EP 427 – Watch All Those Rated R Movies!

Do we experience irrational fears about being attacked at church? VidAngel gets in hot water. THE MORMON MILLIONAIRE IS THE WORST.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Sisters claim it’s the “middle” of summer when summer literally starts the day after this podcast is published. That’s what having kids does to ya! Crazy children!

So let’s talk about the so-called “LDS Millionaire” that has cast a pall of love and intensity over Utah. Brought to you by the fools that started “The Mormon Bachelorette” and later sold out to The LDS Matchmaker, this Mormon Millionaire stuff involved a bunch of poor women showing up to an empty red carpet at a random country club, then being presented with a PowerPoint presentation and a creepy silhouette of said millionaire.

Who is this man? We may never know. Is he a single millionaire? Multi-millionaire? What are his assets? What are these “millionaire dates” of which they speak? The fine folks at The Beehive have a killer rundown of the entire, stupid affair.

Not to be left out, KSL ran some coverage, too, and since the Church owns KSL, we can clearly assume that the Church sanctions this idiotic enterprise.

Allegedly, treks are going to be nixed! No more treks! This is anecdotal, of course, but that’s the rumor. Yay for rumors!

Last week, President Nelson spoke at a large gathering of Latter-day Saints at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. (Yes, the Mormons gathered in a facility named after an MLM. It was all apropos.) But aside from the expected uplifting remarks and presence by the best former mission president in the Church (per Geoff), President Nelson also met with the owner of the Pulse nightclub, where a horrific mass shooting occurred in 2016. This was an excellent meeting of minds and hearts.

We’re straight up confused about this one. Apparently inmates in the United Kingdom pretend to be Mormons in order to get hot chocolate? Uh… This is from the Daily Star, so… yeah… But…

Hey! So the Oakland California Temple was finally rededicated after a multi-year renovation. But you know what else happens at the Oakland temple? Quinceañear photos! Yes, the famed California landmark is wildly popular with the Hispanic teen community when it comes to celebrating the special day. Of course, the Church now kindly asks that the limos park off site.

VidAngel. We love what VidAngel does, but there’s no denying that its previous business model was legally suspect. A judge ruled as such in the spring, and now a jury has handed down a hefty fine – over $62 million – to the plucky streaming startup. Is this the end?

Hey, so Manti’s Mormon Miracle pageant is drawing to a close, 52 years after it began. The bigger tragedy is how much drama the Church went through just to buy a public street and ward off protesters, AND FOR WHAT, we ask?!

During a BYU-Hawaii devotional, President Dallin H. Oaks spoke about anxiety and stress. He cautioned against using social media as a barometer for, well, anything, and encouraged us to focus on the doctrines of Christ.


[0:00] All right to low everyone welcome to this week in Mormons twin sisters Edition with Arian Smith and Tiffany Hales.
Swim Nation we are very glad to be here for our monthly podcast the month of June we are in the middle of summer
yes it feels like it’s the middle already maybe it’s only the beginning still no that’s because so what if the kids been out of school for what three weeks, it’s been about a month almost a month we’re going on and I guess you’re right we are we’re going on a bunch and see
that just it just feels like a lot longer feels like about 2 months I’m enjoying my time.
It was my kids don’t get me wrong but so many highs and lows everybody screaming and fighting exactly
and and your house just looks like a tornado for the whole month of Summer never never to be an tornado as till about September 1st it’s true
so you had a lot going on in your family passed the mummy yes we have I survived graduation high school graduation was.

[1:14] 1st of June and so we got my daughter graduated and it’s just it’s.
Fun to see your kids like as hard as as Bittersweet as it is to see them grow up it’s also fun to see them
making decisions and doing things and having goals and going forward
becoming these just like incredible human beings that you look at I am and you’re not there yet but for me I look at my adult children because this is number four for adult child and I look and I think.
are amazing human beings how did that you know I feel like I played a minuscule role in then becoming amazing human being but I’m blown away at the amazing human beings they’re turning into that you know I
I’d like to be be the clamped with Mommy Pride but I’m really not so sure how much I had to do with it that they’re great kids they are great kids
let’s be honest you wear a wreck oh oh my gosh I was a rack for about like a week maybe two weeks
leading up to and then the day of yeah I speak to her graduation was on a Saturday and I think what was it about midnight on Friday night.

[2:32] Leading into Saturday morning that I texted you.
And I I remember what I said but I was just like I can handle this I’m losing it I have too much to do you know I’m too emotional I’m this and that.

[2:46] I will alpha it was frightening me for my future as well it should but you know what I mean I think that just comes with the other thing too I was battling a really bad cold so in my defense.
Whenever I have a really bad cold or any sort of illness like that it makes me far more emotional and you were tired and I was tired like that if if I’m tired
yes so I was very tired because the month of May was draining and exhausting but fun you know the model was,
let’s Panic Mortuary.
But but yeah it’s into my my my emotions were quite on edge but now she’s graduated it’s done.
Life has returned to a a semblance of Summer normal and I do have to say when you get a little missionary update so my daughter Shelby she has been in Eastland Texas for the last
5 weeks or 5 months I should say excuse me she just got transferred last Tuesday or two days ago Amarillo,
she is in Amarillo so if we have any listeners in Amarillo you be on the lookout for sister Tanners moving to the big sick she’s moving to the big city
I said put that song Amarillo by Morning I know,
up from San Antone George Strait song from singing it thank you.

[4:15] Alright let’s talk let’s talk Father’s Day we had Father’s Day so what did you guys do for Father’s Day well my husband will first of all what they do in your world in our Ward they gave him Hershey bars that were,
Mike texted a little envelope that was folded over.
And I had like a little Thai glue.
It’s I don’t know how it ended up in her lap because I’m not sure what her calling is I don’t think it’s related but.

[4:49] She did it and it was so cute was it like a young women’s activity.
Okay I’m I’m going to get up on the Tiffany soap box as I tend to do every once in awhile every month.
Did they fail a Father’s Day,
no no no no no to the contrary Mother’s Day in my opinion they outdo Father’s Day,
who is what they did for the dads on Father’s Day
now let me backtrack here because I think last month I was on a rant about the cheesecake in my ward oh yeah you didn’t like it that I just I wanted a sliver of Cheesecake Not A Slice of Cheesecake and that we done cheesecake for while we needed to mix it up
and I suggest next your chocolates K would give swept the men come cruising out of the kitchen with chocolate oh no no better.

[5:49] A swig sugar cookie no excuse me to sodalicious with sugar cookie oh oh oh mama was not
happy so did your husband give you his
I don’t know if he ate the sugar cookie cuz he’s not he’s not a super big sugar cookie family likes sugar cookies.
But they’re really thick and really rich and he’s kind of you know maybe a one or two bites sort of a guy right.
Probably what happened is he shared it with my two sons Isaac and Mark on the way home kids got to probably Mark consumed more of it than anything else is what I’m guessing although I do not know that for sure but I’m just like I am so bitter I’m like.
I would have loved to so delicious sugar cookie you better believe it now that I know that there is budget for so delicious sugar cookies you better believe
that for the next 11 months I’m going to be on a one-woman campaign to say
sisters and the Eagles 7th Ward want so delicious sugar cookie better watch out.

[7:00] No more Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Traditions at church
there you go… Could very well be the case anyway so yeah that’s my soapbox for the month is
the women got cheesecake the man got so delicious sugar cookies that is funny
well I know in like a couple months ago in our podcast we were talking about how I was on the verge of becoming a hall dweller oh yes with my baby yes I’m officially be a hall dweller the baby is now
13 almost on his way to 14 adults he’s close to 14 months crawling.
And we’ve done pretty good so far but this last Sunday was the breaking point and there it’s you know what it is.
We do pretty good on a Relief Society Sunday to Society room of the smaller environment it’s Mom’s their cool.
I didn’t you tell me he loves to make a beeline for the music stand as try to go for the piano music stand which is problematic so I have to strategically sit
okay I got to sit on the other side next time okay but Sunday school award has moved Sunday school to the chapel because they were finding the Relief Society room was too small.

[8:13] And now that Sunday school is in the chapel it’s problem because it’s.
Big an echo and so I try to keep him contained you know in a row but this last Sunday.
They the teacher supposed to have a microphone so that people can hear them and they come down from the pulpit and they’re.
I will try to be more casual in the chapel trying to make it work in the chapel there they’re down from the pulpit they’re trying to interact with the crowd but people spread out and.

[8:42] It’s echoey and it’s hard to hear until this last Sunday the teachers Mike was broken.
And so we made it through about three-quarters of the way which is pretty good.
And then he wanted my baby wanted some more of his bottle and it there was a little bit of milk left again he ran out of milk he got real mad.
He checked the bottle of deer and I might add for you listeners that kid has a throwing arm he
he may have a future in a in a spark sport involving a ball
well and the way our Chapel is it’s one of these newer Church buildings that has I call it stadium seating OK it’s vs. logos ever so slight slope in the chapel here.
Which is awesome for viewing the podium not great for small children because anything they chuck roll.
So I’m just thinking oh I’ll just grab the bottle and I’ll take him out and fill it with water and he’ll be happy but he checks the bottle and I’m looking and it rolls
somewhere probably do the front where the teacher without the my quad probably and by then he’s screaming and it’s so loud and it’s echoing and I can tell
the elderly are not.

[9:54] They’re not abused your baby is not as cute and darling to them as he once was used to be so snuggly and quiet so we exited which was fine
but it was interesting because I got to see ev I’ll like there were a ton of young women out in the hall
quite delighted to see my baby. I was like what is going on today.

[10:22] My this only adds fuel to my desire I never expected this to you before I really holding out hope that someday,
they will just cut the sunday-school hour and just give us Relief Society every week and it’s not cuz I don’t love Sunday school we actually have really great Sunday school teachers in our Ward but I just feel like my.
Like I enjoy The Sisterhood of this I know and I miss it but even more than that I have a daughter in young women’s and I hear
well and I at one time I had was in Youth Sunday school and I hear her stories of youth Sunday school and they don’t seem pretty
active no I just I would have so much rather have hernia in woman’s I know because I just when you mix the boys and the girls and those youth Sunday.

[11:10] I don’t feel like a look at the car polish and half the women were in the hall this last Sunday so they must not be enjoying it exactly
okay your your word needs to find an enforcer
we have an enforcer in our why now I think every word does you know what I heard afterwards I heard they were having like a big teacher training so I don’t know what that was occupying the Sunday school is usually the,
take smell out of the hall right that’s that’s how my Sunday school presidency function does the president like he seriously probably for the first 10-15 minutes of Sunday School,
he walks the halls and if he finds arid youth he just probably marches them right back to their classrooms and tells them,
have a safe and enjoy the last week that is your main job as a Sunday school and yeah what else do you got to job at the Sunday School president this is how I figure it.
You got job number one which is to make sure that youth are all in their proper Sunday school class I don’t worry about the adult if they’re skipping their lost cause your second job ring the bell.

[12:13] That’s right ring the bell and 3rd job is Shuffle the kids to another class when their teacher doesn’t show up or you jump in and sub or.
Here’s another job to if you’ve got kids that are going into the wrong class cuz they’re friends are in those class oh yeah I had my Sunday school present when I taught youth Sunday school who would come in and go,
get his little finger and grab them and say they’re good about that in your War not in this class you’re going to the right why are there not so great about that.

[12:44] Free for all glad they’re in Sunday school I think that’s the theory about the bell ringing.
I don’t think it to myself any doctor with the new schedule I’ve heard the bell ring the bell and you won’t even know if I heard it before the new schedule they were really good in my ward about ringing the bell when we had the 3-hour block,
did I know now that I think about it I think they don’t ring the bell at all because you’re starting and ending right on the hour I have the half hour I don’t think I have heard a bell.

[13:15] In our Ward since we moved to Idaho day I wonder if our new fancy stadium seating Chapel.
Did not come with about know they all come with belts do they still put down I’m pretty sure they all come with the house I don’t know maybe they got rid of it
well you just going to have to go on a hunt and find out where the Bella and we need more information yes we do all right.
Play we got to talk about the news since that is what we’re here to report on
there’s been lots of fun stories this past month members of the church in the news
yes ma’am tonsils on tour I feel like every month there’s Apostles touring I’m now every time we podcast there’s a new story about someone who’s been
somewhere exactly and it seems like when they go on tour it is usually.
Like they are going to hit in a couple of different stops on the way but they pack it in anyway first one is President Nelson.
He did a trip to Florida K and with meeting with the Saints in Orlando and the headline of this story this one was put out by Deseret News was that the.
CEO of one pulse Foundation which is of course the night of the Pulse Nightclub.
Dad and where they had the shooting last year was at 2 last year 2 years ago I believe it was,
two two years ago yet June 2016 so 3 years ago.

[14:45] And of course that was the the gay nightclub where 49 people very sad lost their lives.
I think it was the worst they’ve so the CEO of one post Foundation.
Came to and meeting your he was and met him,
well I think there was a VIP event where he had requested to meet with not only that was the CEO invited.

[15:14] Family members of those who had passed away and the nightclub were invited to this meeting with him.
Anyway yeah so she met with him they quoted her as saying that she was moved and he knew he was shoes moved that he knew what they were doing and he knew about her organization and he was very kind.

[15:33] She said that in addition to him that they felt a lot of concern from local members of the church over the years that he wanted to have conversations.
To make things better in their community and heal and support her and her organization.
So it was kind of cool to see that I liked need that he would take the time to meet with them,
well and so often the news coverage related to the church and especially dealing with the LG,

[16:08] I never can’t get it right but what is it the lgtbq community that is very negative
coverage towards the church and the policies that the that I’m in the policies.
That the doctor that the church has regards to you know the morality surrounding
gay and lesbian behaviors so to speak and so it is it’s nice to see some positive coverage where the church is like you know hey even though we may disagree.
This was a tragic thing we’re sorry for the loss of life and just for her to also be able to say you know hey.
Members of the church came and helped us and supported us and it was a real opportunity for the community to build Bridges,
and you know if that’s what it needs to be because there’s so much rhetoric on both sides of the gay and lesbian debate those who both,
vehemently agree with the church at those who both be a minute we disagree with the church that I’d like to see a lot less debating a lot more understanding yeah it’s nice to see a little bit of meeting in the middle.

[17:22] Putting aside differences exactly exactly.
The school now you have another I have President Oaks president Oaks and his wife.
They hold themselves over to BYU Hawaii for a devotional that’s a sweet gig is a sweet gig and they took Elder Kim B Clark with them so.
He went ahead and went with them and so Elder Oaks our president Oaks I should say spoke with obviously the students over there in a devotional.
And I’m one of the things that he was talking about if he was talking about.
That you know in today’s youth there is a growth there has been a significant and substantial growth.
Anxiety depression and relationship problems and that they haven’t seen and it says Studies have shown a nationwide increase over the number of college students seeking Mental Health Services with anxiety as a great concern
go to me this is kind of the chicken in the egg Quest.

[18:29] Are are they singing those Services because there’s less shame Associated bioservices than there used to be or have the need for those Services increase.
I think it’s probably a bit of bucks and that’s what I think because you know I look at
my kids you know I obviously have teenagers and I have young adult you know who are who are you know making decisions and choices of these lifelong things and there is just an enormous amount of Stress and Anxiety that comes with it.
I don’t recall seeing or feeling that way
when I was making those same decisions in the 80s one of the things that President Oaks pointed to with social media he said that technology allows viewers to compare their overall.
I live to the highs of their peers I do agree to you certain degree what do you see with your teenager.

[19:25] Will you know when I’m more concerned about more than anything else right now is
more my twelve-year-old because I think that she is a lot more open to influence right now because her brain is still developing you know
definitely you know my girls you know would see things on social media and you know oh so and so is doing this at and and they would you know.
There’s that natural tendency fellow about to feel left out and so I think a lot of that unit to combat that short of just saying.
Hey don’t look at your phone because I don’t think that’s a realistic thing to say don’t look at your phone I think you can certainly limit screen time.
But I think just to say don’t look at your phone I think you need to address the deeper problem of what do you do when your mind goes to that place where you want to compare yourself to somebody,
how do you move your mindset out of that place and so for me that was kind of really just checking in with my girls and saying you know.

[20:26] It just reminding them you know people put out on social media their best selves and what they want people to see.
People do not put out on social media their ugly cry and their depression and their anxiety and so although it may look like somebody’s life is perfect,
it’s probably not and to just to just continually remind them of that and remind them as well.
Don’t focus on that person focus on you let them do that you didn’t do I really can’t imagine having had that as a teenager.

[21:01] As an adult it’s easy to sort through things and and not like I never feel left out if I see other people doing other things but I know as a teenager had I seen that like.
I wouldn’t have had the maturity to be able to go okay I know that I would have said oh man how come nobody invited me all I did was stay home tonight yeah I can imagine
just added pressure.
Well in and one of the things that Elder Oaks counseled these BYU students are keep saying Elder Oaks I mean president Oaks Council these BYU student says he says no matter the uncertainties about the cause of anxiety,
the gospel gives hope and Assurance as well as prospective to understand the purpose of life and the role of the of opposition.

[21:54] I really like that because I think that again you know when you’re working with with your working with you through your own kids to help them keep that greater gospel perspective on things and not so much.
You know a worldly perspective that can help one of the his wife of sister Oaks of course spoke and one of the things that she said that I really like.
Is she says our Earthly circumstances do not determine our peace or lack thereof true peace lies in our trust in Heavenly Father,
and the love of our fellow man and I think that’s really true because I have to tell you one of the times that I felt the most amount of Peace in my life as crazy as this sounds.

[22:33] Was during my divorce you know and there was so much turmoil and anxiety and all sorts of things going on.

[22:41] I could always kneel down and pray and ask heavenly father and say.
I need some peace I know that I can’t change this circumstance but I know you can give me some peace can you just give me some peace for a little while and so that’s what I really liked is that our circumstances don’t determine our piece or lack thereof.

[23:00] Our trust in our heavenly father does so I think that’s again a good message.
To send to you than to send two kids is that you know peace.

[23:11] Comes from heavenly father again that’s not to say that you shouldn’t address mental health issues if you have mental health issues because I am a firm believer
that in mental health and seeking treatment for mental health to have those issues but you could do both you could do the treatment
and you can also keep gospel perspective.

[23:31] Very cool text alright so we have a pageant story this was an article from Deseret news about the end of man ties Mormon Miracle pageant.
It is coming to close after 52 years so I guess they are one of the ones when there’s been a few that have just.
This is the last one not you know given a 3-year notice they’re just know we’re going to be done so I have to say this pageant started in 1967.
Take care of my birth it’s his old never been in such a bad member of the church it’s too late now I guess I could go down this weekend
you better book it Danno not going to do that last weekend and then it’s going again June 18th through 22nd so,
if you have not made it yet people now is your chance I’ve never been to this pageant either but it sounds like it’s similar to.

[24:35] Palmyra pageant,
Palmyra pageant would have been too because it says it recounts the restoration of the Gospel featuring The Life and experiences of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon complete
with nephite laminae battles at Jesus Christ appearance in America.
So that sounds a lot like what the Palmyra pageant was if I remember, you know so many people.
In this town for years and generation that have been involved in putting this on date quoted one person
that was in it participating and he said I’m from a 4 generation pageant family.
And he started doing it like at age 15 Smith and all these years later he’s still involved
at the pageant and they were just getting different stories they said one year Samuel the lamanite didn’t show up.
He was working for a local farmer all day and he fell asleep and missed his cue.

[25:50] Okay that’s kind of funny Everly felt horrible afterwards of the next year they had like a temple security guy back there to make sure that like she was asleep
and then that they quoted a lady who has worked on the costumes and she said.
They interviewed her while she was sitting at a sewing machine making a last-minute adjustment to the savior’s white robe
oh and they were asking her about doing the costumes and what will happen with all the costumes
they said it’s still being decided but some might be donated to drama departments at BYU or BYU Idaho will you know what maybe they could go into that big vaults that the church has
that I was talking about when we did our Temple pageant here they can use them for the temple pageant so I don’t think they’re going to do no I think I think I think the.
Temple youth Productions went away with President Monson because since then I believe President Nelson has just been visiting with the youth but there’s been no.
Is the new further pageantry but I still can’t but help but think that there’s a big Warehouse in Salt Lake.
That is full of all sorts of costume for potential use in church Productions ranging from current clothing,
to Pioneer error children.
To Limonite and nephite clothing that’s my theory and I’m sticky to I do not know what the others The Vault of the church records.

[27:17] But speaking of that I heard a rumor this week from a friend.

[27:26] Jim.
But maybe it is out there I don’t know she this friend at the gym said that she had heard just this week that tracks are getting the cut.

[27:39] Which I would not be surprised about if they’re trying to simplify things.
I don’t know where she heard this from I have not have no confirmed knowledge so if anybody knows okay let us know on tracks.
I think maybe last summer when I was going on tracks that you know that they had faith
kind of Maybe started in the 70s but they got really big in 1997 with President Hinckley and and they kind of it exploded since then so I I don’t know everything I know everybody is anxiously waiting to hear what the news
new youth program will be likely everybody’s on pins and needles and wanting to kind of get ready for it especially if you’re out.

[28:20] Youth leadership so I don’t know if that’ll be part of it will just have to wait and see what that will be very interesting because I I know for my steak.
When we did track last year and your word is getting ready to do that might have a daughter going on track this summer and I’m so excited because I have dreams of her coming back home and being soaked.

[28:40] Bad and her home and her life I might have liked to have expectations
you all can’t see this I’m I’m patting her on the back and I’m saying good luck with that hun let me know how that works for you I just I really really want her to have like
a really hard tough few days you know yeah.

[29:00] My mom is it good for your soul,
anyway but they do spend a significant amount of resources doing these trucks in our Ward right now.
The track all right so we will move on to the next story which is about vidangel which has actually been covered.
Play extensively here on Twitter or like the little company that will not die like The Little Engine That Could I was actually in Provo a couple weeks ago.
With my roommates are having a little roommate reunions and we saw it Angel like Headquarters downtown Provo there’s a big sign on the building and I was like are they still.
Serious are they are they still clearly they still have headquarters in Provo I didn’t know that they were still surviving well and here’s how they’re still surviving.
So they’re their business model was they would purchase all these movies and then you could purchase a movie from them.
And you could then decide what you wanted to see you’re not seeing the movie.
And do that would be bleeped out and then when you were done with that you could sell it back to them so that’s how they were trying to get around the trademark laws.

[30:14] But they got sued by Hollywood in Hollywood said yeah yeah no not so much so what they’re doing now is,
you connect your vidangel account apparently to Netflix and Amazon Prime to remember hearing that.
They are doing yes they’re doing that but the reason they were in the news this week is okay so they lost their battle
and then it was a matter of how much you going to have to pay for losing your battle so big Hollywood wanted them to pay 125 million dollars minus 600000.
The jury said 62.4 million is what their penalty is,
and apparently they have Assets in the bank right now of 2.2 million not looking good it’s not looking good so if you are a subscriber you better get on Netflix this weekend.

[31:08] I watch all those rated R movies because your time is is running the running short but because I think probably your only option is going to be there going to have to.
Bankruptcy because that’s going to be the only way to wipe out that judgment and because big Hollywood isn’t going anywhere on this the first actual.
Settlement or like like judgment for money cuz I feel like they’ve been sued so many times and they keep coming back.

[31:39] It’s just been drawn out over yet or so we need to just been we feel like it’s multiple logs exactly because you know people come in and then.
And I might have to laugh when they say that because I’m like oh honey,
if the litigation world of lawyers that nothing moves quickly
biggest one that that resurfaced and so a lot of people out there who really really like them a good friend of mine she loved it because she and her family love to watch movies and so they would you to be able to get stuff.
Doubt and stuff with our kids I never use them cuz
folks I’m even actually I just I really don’t watch that many movies.
I mean I would say I probably see less than 10 movies a year at most I’m a TV Junkie I’m a documentary junkie so I’m always watching documentaries and TV shows.

[32:48] All right I’m moving on all right so the next article we have this was a great when I love this one it was on common consent,
the blog and this was an article by Heidi Naylor
and we need to give a shout out cuz she is at she teaches English here at Boise State and she is talking about their relations with.

[33:18] Between us and yes Muslim can other not just send my other religions also but she mentions how her brother
I have Carl Pierce and his wife live in Ohio and have worked hard out there to build an Interfaith Alliance in their Community which I think we’re seeing more and more of and I love it I think we are at and when I wondered is I wondered if her brother and sister-in-law.
We’re steak public relations specialist
we have a couple from my ward that is a steak public will it was called within the last year as a steak Public Relations Specialist and I cornered her at one of our church events and I said
what exactly does the steak Public Relations Specialist do.

[34:08] So what she told me is one of our primary assignment is to go out into the community
and make contact with other religions and try and build up consensuses and Interfaith sorts of things at
just too because a lot of other religions will work with each other but the more that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have.

[34:35] Especially separate exactly especially in highly populated
areas where there’s lots of members of the church you know we are kind of cliquish we kind of standoff to ourselves and all the other religions look at us as being cliquish and kind of standoffish and
it’s probably not that way as much out in the mission field so to speak I’m guessing but
anyway so that’s what she’s doing is she is working with these other religions better that’s not what this article is but that is interesting
what her brother does so he had written to her and told her that one of the leaders of the Muslim Community there
in Ohio where he lives had sent a letter to the LDS I don’t know,
probably stick present or something shortly after the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka happen this year and of course killed,
250 + people.

[35:36] And so the Muslim leader had reached out and said that you know we’re so saddened by these attacks were feeling for you and just said you know we want to stand in support of.
Our Community of Faith just recognizing all people of Faith need to send the other and then said would it be okay if.

[35:54] We come and attend your church services next week to show our solidarity and I got chills when I read them,
kind and thoughtful exactly and so of course they said yes and then they had the
the bishop of the congregation they were going to read a letter write a letter to church the day that they were there.
Explaining who they were talking about the attack in Sri Lanka and how they had reached out and he.

[36:21] I said you know we have five of these Islamic friends here in our congregation today I hope everybody will make them feel welcome and reach out to them as they have reached out to us and recorded.
They have said that this bishop said that it should be more clear.
To us now more than ever that an attack on one religion is Attack on all religions and we must stand together and that I 100% agree with totally totally agree and so she was talking about how her brother.
Had sent her this I guess her brother had written the letter that the bishop was going to read in church the next day and he’d sent it to her to proofread.
Take a look at see if she could add anything and she’s the English teacher that’s good to have one of those.

[37:12] Except you know what.
I suck at proofreading you’re better than me okay so then she talks about how you know she’s great she got chills she loved it.
And then she talks about how afterwards she somehow started to feel this Lake little bit of fear of like in the back of her head subconsciously.

[37:38] And she had to be very honest with herself why am I worried what am I worried about that they’re going to come in and you know blow up the building she just had.
The sphere in the back of her head and she knew it was irrational and she knew was Prejudiced and she knew it was wrong but because they are Muslim and they are all the sudden wanting to come to a Mormon meeting she just here thinking.
What is there treasure in tensei is nefarious yes yes and so she did she just say in her defense
it was midnight she got very tired tired she wasn’t thinking rationally kind of like me at the end of May anyway she just I loved the article she beautiful,
beautifully and eloquently wrote about how you know this fear was clearly.
Her jumping to conclusions and you know it was ridiculous and it’s you know part of it is.
Our society media and what we see and act like an internalized some of those images and have irrational fears and
she recognize that and she just talked about what a beautiful thing it was and we need to not be scared of each other just because we’re different.
Add recognize that we all you know are choosing to Worship in our way.

[39:00] And I really like that because I think that’s a good message for all Latter Day Saints you know weather,
you don’t whether it’s okay I have a fear of Muslim people because they’re different Or Hispanic people or somebody who’s gay or somebody who identifies as being lesbian you know a lot of times in a week
we have these stereotypes and then you get to know somebody.
Who has a 10 understand their difference and a lot of times after you get to know me like.

[39:34] Why was I even concerned that so I think it’s a good idea to do just what she did whenever were feeling that fear identify,
where is that fear coming from coming from a rational place or an irrational place I’ve been coming from an irrational place.
How can I make that fear dissipate,
and I loved the idea that these Muslim individuals reached out and said hey we want to we want to spend Sunday in your congregation and that an attack on one religion is Attack on all religions yeah I thought it was,
a really cool story. Love to see that happening so.
All rights are next article is a news release that the church just released on June 18th 2018 dealing with immigration,
no they did this release I’m thinking.
A similar release within at least the last year keeps happening but it keeps happening so it did I’m going to read it it’s very short and sweet.

[40:41] It says the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has long expressed its position that immigration reform should strengthen families and keep them together.

[40:51] Forced separation of children from their parents now occurring at the US Mexico border is harmful to families especially to young children.
We are deeply troubled by the aggressive and insensitive treatment of those families while we recognize the right of all Nations to enforce their laws and secure their borders,
we encourage our national leaders to take Swift action to correct the situation and seek for rational compassionate solution.

[41:18] I freaking love this statement is very good I’m having Deja Vu I feel like we just did this we did just do this but I’m glad they’re.
Darren it again things are heating up at the border again and I do I like this that took to just remember that.

[41:38] You know these separations are harmful to families and we we do try and put Families First important for them to take a stand on that and I think it makes a few people have to,
hopefully do what the writer Heidi Naylor did in her common consent log step back and maybe take a look at some of their fears have.

[42:02] People coming into the country and immigration policy,
okay now we’re going to move onto to Super really fun stories now we’re on we’re moving on to the fluffy fluffy stuff with weave we’ve dealt with.

[42:25] The all the heavy all the heavy yeah okay so this one I love so much.
Completely fascinated apparently that this is out of the Mercury new yes which is in the Oakland area Oakland California
apparently for Catholic Quinceaneras what you know is the celebration when the girls turned 15 yes,
Oakland LDS temple is the place to take your pictures
which I’m sorry I think that’s freaking hilarious though I had never ever heard of that until this story
the news locals in Oakland have known about it for years and I just like just word has spread all around the Bay Area,
people are traveling to the Oakland temple to take their quinceanera pictures like the photographers all know that the yeah a popular location and so they’ll take their people there.
And if the article there is a picture of you know a girl and her
some of your family members are she’s in her big red fluffy quinceanera dress and I thought it was so funny I think it’s great anyway of course the church loves this because they quoted Janelle Wyatt a spokesman for the temple who said.

[43:38] As members of the church we love that I’m sure they love it any you know recognition and getting people onto the temple grounds to get there all over my question was.
Are the bride’s getting upset.
Picture locations are being bombarded by the 15 year old quinceanera girl maybe this is not a problem in Oakland it’s probably not a problem in Oakland but I have heard that Bridal pictures outside of the Salt Lake Temple.
It is like in your out you get your spot while you can otherwise there’s a Smackdown between Brad’s
I was just thinking oh my goodness what would happen if quinceanera pictures start happening at the Salt Lake Temple it would be like.

[44:23] You have to squeeze in your spot and I think I saw in one of the comment on the Facebook post on this because twin posted this on the.

[44:32] Somebody said they also do it at the San Diego Temple which would make sense because there’s oh yeah California has a very large Hispanic population and that Temple is so well known Temple is so well-known and you know I just.
Honestly I kind of have a hard time I’ve been unhappy that they do it but I have a hard time kind of wrapping my mind around.
Why would you go to another church is Temple to take your pictures I mean you’re Catholic that’s kind of why you’re generally having the quinceanera
there are gorgeous Catholic cathedrals
where’d you take your pictures in front of your Catholic Cathedral not not that I don’t want them there the temple feeling the spirit of taking the picture but I just wouldn’t
Eckert’s me right if I was having something like
you don’t see for example my daughter going on her Mission we went to the temple and we took missionary pictures in her missionary clothes
I want a really big to go to a Catholic Cathedral to take pictures of the missionary close the Catholic Cathedral and again I realized that may not be an absolute on par example but
I just I’m I’m scratching my head because it’s it’s not.
I’ve been there plenty of places places you can take pictures on the temple grounds that just grounds and beautiful
but these pictures are being taken with the temperature in the back so if I if I had an opportunity sometime I would love to sit down with someone and say.

[45:59] Why y’all do this you don’t explain this to me because.
I want understand it better right so I don’t know.

[46:10] Alright let’s move on to our other fluffy story that I have been waiting for.
Diffuser favorite LDS millionaire we have update we have update,
that you may recall last month we did discuss the LDS millionaire they were still in the application process
will the application process closed they received 2500 applications from their Giant.
The wife apply here to come to a special reception so they near those 2500 down to 20 women.
And the reception was June 7th apparently some media had asked for press passes
nslds millionaire was sponsored by the LDS Matchmaker which is a business and the LDS Matchmaker said oh no no no no.
Puppy LDS Matchmaker had their own people they’re filming this and they have probably about a 10 minute video on their website about that evening.

[47:10] It’s freaking hilarious so funny this video is.

[47:17] Not great quality whatsoever horrible stomach to get it on an iPhone but it is
amazing like a fascinating and weird so.

[47:33] There is there is a post on the twin website it connect to The Beehive and they the writer on the Beehive went through the video
and it doesn’t color commentary on the video Danielle area watch the video and then the rider took
like still from the video and put captions below them I was dying Derek commentary was so funny exactly actually think it was written by a guy it was written
no I don’t know who was I don’t know who I thought it was a girl that I can train.
Editor on the story was Rachel Swan if you got through but I don’t know I don’t know if that’s who who
who wrote it Anyway video in a big limo
Bachelor Style.
Get those details they did and sold one by one they get out of the limo and they walk up this red carpet that has like the little rope thing is you know that tell you where to go they stop and they pose on the red pill and then you can hear people cheering in the background for them as they walk up the red carpet but it sounds like five people cheering
either that or to laugh track they put in steering did they hire some interns for the day to come.

[48:53] So they go inside this banquet room they’re sitting around table.
They ultimately introduced the millionaire they do not show a picture of the millionaire on the video that show you give you a few details he still wishes to remain anonymous.
Each girl got received a lovely Kate Spade necklace.
So that was that was what they what they got and then apparently he went around to each table spent five minutes with each girl,
ask each girl the same question then at the end of the night gave each gorilla Rose through them all back in the limo and sent him down the road.
And then he and the LDS Matchmaker team sat down and decided what two or three women he might want to have a follow-up date with right
and that’s all we know that’s all that’s all we know so far there was however today a very interesting story that came out from KSL today where two women share their experience at the LDS millionaire.

[49:51] So they interview two women they interviewed a 24 year old woman from Idaho.
Add a 31 year old woman who was actually divorced and had a.
One child about their experiences the women had originally agreed to use their names.

[50:09] But then they got a little gun-shy because they all had to sign these Ironclad non-disclosure agreements that they would not disclose the identity of the
of the bachelor will KSL found out the identity of the bachelor before it even before TV
interview these women so they contact the LDS Matchmaker and say come on is this is identity give us permission to use it and the LDS Matchmaker wouldn’t give him permission and then the very next day the two women called and said yeah we’ll still do the interview
but you can’t use our names so they were really concerned that they were going to be in violation of this NDA.
I’m very upset about this I know I pass out boo I know I want to know who the bachelor is bad journalism why is cancel not printing who this is why are they scared of this matchmaking up does she have something,
maybe they’re scared of the billionaire I don’t know why but you know what so here’s what I did because I was so fast and I’m like what KSL figured this out somebody else had to figure this out so I’m sitting in court today waiting for my case to call and I have a good 30,
5 minutes in court so I’m sitting here with my phone.
Doing all sorts of permutations of Google search trying to see if I can figure out if there is like a Blog Reddit you are great,
or something out there that that says his identity.
I could not find one thing how is this so tight.

[51:37] How is this not legal and come on KSL if you know it
you’re responsible journalism needs to be telling exactly because you know what she put this out there
if you’re going to put a big old billboard on I-15 in Utah sing LDS millionaire and then expect anonymity you have put yourself into the Public Square so your expectation of privacy and anonymity in my opinion
I want the video and in the video it shows his silhouette behind a sheet yeah I don’t know it’s weird.
It said but there were some Clues it said he had been a burn victim.
Buy a plane crash.

[52:20] Then I felt guilty because one of the women one of the women said that when she saw him it quoted her as say when she saw him he didn’t look.

[52:29] Like she thought he would like she kind of implied that maybe he wasn’t good looking and then I saw the thing about Burns and then I felt horrible for like.

[52:40] Thinking about you to see if I could says he survived an airplane fire and capsized sailboat in Mexico
I know there was somewhere at Staples I thought there was but said he had been
burnt Maybe I’m Wrong I have to go back and look anyway but I also did find a couple more clues today that supposedly he worked for a former Republican president and he sold his first company at 26
I wonder how old is I got the impression from these ladies that he was on the older and by the window I’m thinking that’s a former Republican president you’re looking at Bush 2008 so.
It’s got to be pushing for today I think the age range they said was he was in between 30 and 40 and 45 yeah.

[53:32] Probably all right we’ll twin listeners do not worry the twin sisters are on this and we will continue to dig we are going to get to the bottom of this LDS millionaire story if it kills me I’m sure you’re all just.
So fat right it right you’re always invested in this as we are right I’m sure you are all right we before we were done with new stories for right now so.
One of our favorite segments that we haven’t done for a while is Mormons Behaving Badly most of the Mormons have been able to behave themselves lately we haven’t had any new like super crazy weird when I had any new ones
but there’s an old one that’s resurfacing there’s an old one and I want to talk about this because it came up in a podcast.

[54:19] So there is a podcast and the podcast is called The Daily.
And it’s done by the New York Times it is a very popular podcast it’s a good one they.
Interviewed a gentleman by the name of Sean Escobar and this was a podcast they released on May 24th and he is the victim in the Sterling van wagenen
sexual abuse incident this happened when he was a child he’s one the one one of the victims this happened when he was a child and he has come forward and said hey I’m evicting this podcast is about
Sean confronting Sterling and it kind of goes into how the abuse happens the closeness of their families what happened after the abuse.
And so he asked Sterling to meet with.

[55:11] And Sterling comes and meets with him voluntarily Sterling admits to the abuse they have recordings of this it’s nothing CD kind of like the Joseph Bishop stuff.
But it’s a very interesting podcasts so I would encourage anybody who wants to listen to that to go find it and listen to it.
Very interesting okay.
My Favorite Things yes it’s time for us to share our random favorite things just because we can exactly any sort of
Financial renumeration on our part okay so my favorite thing this past month has been a show on HBO.

[55:52] Call Chernobyl have you heard about that is no it is like
I don’t have HBO well I don’t either but we got it for a month just to watch this stinking Joanna does worth it maybe I’ll have to look into that you can get HBO for like I think it’s like $15 a month I’m so we really wanted to watch this,
like a docudrama case it’s a reenactment of Chernobyl
which I knew nothing about how I had when I was a kid in the 80s in Russia big nuclear power plant fallout.

[56:27] Anyway it was really interesting I just I was something I knew nothing about and so they made this dramatization of it on HBO and it’s just getting all kinds of attention who suffer being
it was believed six-part okay. It was so good so well done great storytelling amazing acting
so good
I going to have to go find out what I may have to go get HBO for go get your HBO for a month it’s worth the $15 and then you can watch all the other HBO things that you’ve always wanted to watch and then cancel your
so can’t we have like a running list of what we’re going to watch this month’s and also there is a podcast that goes along with it if you really want to geek out it’s just a Chernobyl podcast where they interview the director
of the show and he gives you all like the behind-the-scenes details about what was you know in line with his side and the couple things that they truly changed and it was really interesting to listen to that.

[57:29] Alrighty well I’ll have to check that out then
what’s yours so mine is I was struggling with a Father’s Day gift for my husband because that is so hard to find a Father’s Day gas
I think every woman I know struggles with that cuz they just go and buy what they want anyway and then they’re like I don’t need anything so why don’t you something unique so I got this idea.

[57:54] Our very own Kirk Franklin he podcast with Jeff every once in a while and he of course has its own podcast right leading LDS
he has a gig called Draw you funny
which I had no idea he mentioned in a podcast with Jeff and what he does is people hire him and he goes around
two weddings in two different events and he takes his little computer and he does caricatures of people and they’re really really cute but he also has a website where you can order your own character and I thought okay I’m going to have him draw
caricatures of my six kids does all kinds of things for my husband for Father’s Day so I sent him.

[58:36] Pictures of the kids because I said I want you know all six kids but I want them in one picture right just uploaded them on his website he charges $10 a head
which I think is reasonable and he drew this picture of my six kids,
capture them so perfectly and so I printed it up I had it framed wrapped it for my husband,
he was shocked at 11 he loved it absolutely loved it and I just was thinking of all sorts of different ideas that you could use it for like.
You know a wedding gift you always get a wedding invitation with pictures of the bride and groom send the pictures of Brighton to Tucker.
20 box drawers mm you go buy a frame you give it to the bride and groom.
Bride and groom always love pictures of themselves that’s part of the deal that you could use it for that would be so much fun so and I want to say.
I paid full price.
He did not give me any sort of a discount this is not a page deal I just really liked it and I wanted to give a shout out to her that’s awesome.
Such a good idea I never would have thought very cool.

[59:53] Well I think that about wraps it up for us to mm Nation thank you very much for joining us on our monthly podcast we appreciate you listening and as always if you you could check out twin on.

[1:00:06] Look on Twitter on Instagram.
You can find this podcast anywhere you get your podcast and if you have any questions you can send an email to contact.
This week in Mormons. Com that’s right thanks so much for listening we will see you next time.

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