Bonus Round – Russia and Washington County Location Predictions!

Many recall last year when President Nelson announced a Russian temple in a “yet-to-be-decided” location. Russia has three stakes: St Petersburg, Moscow, and Saratov. A temple in St. Peterseburg would make little sense because of proximity to Helsinki, Finland, location of an existing temple. Moscow is an obvious choice because it’s the capital and yadda yadda yadda. Saratov, however, is also compelling because it reaches farther east into the rest of the country. Moreover, the Rostov and Volgograd districts to the south, once discontinued, were both reconstituted in 2015.

There’s no easy choice here, and the arguments between Moscow and Saratov both make sense, which is why it’s likely that the actual spot hasn’t yet been figured out or announced. But our money is on Saratov.

That, or President Nelson is just trolling all of us and the temple will actually be in Novosibirsk or Vladivostok or something because funsies.

Now on to the poor, suffering saints of Washington County, Utah. For the initiated, Washington County is in southwestern Utah along the border with Arizona and is home to the St. George metropolitan area. Look at this temple as St. George II. Unfortunately, wherever a temple is built in the area, it won’t be before the St. George temple goes down for major refurbishment in November. Being Utah, there are stakes everywhere, so where should a new temple go?

Joe thinks the Santa Clara area is likely. It holds a number of stakes and is far enough outside of St. George to host another building.

Geoff agrees, overall, but recognizes that the most population growth in the region has been to the south and east Plus, that’s where all the golf courses and McMansions are, so look for the Bloomington Hills area to receive the temple.