretty hard ticket to get but I want to get one of those two I know I wonder if they’ll will just leave it open for months, I mean.
What if they’ll make it longer than your average because there’s going to be such a demand yeah anyway what they’re going to do is apparently the last major renovation that was done,
was done in 1962 from 1962 to 1966.

[41:43] And during that time. They put in plumbing electrical heating and air conditioning systems okay well folks I was over 50 years ago so
those are probably a little obsolete by now so that’s one of the things that they’re going to renovate when they do this renovation is they’re going to have all new Plumbing.
Keating but they’re also doing seismic upgrades and safety concerns with regards to the seismic upgrades.
Now when they did this renovation in the sixties they also built
the annex on to the temple which if you’ve ever been down there so stuck in the 60 so that has gone rather going to tear that down along with.
The visitor center that is right there not the one where they have the Christus statue at no aren’t they tearing all the visitor center
I thought they were redoing them all I don’t think I think that I think the one where the Christus statue tis is stay there’s another Visitor Center that’s over by the temple and I think that’s the one that’s coming down.
I am listeners correct us if we’re wrong but that’s that’s what I understood anyway the other thing too that I think will be a huge change is.

[42:54] Right now if you go to Temple Square it’s like a fortress they have a big ol cement probably 12 foot wall around Temple Square
they’re going to remove huge removed huge sections of that wall so that as you drive by there will be the typical kind of,
wrought iron metal fence that you see around a lot of temples so you will be able to directly see the temple not just the top half of them boys you drive by.
So where the where the current Annex is and The Visitor Center that’s there they’re going to create these multiple points of Entry.
And so I’m what will happen there is.
And there’s going to be entering Pavilions to the north and you’ll go into these entry Pavilions and you’ll go underground to what will be called this grand hall.
Where the temple recommend desk will be and it will sit underneath these large skylights that are up above right where the temple
the feeling so if you’re if you’re sitting there you can like you no load up and see it until the great you won’t feel like you’re in a cave like exactly current situation exactly did I really wonder about with this.
Is we did baptisms there a few years ago with our kids.

[44:11] And the entry for the baptistery is really weird it’s like it’s like in Temple Square kind of by,
where the Tabernacle is and it’s the store that’s not really well March kind of have to like knock or Buzz or something like that to get in.
They didn’t say but I’m sure they’re going to make a different entrance for the baptistery and probably kind of get rid of that so that’s kind of some exciting and new very okay so along with the new Temple announcements are redoing of Temple.

[44:45] Announcement LDS living kind of meds had a little Hay Day and they posted all these fun articles about
the temple and about the Tabernacle has only LDS living Candy-O yes you didn’t know about the Salt Lake Temple
so that was fun to read through you’ll have to all willing to it so you cannot go read through it but this was interesting
how to hit on how women wear big help building the Temple and I talked about some of the things women did.

[45:25] But this one was I thought super fascinating they said that someone snuck inside the dedicated Temple.
And took photos of everything so this was in 1911 there was a man named gisbert Bossard and he snuck inside the temple.
Photographed everything in hopes of selling it for a large profit and how he got in with he was friends with one of the temple gardeners who had a set of keys and the gardener gave him access to the temple
what was the gardener thinking I don’t know I bet he lost his Temple recommend I don’t know it was in the early 1900s things were very different back then.
But not a fan of my not a thing of been I’ve been as big of an issue today might have been more like come on brother Gardner.
When’s his identity was made known they couldn’t really charge him with anything except for trespassing okay so the church decided to change their approach.
James E Talmage suggested to the first presidency that they should publish a booklet about the temple.
With interior photos of the booklet with created and distributed for free it stole this guy’s Thunder,
he couldn’t sell it for a lot of money.

[46:43] That is how we first began receiving photos of the inside of the temple very interesting
talk about Satan’s plan going awry and the churchgoing will support you Satan
we’ll raise your plan and Stand double that 25 things you didn’t know about
Tabernacle oh did you want me to hear the story about the Tabernacle in Brigham Young cutting his egg in half.

[47:20] Like that was the design it so supposedly one morning I remember this story as a kid.

[47:31] He’s at he’s eating his hard boiled egg for breakfast.
Contemplating get out the Builder that he is contemplating how he’s going to build his kingdom in Salt Lake City and so he slices egg,
okay okay so he’s got the egg horizontally and he puts it up on toothpicks and he’s like yeah that’s how I want my Tabernacle to like my goodness
just mean I think I’ve heard every weird Mormon rumor still look that up and see if that’s really true.

[48:06] A tent like a Dome Tent hunting I don’t know I heard this on more than one occasion as a small child the hard-boiled egg story on the tavern
you need to research report so a couple of interesting things about the Tabernacle they show an old picture of it.
That where the roof was black and it had writing on it that said SLC Airport.
This weather has like an arrow Direction because I guess in the early 1900 by airport
I can understand how a plane would go a lot of Speedy are they look for landmarks,
so the church that will help you out that I had never heard there used to be a fountain inside.
Does however in the middle like all the seats are around it and there’s just a random fountain in the middle and the reason was for cooling and this is between about 1875 and 1885.

[49:08] The idea was it would help keep things cooler inside to have some cold.
Fountain water circulating okay so and then also I never knew this there used to be a baptismal font in the basement,
I had heard that because who wasn’t I remember hearing some story about you know
somebody just lying enough going to the Tabernacle going yeah I’m here to get baptized I don’t know I never knew that may be an apostle or something about the Tabernacle if you want to check it out.

[49:40] All right well on that same line since we have talked about.
Notre Dame burning down and we’ve talked about the renovation of the Salt Lake Salt Lake City Temple.
It is very interesting there was an article in the Deseret News that says as renovation looms how will officials protect the iconic Salt Lake Temple from fire because apparently.
Renovations there is that Is Win.
It significantly increases the possibility of fire which is exactly what was going on in Notre Dame,
they were doing excuse me about 6.8 million dollars worth of worth of Renovations and it just can be a very dangerous time so of course they want to protect Temple from from fire ant.

[50:27] Anyway so the Deseret News interviewed I Salt Lake City Fire Marshal and of course they’ve got a plan in place for not only the temple but also for like the capital and some other historic structures that are down there.
But he said the fire marshal said because renovation work may put our historic facilities at greater risk.
We use fire prevention plan these plans typically include 24-hour firewatch fire suppression systems.
Extinguishers play strategically around the facility and extensive training of staff and workers and they learned a lot it said from both.
Fire at the Provo Tabernacle a few years ago which was not during a construction.
And also in 1993 a Christmas tree caught fire at the Utah Governor’s Mansion and created some extensive damage to historic buildings so.

[51:19] It says in the event of a fire at the Salt Lake Temple the Salt Lake City Fire Department has a plan in place to immediately deploy enough firefighters.
And fire trucks to the scene he said.
We would have upwards of fifty firefighters there within 10 minutes or so this would give us a huge advantage and at that point we could expand if necessary so.
Apparently if they get the call that the that the temple is on fire this is an all-hands-on-deck a already sort of sort of experience and.

[51:52] Anyway and they give some of the reasons why it’s more dangerous he says that because during a building’s construction reconstruction.
The power supply may be shut off at result in a disconnection of compromising of the fire alarm system.
It also causes exposure of wood or other materials to open wires welding.

[52:11] Propane heaters used to keep space heaters warm in the winter and so you know we had kind of our own experience with that here in Idaho.
Back in 00 I guess it was the late 90s I was in high school yeah so would have been what about 95 90-96 Maybe.
Are steaks and her growing up was a Circa 1940s era stake center of the architecture was very similar to you know what you would see in the Idaho Falls temple because it was built around that same time.
Coolest most beautiful building lots of stairways going to dip,
hypnotize stitches oh I knew every nook and cranny of that building I spent so much time there is a kid
when summer they were doing renovation work on it and just fixing the route they were fixing the roof and they had some torches up there fixing the roof and.
Sure enough the thing caught fire and sadly it burned all the way to the ground.
Which was just tragic because that mean they did rebuild the building but they rebuilt it in their typical square if you Shaped Box Church.
Did not contain any of the beautiful architectural 1940s elements that were found originally so it can be a very.

[53:32] Can be of when Renovations occurred to buildings that can be a very dangerous time for fire.

[53:38] Alright alright moving on moving on all right.
So president Nelson announced another tour his next tour will begin in May.

[53:51] And he is going to all kinds of exciting places yes he is he’s doing kind of like a Pacific Island Tour Ministry
he’s calling it a Ministry would be saying I’m going on tour book tour
the dang it down there really really is hitting some of the same island
so he’s doing Australia New Zealand Fiji Tonga Tahiti and Hawaii
yes he is so he’s hitting several places that have current temples he’s sitting hitting several places where he has planned for temples yep and it does say that there will be a hundred and 75th
anniversary cultural program celebrating the arrival of the first missionaries to French Polynesia.

[54:46] When he goes to Tahiti. Very cool they are still doing cultural.

[54:53] Programs occasionally it sounds like maybe not all right well how about we finish up on this story right here before we move on to our favorite things.
So there’s a story that came out that said the church sees a drop in full-time missionaries but an increase in service missionaries now of course we came out and sad.
Okay you can now go on a mission boys when you’re 18 and girls when your 19 you could go on a mission.

[55:22] And that resulted in a surge from 58,000 full-time missionaries to almost 90,000 with 89,000 full-time missionaries.
And so after they kind of got over that Surge and they knew that there would be a surgeon then it would level off.
The kind of expected it to level off but it is continually decreased in decreased there still,
there right now there in about 65,000 full-time missionaries which is still more than the $58,000 they had but.
But not as much it still has continued to drop which has surprised that but another thing that has surprised them is the increase in service missionaries,
in 2013 there were 24000 service missionaries and in 2018 it was.

[56:07] 37006 missionaries it is a big job and I think that
you know it represents the various options that are available out there for people serving missions because missions aren’t one-size-fits-all.
All right let’s get our favorite things everything was okay.
This past month has been an app okay my friend Amy told me about okay and so it is a app to listen to your podcast,
you know I love podcast okay this is now you have me intrigued so I love listening to podcasts I have never been friends with the Apple podcast app.
And they change it and it’s frustrating it gives me nothing but great okay alright I need to take notes right here and now because I don’t like the Apple podcast app either it’s not user-friendly
I don’t care what you say Steve Jobs not user-friendly I just I get super frustrated trying to delete.

[57:13] Things off the Apple pass out they won’t go away exactly and then you have like all these things that you have to look through that you don’t necessarily want to look through a mess
so my friend Amy a couple of some of our just our group of friends was talking about our frustrations and she said oh there’s an app that better to listen to
okay so it’s a free app in the app store it is called the overcast app OK overcast app free in the App Store.
Download it you can subscribe to all your podcast just like you would on the Apple podcast app only when it’s time to get rid of them cuz you’ve done you’ve listened to them.

[57:49] There’s a nice little Trash Can you can click and they will go away oh that is so good to know there’s a little place like playing them yeah it’s just easier to find them to soar through them to see what you listen to listen today and to get rid of them
I’m going to go try that so I highly recommend that okay alright some my favorite thing tonight is going to kind of be a recipe
play I love a good recipe all right and and and don’t laugh today so I have been I have been trying to eat healthier,
my my doctor is encouraging this for number results all of which are very legitimate okay
what are the things that I need to work on cutting out of my diet is all sorts of carbs because I am a carb girl and I love a good carb and I will never deny my love of carbs not only am I got card girl I am a true blue or rather
Brown idahoan.
I’ve never met a potato I don’t like ever there is no way you can fix a potato that I will need it love them in any shape or form so I’ve been I would seriously potatoes everyday.

[58:57] Probably way more than I said so I have found a substitute for potatoes
that I like just as well as potatoes which you know my secretary told me about this and I said you’re high as a kite and then I tried it and I was like oh my gosh you’re absolutely right okay and no it’s not called,
so I take carrots you know like nothing nothing mini carrots not a little baby carrots but like real live like grown in the dirt full-blown cat.

[59:28] Chop them up into pieces like what you would chop up your.
Regular potatoes and boil them in water until they’re soft like a potato okay drain the water off,
throw in a bunch of butter cuz everything’s good with butter my doctor doesn’t probably butter my doctor just wants to get rid of car I really,
text Mary vo but I don’t think carbs are throwing some salt and pepper and then I just use my immersion blender and blend it and use it as a side dish.
I thought it would taste like baby food it is seriously so good I have made it and replaced.
You know not all the time cuz I still love potatoes but I use it as a replacement a lot for potatoes and you know it’s a lot less carbs it’s healthier
it’s delicious so I recommend it plus I have a baby so it can double as bacon double is baby food exactly so there you go go make yourself some mashed carrot excited I’m going to try it.
Well I think that about wraps it up for us to mm Nation thank you very much for joining us and listening to our nonsense and are dribble that’s right if you’re still here
thank you thank you exactly so I’m sure that Jeff will probably up in the next week or so with another new one.
And in the meantime you can find.

[1:00:49] This week in Mormons on their website Facebook Instagram or if you just want to email Jeff
email contact at this week in Mormons. Calm and you can send all of your comments questions or concerns his way,
yes thank you talk to you later bye.

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