Latter-day Saint YouTube Sensation Mark Rober Makes Rocket-Powered Golf Club

Internet sensation Mark Rober is back, now with a rocket-powered golf club.

Watch out Happy Gilmore, here comes Mark Rober with his rocket powered golf club. This BYU Grad and former NASA Scientist has made a habit of bringing some really cool engineering builds to his YouTube channel. After spending 9 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labratories, Rober moved into the private sector and started taking his tech know-how to the viral video world. He has been seen in popular shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Studio C. From the world’s largest Supersoaker to measuring pee in a pool (yes you heard that right). nothing is off limits for this engineering mastermind.

Glitter Bomb

At just over 59 million views, Mark’s most viral video to date is the glitter bomb he developed to stop package thieves. You can see that video below. How’s that for a surprise.

Stranded on a Deserted Island with Mark Rober

Chances are if you love Studio C, then you probably have already seen Mark in this video. I particularly think his transportation coconuts are genius. Where can I get some? It would make my hour commute to work so much easier.

In addition to learning something, all of Mark’s videos are family friendly. So go ahead, you’ve got a few minutes to waste. Get on over and check out Mark’s channel and give him some love.

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