EP 431 – Super Religious White People

A Mormon choir wows the streets of New York, Mormon teen influencers, coming out at BYU, and Stranger Things thinks Mormons are oh-so-white.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nother week, another TWiM. Join sisters Tiffany and Arianne on a journey of discovery and wonder across the magical realm of Latter-day Saint news!

Enterprising Brigham Young University student Braden Sharp has taken a page from the horrendous “LDS Millionaire” playbook and placed a billboard ad – for himself. Braden needs love, everyone, and you will give it to him. Give him all your love. KSL, eager to jump on the Braden Bandwagon™, published a supplemental article asking whether billboards are the new thing in dating. You know, like instead of Tinder or Mutual or whatever. No.

Nearly a year since President Nelson started nudging Mormons Latter-day Saints away from all things “Mormon,” the New York Times has published a full profile of the effort, what’s changed, and how Latter-day Saints have adapted in the last 12 months.

In one of the coolest stories of the week, a Latter-day Saint-focused choir that was slated to perform in New York’s Carnegie Hall improvised when it was forced to evacuate the facility due to New York City’s massive blackout. But rather than take their lumps and quickly seek out the nearest Num Pang, choir members moved to the streets outside Carnegie Hall and performed an impromptu set. The event went viral rather quickly, as one might imagine when “I Believe in Christ” is echoing through the urban canyon of buildings in Midtown Manhattan.

Former employer of the inimitable McKay Coppins, The Daily Beast, gave us a fascinating insight into the world of Mormon teen influencers, how they operate, and what drives them to help fellow Latter-day Saint teens be their best selves.

Did you watch season three of Stranger Things? If so, you were entreated to a small mention of Mormons in the first episode (plus a rousing musical number with said Mormon in the finale). However, Jana Riess caught the first episode and wondered about that references to Mormons as “religious white people.” Was it accurate? Is it accurate? Was it just a lazy jab on the part of Stranger Things‘ screenwriters?

Emma Gee, a runner at BYU, writes an article about being the only “out” athlete at BYU while arguing there are plenty more LGBT athletes at the university. It’s an open, heartfelt piece that deals with the obstacles Gee, who is bi, has faced as she’s confronted her own sexuality and religiosity.

Remember our fine friends from Studio C that started their own comedy house, JK Studios!? (The exclamation point is part of the name.) A handful of them appeared on NBC’s new sketch comedy competition show, Bring the Funny, and they made it to the next round! Like most Studio C sketches, it was… fine?


[0:00] Why hello there everyone welcome to this week in Mormons sister’s addition with your hostaria and Smith and Tiffany Hales
twin Nation we are very happy to have you with us yes we’re here for our monthly
podcast for the month of July yes to talk about all things that are happening in the world of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Scott’s right so we’re mid-july now yes we are
halfway through summer sticky Floor season yes we did discuss that last month last month you felt like it was halfway through summer even though you were only a few weeks in December now it’s actually halfway through summer and you’re not in a straight jacket yet no
but I’m going to go myself to school supply list came out recently and I was like I’m okay with that,
we can get away I do have to say speaking of school supplies I was in Staples in fact it was the Saturday before Father’s Day so this is like this is this is
meet you the ink is not even dry on my daughter’s High School graduation diploma and I’m in there and they have their school supply stuff set up
come on folks we just barely got out of school that’s a little bit early I thought it was a little bit early myself I think it’s appropriate to wait till mid July because by then all the moms are like.

[1:22] Alright okay I’m ready to go school supply shopping seriously I’m like the ink isn’t even dry what’s wrong with you people anyway.

[1:34] Deriving maybe not driving but we’re surviving surviving heading out this week for a family reunions
yes that is always a Mormon tradition of Summer family reunions every other year so okay then a couple years so.
Everyone’s excited bags are packed guess t-shirts have been made.
Schedules and agendas have been passed out or cut meal assignments activity assignments.

[2:04] Other than you have all of the makings of a well-planned.
Reunions for a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint yes we do our kids love it so much and I can’t wait to see all the cousins and yeah for sure.

[2:22] And then.
Literally like two days after we get back from that my oldest daughter leaves on track now so we had to pass the bucket last.
Okay now see when I went on track last summer it was a steak track but you guys are doing a ward track. So now tell me about packing the truck bucket because I had very specific ideas last year when I packed my truck.
You know it wasn’t too bad they gave us a list I got all the things unless I’m feeling super prepared right now because I was like we’re doing this before the family reunions packing the bucket.
Getting it all together so yeah we got together she’s got all the things the clothes with sunscreen she is not thrilled about the Pioneer attire I have to say,
that is her biggest hang-up about track really she does not feel the Pioneer clothes are very fashionable.
Did you explain to her Kenny everyone’s going to be in Pioneer close y’all are going to be unfashionable you’ll be equally unfashionable
I did and I’m pretty sure that when she actually gets there she’ll realize there’s a whole lot of other things to worry about and I want to come in for a moment
on her Pioneer fashion because I’m taking a little offense at this her lack of liking to Pioneer fashion because she is taking three skirts with her.

[3:40] Two of which I made last year for my daughter which were completely fashionable because I would not let neither myself nor my daughter go on track in unfashionable attire and the third one she and I made together
and it’s totally cute because again and don’t let their nieces track in ugly clothing that’s true it’s it’s cute it’s fine
sorry she’s just don’t take offense it’s our age comes back super
grateful for her home and all of the
nice wonderful luxuries of life that she enjoys this might be my main goal of track I mean also I hope she has a spiritual experience to of course yes but I keep telling her she could be.

[4:31] I don’t know if it’s going to survive the new program I know him well in Jeff was talking about that little bit in the in the last episode is it can really be considered Mormon cosplay
if it’s done that not correctly out so he’s not a fan he is not a fan and I have to say.
I am a fan if it is done correctly right you know I don’t think starving the kids I don’t think emotional manipulation of the kid I don’t think any of that.

[5:00] It brings a track experience yeah I know I think that’s where you have to be so careful not to,
exact to emotionally manipulative because they usually go that way and you know you noticed the new guidelines that came out for Girls Camp said stay away from the emotional
manipulation stuff you want to truly feel the spirit and so I know I’ve talked about this in the past but you know the way that my steak did it was you know they were.
You know hands up out front with the kids say.
We’re not recreate a what the Pioneers did you know if if you think if you’re coming here thinking this is a re-creation that’s that’s not what’s happening.
Yeah we’re dressing up in pioneer clothing and we’re pulling hand carts and stuff but you know we’re here to appreciate their hard experiences and how they came to Christ.
So that you can then take your heart experiences and figure out how you could come to Christ through your hearts.

[5:53] You know the kids are fed their sleeping in tents and sleeping bags with pads I mean
this is this is this is glamping this is Trek glamping in my steak well we’re not quite as well I think they’re sleeping in the open-air here’s my concern okay.
We have to go pick them up actually I think it’s like a really in theory great idea at the end of all the families to come up to this,
I guess town where they’re going to walk in up in the UK and that so they want us to be like the greeter and cheering on arrival party where they arrived yeah you did and then we’re supposed to take her own kids home.

[6:32] Which I’m a little concerned about the smell of my car tour bus 3 nights 4.
Army next four days almost the same and no showers so I packed a big old thing of baby wipes and her bucket and I was like girlfriend you got to wipe,
all the time and then like all the things.

[7:06] Anyway we just to see how the party goes because
it has been my experience like you tell people oh they’re going to arrive at a certain time just happened along the trail I mean they can either get there before you do or you guys could be standing around for two hours late tomorrow it’ll be interesting and we’re all supposed to hit supposed to be like a ward party like the whole Ward is supposed to go out tonight
and have like a potluck so I’m curious if I mean I’m sure the kids will be hungry
so I’m sure they’ll eat I’m picturing this will be a neat and run kind of a bad time because I don’t think anybody want to call where’s my car
the pretty much probably the kids to their families
well on a different note by ward has started an interesting thing this summer they have done it one time they did it in June and they’re doing it again tomorrow night now I did not go to it in June,
admittedly I was a little reluctant as to whether or not I wanted to participate in this activity which I know is like that’s a really poor attitude attitude so I’m going tomorrow night with a much
better attitude okay they are doing a monthly Ward Family Home Evening.

[8:28] So the way that they are doing this is they have reserved a pavilion at one of our local parks and pay and it’s from 6 to 8 and you show up and you bring whatever main dish you want your family to okay okay
so you’re fixing your own food with whatever you want family to eat and then you bring some sort of a side dish to share
okay so that’s what that’s what we’re doing so I right before we started recording I said,
headed your chicken salad recipe because I’m going to make chicken salad sandwiches for my family my chickens been cooking in a slow cooker all day today I know.
During the school year at maybe in September I mean I think they’ll just do it till it gets too cold right you know to really you to really go to the park.
From what I heard last time they had a really good turnout and people showed up.

[9:17] It was a chance to visit because sometimes on Sunday you don’t get a chance to visit it didn’t require a lot of organization on anybody’s part 2 you know show up and decorate or anything like that.
The kids all ran around there’s a splash pad and monkey bars and the kids all ran around and had a good time so I love that idea
I know so I already turned in report on Ward family home evening times those simple activities are the best ones exactly exactly
all right should we move on to members of the church in the news I think we should move on to a news involving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints there are a lot
we were worried that like since Jeff recorded last week there would be no July with that he would cannibalize everything July has been a busy month of July has been a busy now.
And June yo so we kind of broken this down today into kind of three section so we’ve got our entertainment section because we have a lot of stories in the news.

[10:12] I didn’t evolve entertainment,
and then we go to regular News section and then you remain a have remembered last month we were bemoaning the fact that we were not having
our favorite section Mormons Behaving Badly we just
the Mormons World hating themselves being good so I mean it was a good thing that we were kind of like huh that’s yeah and this week
we’ve got three stories of Mormons Behaving Badly apparently they heard our call to Revell they go in spurts there’s waves and then it’s quiet for a while
and then there’s another spurt so we’ve got three stories that we will share of Mormons behaving the rights to.
Embassy has a new reality show on for the summer called bring the funny.

[11:01] Add it is a competition show that features comedy acts yet and the winner has a chance to win $250,000.

[11:09] So if you will recall Studio C the original Studio C Cast kind of graduated yes of a torch and started their own.

[11:18] Studio called JK Studios where they’re doing their own videos and aren’t they doing it on YouTube.
So they went on the show okay
and they did really good they did a little sketch remind me who are the judges on that show does the article seeing you and,
the SML Chi-Chi Kenan Thompson.
So those are the judges they went on they did a Freddy sketch you and I watched it was cute he was funny I always think they do great yeah
yeah so they got lots of praise for her
Chrissy Teigen mom dick cuz she have kids they did a sketchy on the spoof on like a kid is shut up yes and she loved it cuz she watches kids shows all day and Keenan thought it was great Jeff Foxworthy great so they moved on.
Okay they will be on again I’m not sure when.
But the show is showing all summer it was either Tuesday or Thursday night Tuesday nights
keep your eyes out for that I am super rooting for them I just think they’re great my kids love Studio C so much and.

[12:41] I think it’s just been a great entertainment for them and I get really excited anytime they get some good National exposure I could not agree more because it’s.

[12:51] I like to promote that again you know my kids like it too so okay so the next thing we’re going to talk about is.
On Netflix there is many of you are familiar with stranger things and this is kind of a
Thriller type of a show you watched stranger things you know I watched I probably watched about half of season one okay and then I got distracted.
And I never got back to season one so I haven’t finished season one so I haven’t watch season 2 but season 3 has just come out SATs right now
my 12 year old and my fifteen-year-old of course have both binged on season 38 all the way through
I fell asleep for half of the second,
because I’m a parent but I’m going to finish it you I’m season 3 you mean since you’re a little more familiar with it then be.
Oh well season 3 just all the kids are set in the 80s.
Supernatural normal that stuff not usually my John R but I do like surgery thing anyways so when it comes back now it season 3 they’re all like.

[14:10] Going through puberty and growing up it’s really weird so far I like I cannot get over these kids are growing up on camera but that’s this I know so.
So they have a shout-out.
Two Mormons on season three of stranger thing I didn’t catch that it was in the first episode and I was awake for that one okay so apparently.
Dustin who is the curly head Geeks I has fallen for a Utah girl at a science camp.

[14:39] So he’s talking with his fornax cuz he wants to reach out to this Utah girl and he is saying to Max or Max’s thanked him you know.
Pretty sure people in Utah have telephones at Dustin says we’ll yeah she’s Mormon and then another character says oh does this mean she doesn’t have electricity and then like no no no that’s the Amish.
It’s somebody says what are Mormons and this is the quote super religious white people they have electricity and cars and stuff.
But since I’m not Mormon her parents would never approve.

[15:09] It’s all of it shakes. Yes we saw and we were laughing cuz you know it’s just it’s always sunny
and excited when you’re just casually watching a show and there’s a rabbit throughout a random what is we are all just but
very white people but the article was funny because it actually broke it down like by the neighbors like in the 80s when this supposedly Jack plays in the United States
we were very very rice and then they broke it down like today
and still very very bloated
in diversity outside of the United States so it was kind of a funny article was officially got the actual breakdown that were they accurate in.
How they display this at sadly they were probably anime show that was a fireman okay we have to follow up.
You know last month we talked about the millionaire yes it is available in Utah and weird. And I still have not found anything
telling me who he is I’m still on the hunt for this I will find this I will I will ferret this out of somewhere to be a follow-up at that point in time they can’t just leave us hanging.

[16:38] So this one was hilarious I was watching The Today Show earlier this week you said you saw it too
well yeah so so what happened was in response to death there is a 24 year old gentleman named Brayden who apparently is a recent graduate I believe of Brigham Young University right and he has he receives like a
$2,400 bonus from his work for his work he works for qualtrics yes and he they give these employees bonuses
in lieu of a Christmas bonus yet they have to spend it on an experience outside of the office oh I did not know that oh so explain to us what he did for his Exciter his experience,
playing off of the Mormon millionaire Billboards and says it’s always been on his bucket list to be available to be on a billboard and he makes his own billboard with his picture.
And this is the quote I think it’s hilarious he said if the millionaire doesn’t work out here’s your chance to settle for much much less.

[17:38] That was so funny anyway it’s the way I heard about this was they had Mama today show has floating on the internet and then I saw the Today Show
only watch Netflix race show while I was getting ready in the morning
and they have this kid at all this kid from Utah to billboard until first everything is this the millionaire and then they showed his billboard and they actually had him on an interview to hear that about his Billboards in the response he got from his billboards.
And it was funny.
What did he say about the response you got he said it’s been overwhelming he said he had gotten over 700 email Wow and his website had been just exploding oh wow and he said that he was.
Not expecting it to be that big and that he was hoping to eventually
personally reply to all of those 700 big and I was thinking as he was saying that’s what what’s going to happen now that you’re on the Today Show you’re going to get like twice and more.
Probably hey that is so interesting because I didn’t know that the that the company required them to spend it on an Xperia. But here’s where I think he’s a little nuts.
All it says is the company requires you to spend it on an experience outside of the office why is he not going to Hawaii.

[18:58] What in the world is eternal companion.
It is yours so he’ll get another bonus all he lose that for his any minute
hopefully anyways I mean I’m super impressed with his creativity like if I were his boss I feel like.
You get another you get another bonus just because your creativity was so high so it didn’t say in the article that all his co-workers got a huge kick out of it and that he be he was sure to pick billboards.
In areas where he knew his co-workers were commuting at would see it.
So I think you had one in Pleasant Grove and went in Orem are some demographic right there so we’ll all those delightful
does delightful sisters who might be interested in Brayden that’s right so anyways he’s a little out of our age bracket good luck to you Brayden we hope it works out it’s got to be you know.
It’s not any crazier than getting on the Swype whatever side I think that I think that one’s called Mutual the one that’s like.
Edit the one that sell DS where you swipe and it’s supposed to be like I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like Tinder or whatever it is it’s called Mutual right and he did say he got a lot of emails that weren’t necessarily from girls.

[20:18] Thanks so much you made me laugh you gave me a good laugh today so that’s kind of funny if I were a betting person I’m going to bet that something’s going to come out of his billboard.

[20:27] I thought I’d meet someone.
I have to follow my health at 2
he has transparency alright let’s move on to again in entertainment news.
Mormon YouTube influencers so The Daily Beast put didn’t article.
On YouTube influencers shaping millions of teens Minds the church is a big part of our Lives is the quote that they have so the interviewer which is someone by the name of Jordan Julian.
Interviews three YouTube influencers interviews summer McKeen.

[21:11] And she is 20 years old apparently she grew up in Oregon and then she moved to California at the age of 18.

[21:20] And then they also interviewed at these twin sisters Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight and they also have a younger sister.
Brooklyn and Bailey are around 19 or 20 they have a younger sister named kamri Noel who is 13 and she is also an influencer.

[21:38] And then they interviewed a third influencer named see if I can find it here.
Marla Henry but her YouTube Alias is Marla Catherine
so all the Marla Catherine is out of all out of all of these the most openly
I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this is what I believe pray the other ones I mean they certainly don’t deny their church membership they don’t promote it as much as they don’t promote it as openly as she does
but if you look at the products they’re promoting how they present themselves at things like that you know clearly they are members of the members of the church.
So I asked my twelve-year-old because she she loves you too.

[22:26] She has her iPad she’s always watching stuff on YouTube this is clearly meant for the younger crowd,
the only ones that she knew and that she followed were.
Brooklyn and Bailey and then of course they’re younger sister kamri Noel okay and so I asked if it will what do they like and she said oh they promote a lot of beauty products.
Babe hair accessories and mascara and some makeup and lot of fashion fashion type stuff in all three of these girls
I do kind of fashion type stuff but it was really interesting because one of these girls let’s see this which one wasn’t here.

[23:11] Okay so summer McKeen a she had been.

[23:21] Apparently she has she’s the one that has 1.4 million followers I think she has 1.4 million followers she’s got a lot of followers so she had been contracted to go to.
PG trap and so she’s in this trip in Fiji and she’s there with a whole bunch of other YouTube influencers and so they of course are all out partying and doing things like that and she says you know.
It’s kind of different because I’m obviously not going to party I’m not going to drink alcohol that’s not part of my brand I don’t ever want to be you know seen in a situation like that because that’s not part of who I am and that’s not part of my Brea.

[23:57] And until that can be challenging for them.
I guess it was I guess it was Marla Catherine whose legal name is Marla Henry is the one that has 1.4 million followers.
She was going to Coachella and so she had a whole big video about how do you find modest clothing to wear to Coachella
Coachella I think is how it’s pronounced when everybody else is who is there is trying to wear the least amount of clothing and so she has a whole video on that and she focuses a lot on being fashionable yet wearing modest clothing so
get out
I am glad for these YouTube influencers because this is how they are reaching out to gen Z our kids are gen Z they like these 10-minute snippets on YouTube.
And I’m glad that my daughter is watching someone who is saying you know how can I be fashionable yet how can I be modest and show respect and so.
That you know I think it’s kind of cool but they’re doing I hope they keep it up it’s fascinating to me like how young they are to be doing this exactly like I cannot imagine.

[25:05] My
12 year old almost 13 year old,
she’s 16 years old and I’m going to Coachella and going to Coachella it’s not a good idea well that’s a very good question.

[25:23] But she got it she got a contract and again to go there and stay in a fancy hotel and your mama too well I’m sure since she’s a minor I’m pretty sure.
Legally a parent would have to go but.
You know she says basically I want to make sure that my life is in line with the gospel as closely as possible and I’m not going to let a festival temporarily detract from my standards so.
Good media Focus so much on negative influences in the media and social media that our kids see that it’s kind of nice to know that there’s some good ones out there that they can follow that are going to represent.
Values watch kids to emulate.

[26:09] Fascinating it is fascinating Fact one of the things that the article talked about was you know I know we talked about this last year we talked about Mormon mommy blogger so our generation is kind of the Mormon mommy bloggers and the kids we have the Gen Z
they don’t care about the blogging hair into the YouTube into the YouTube interesting very interesting
their mom used to do blogging about.

[26:38] Girl cute girl hairdos and videos and I think I remember watching those when my little sisters and my little girls were really little and how to do all these,
braids and stuff on your girls with hair and I remember watching some of those and I’m like Oh my goodness.

[26:54] Never girls are like taking over the family business yeah exactly it is it’s totally and completely.
I agree.

[27:06] All right all right all right so we have to talk about Millennial choir and Orchestra yes we do so Millennial choir they are a
it’s not run by the church it’s a private
choir and Orchestra started by members of the church I think when it was first started according to the article Jeff wrote they had used the Mormon moniker in their name.

[27:34] Until the church said I won’t know there is only one Mormon
and only one choir and so you will have to pick something else stomach then and this was before President Nelson came out with his whole we are not Mormons anymore
so good thing they already had and so they picked the name the millennial choir and Orchestra with the church said tough tusks no confusion,
and so they’ve been going for I don’t know how many years many many years now but they have,
I don’t know where they start I’m assuming Utah but no they actually started in Southern California and is where they started and then they’ve had like little branches here and there but they haven’t even have an Arizona.
And I didn’t realize till I read the article that also have a Dallas now okay I have these little local branches that require is non-denominational but they do mainly seeing a lot of Christian
face him and they do concerts once a year they also have program for children yes a children’s choir,
anyways so occasionally I don’t know if they do it every summer they go on to what I go on to her every summer or just sick
this summer they were on tour just like attack cats so they do it to her and they basically let any of their choir members from any of the Cities
sign up and pay to go on the next to her and then they kind of merge them together because they all sing the same song throughout the year so this year they were set to go on tour in Manhattan.

[29:00] Carnegie Hall also they were there this weekend and,
as you probably heard this weekend there was a big blackout snow power outage in New York City power outage in New York City and it was right before
one of their performance is I think they did a couple performances I had an a choir to be choir and so it was right before one of them.

[29:20] Add so what they did was they hit the streets they took their choir outside,
and they started singing in the streets and there were all kinds of people you know recording it and posting it online it was really cool so and I heard that some of the other musicals,
in New York City had done the same thing they came outside and saying a couple of couple of songs and so they were singing I Believe In Christ in the video that I know
well and Jeff wrote a whole article on it that’s on our this week and warm inside so be sure and check that out he also has links to the videos and their that people took and and posted one of the things that amazed me.
Was I mean it almost look like a today show concert you know how like you see the street on a today show concert and it’s backed up with
well I guess when the Lights Went Out people just started kind of flooding out of the buildings outside and so this choir is outside singing and there are literally thousands of people
listening to them and recording them singing and I.

[30:18] What it what an awesome thing yeah how cool is that and it gots got a lot of coverage and retweets so I know I got way more Prescott made out of
for sure
all right and then another media story in the news this is kind of a follow-up to something that Jeff mentioned in last week’s podcast The Other Side of Heaven
part 2 right they opened up to we find out about the numbers in the opening numbers you thought so I want to hear about it yes so Darren and I went and saw it and.
We loved it really absolutely loved it I thought it was so well done of course Anne Hathaway is not in it,
which I’m kind of glad it would be really hard for me you know now seeing her and all sorts of other movies that I’ve seen her in.

[31:09] To imagine her playing Elder groberg wife would be the same actress that they have that plays Elder groberg wife she is from New Zealand.
And every once in awhile throughout the movie Her New Zealand accent slips through just a little bit does she look like Anne Hathaway but that’s about it.
She is a very convincing Mission president’s wife and mother of lots of children so I really liked her the best character in the movie is the young Thomas Monson.
They found him in Australia and I have to tell you she is a Dead Ringer
for Thomas Monson he’s like looking at Thomas Monson you know 70 years ago it’s freaky okay anyway he’s he’s a ringer for that and I just I really like the movie I really like the message the
set design and everything was just gorgeous I didn’t feel like it was made on the cheap or anything like that so okay
it is definitely one that when it comes out on DVD my family is going to buy
so do you like it as much as the first oh yes absolutely invited many ways I liked it more than the first cuz it really focused on you know I mean they have kids and their family and what’s happening and
all of that was very very relatable as a parent.

[32:25] So okay if it is in your area I recommend going and seeing it if it’s not we when it comes out on DVD buy it on DVD because it’s worth the money okay.
Get to know all right and then I’ll just we’ll just do one other really quick follow-up so I was in WinCo yesterday this is my star sighting of the week,
Boise Idaho Boise Idaho and I should probably explain what WinCo is for anybody who doesn’t live in the Boise area cuz there’s a few of them in it and
I think it Utah now it is a grocery store that started out here in Boise and they sell food really cheap.

[33:01] And they have good quality stuff their employee owned their local I love supporting them so
I go to the WinCo I’m putting my groceries on the Belt I’m going down to the end of the belt cuz you have to bag your own groceries and I look straight ahead and I swear to you there was a gentleman there and his name is Travis
ever ever hard he plays the little person that is in.
17 Miracles and ephraim’s rescue and I just looked at him like my eyes like he was there with his parents at least I presumed it was his parents house before he was in all them
so I looked at him and I’m like cuz at first I was like he looks familiar and then I realized who he was and then I heard him speak to his parents and I was like
oh my gosh that’s so him he has a very distinctive voice and they got up and laughed at that time cuz I thought about going and saying something to a better psycho I don’t want to be one of those pesky people I get home and tell my husband who loves 17 miracles,
he Freak the freak out he’s like a why did you not go say hi to a guy might because I didn’t want to be obnoxious so is he know he’s not from Boise I looked him up his his biographies living in California where the earthquake happen.

[34:14] So I don’t know why he was up here what he was doing but he was eating pizza at the WinCo
interesting made is getting sick of aftershocks so he retreated to Idaho for a few weeks anyway
all subject let’s get back to let’s get back to the music and we write what’s next OK is the next one is there is a New York Times article that came out.

[34:37] And in this New York Times article they’re kind of doing a follow-up it was about a year ago that of course president Nelson announcement today we don’t
we we don’t want to be Mormons anymore we want to refer to ourselves as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or if you want something short
Latter Day Saints and so that came out in August of last year and we all kind of went okay yeah that’s nice present Nelson and then he got a lot more serious about it anyway.
So this article is a follow-up on how members of the church have accepted that and I’m not even spend a whole lot of time on it you know they go through different people say.
You know yeah it’s easy yeah Target feels more comfortable yeah I’m still struggling with it but the most interesting part of the article was at the end of the article.
They talk about
the choir that was formerly known as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir they knew that they would have to Rebrand themselves and so it took them a while to mow some of their options before they landed at the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.
And they had to sort sort through their swap of legal issues and copyrights and things like that and I thought this was really interesting there choir president who is a gentleman by the name of Ron Jared.

[35:54] Apparently they don’t mind tab cats as a as a as a shortened catchy nickname.
So we can continue to call them tabcat right knowing that it will not offend that because it sounds like they were on board with the motab they loved the motab date they liked their catchy name and so they are fine with tap cats.
Greats text or they said TCAP I don’t like tea cats as well as I like to have a happy tap that I think has to be Top Cats to.
All right very good but speaking of which that reminds me of one of the reasons we were talking about this was so my daughter Katie went to Girls Camp and of course one of the song she learned it Girls Camp was,
the Mormon Boy song A Boy song If you have ever been to a girls camp.
You’ll probably learn to the exactly you know how it goes I have I know I’m unemployed he is my pride and joy
add so she came home singing that song now your daughter didn’t go to girls night out she’s going to track your daughter came home and taught it to my daughter and I remember the first thing I thought was
they’re still teaching at a camp that hasn’t been banished. Leo hasn’t been banished barely it’s just a lot longer to go
I know a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints boy.

[37:13] I said no it has not been banished at least at least not in your Heathen War at least
so fascinating anyway I have a feeling that is one that will continue to live in perpetuity yes as long as girls go to girls camp.
They will sing about the Mormon boy your daughter. My daughter my daughter taught her sisters.
So I have heard nothing but Mormon boy in my house over the past week from all of my girls so sorry
but even the little ones they don’t even know what it means that they like it cuz it’s catchy catchy will just be kept well we’ve prepared them for where they reach Girls Camp.
I’ll see if it’s still going strong by then okay alright oh next article.
That we just wanted to hit on really quick there was an article you found it online.

[38:04] I was actually on a website called outsports.com which I believe is for lgbtq.
Yeah I think so I don’t know that for sure but I’m guessing by that
title that it probably this was an essay written by a girl who is at BYU her name is emmegi she’s 21 years old and she is an athlete at BYU track and field track and field
she’s a runner and she is bisexual and so she wrote this article for this website just kind of explaining.
Her time at BYU explaining what it’s like to be an athlete at BYU.
She’s still at BYU she still there she had at one more year she’ll get graduate next spring I think.
And so she talks about that she is not the only athlete.
At BYU who’s lgbtq and she knows that but she’s one of the very very few that has come out openly about yes and so it was really interesting to read her article because I thought it gave.
Just a really good perspective as to what it was like for her so she talks about her time at BYU before she came out.

[39:17] And how she felt and she’s very honest and Gary.
Open with her feelings on what it was like to be there and how hard it was to be there and just how conflicted she felt about being there wanting to be there but.

[39:35] You know being worried constantly about the Honor Code office in and just being nervous and feeling like she wasn’t being.
Open and honest and then I guess she was at one point I’m going to counseling and.

[39:50] Through counseling decided that she needed to be more open about this and so she said the first thing she did.

[39:58] Was she came out to the BYU athletic administrator Liz darker and she said she was supporting and accepting.

[40:06] And she said after she did that she actually started racing better.
Interested I mean it makes a lot of sense and then
after she you know she came out to her parents she talks a little bit about that although most mostly this essay is just about her time at BYU and then she talks about how she came out to her teammate shortly
a few months later and she said that they were it’s like cross country camp.
And she just said it she just blurted it out and said you know I love running with you guys I just want to let you know I’m bisexual and she said her teammates just said
we love you Emma and they got they kept running and nothing changed and her coach wasn’t phase her coach was like.

[40:54] Whatever we love you and I guess not a big deal and she just talked about what a community she fell out with her teammates and.
That safe place I hung out with them and.
So it’s a good idea it just talked about this kind of Journey she’s been on exactly going through this it be way you and I.
I just love to hear how her teammates supported her so much and I think that a great thing about teams and buttocks.

[41:26] Is I really just think you can you get so bonded yeah when you’re on a team that’s like that those are your people.
And I’m not surprised at all they just rally around her for like no big deal.
So well and we should say of course she hasn’t acted on this which is why she is still eligible to be at BYU right but.
I’m certainly glad that this is I mean in the past when people have come out and made the sort of statement,
get over there has been a real stigma especially at BYU and
oh we’re calling you in to the Honor Code office said you know the Honor Code office presuming your guilt when you’ve never even done anything because you’re openly admitting this
and I think especially with the changes in the Honor Code office and how students are reacting that that.
That is that is that former culture is is changing so that you know she can she can say who she is,
riddle I did and still be able to be at school and run and do those things because again the honor code asks everyone whether you’re gay straight or bisexual if your,
you know if you’re not married either you have certain standards you need to get if you’re loving me on yeah.

[42:43] No matter what yeah you should be okay and she finally felt like she was in a place where she was actually he could be okay too.

[42:51] To be open I don’t know it was it was cool article.
Great to hear it from her perspective it was and that’s what I liked about the article was she was very open and very much her perspective in that article.

[43:05] All right onto our favorite section Mormons Behaving Badly so many in the last few weeks.
Okay so the first one many of you may have heard there was a University of Utah student her name was
Mackenzie luchak I believe is how it’s pronounced she was coming back from California she’s from California she had been down there for her grandmother’s funeral she arrives in the Salt Lake airport about
little after 1 in the morning.
Text her mom says hey I’m here I gets an Uber takes an Uber to a park in the middle of the night arrives there I think shortly before 2 a.m.
Meet up with somebody all the sudden her phone goes dead and she is Mia.
And so there was an extensive search for her and they ended up arresting a gentleman who they believed to have killed her again this is all allegedly.
And his name is a gentleman by the name of I’m going to completely mispronounce this.

[44:12] I hula AJ he is from turn remember what country he was from.
He had a I don’t recall what country he was from that he had come here to America.
He was a student at the University of Utah State and while he was at Utah State he was baptized.
A member of the church and so the missionary who baptized him was a gentleman by the name of Logan Dill.
So Logan deal sees this in the in the papers that he’s been arrested and he’s just kind of sick about it he says hey I never would have guessed that he would have done that.
You know I just can’t imagine he would do anything like that you know I was friends with him you know while I was on my mission.
My mission ended you know and then I went home to Oklahoma and I lost touch with him in 2012 and so.
Something has transpired between his baptism and the current charges he faces it’s a that’s a.

[45:23] It’s a super super I feel so bad for her. I can’t even imagine that one’s a horrible story we we don’t want to claim him at all we don’t want to claim him so let’s let’s let’s.
I mean it’s kind of I don’t know if this next to this kind of.

[45:40] It has some hilarity it in a really kind of Twisted way it’s kind of funny sad but he said this is a local one this is local to Boise this is a local widening so.
This one came out in June I think and I was reading the article and you wouldn’t even know that the guy was LDS until a certain part so this guy gets arrested because his 97 year old.
Mother who lived with him passed away at some point.

[46:10] Over the past year not exactly sure when and they discovered that he had.

[46:16] Wrapped her up and put her in an SUV on his property and not these or buried her SUV was about a mile from her property okay I’m his property okay so what happened she’s living with him.
Add she passes away we don’t know how and I’ll let you tell the reason why he does then so then.

[46:40] People are alike will where’s your mom for a long time and finally,
please go and investigate because the people have been like I haven’t seen her for like a year yeah so please go to investigate and they find out that he she had passed away,
assuming in his home.
And he dressed her in her religious Temple attire that was the quote from the article which made me say oh oh oh and wrapped her up put her in a body bag.

[47:07] First hit the body in a bathroom in his house and moved it to the SUV like a mile away and they suspect.

[47:15] She had been there for about a year long time yeah but they don’t know for sure long time and then also they found some stolen artwork.

[47:23] And that he says a friend gave him tomorrow I really miss that part of it happening
I think what triggered it was her social security checks were going into an account that had both their names on them now they they don’t say whether or not he.
The money out of the account but somebody triggered Social Security to say hey we haven’t seen her we think she might be dead and so the police go out there and say hey we want to see your mom and he says oh she’s not here she’s visiting a relative somewhere and they say
great let’s face timer can’t FaceTime are great let’s he’s behaving rather bizarrely not go with failure to report a death
yeah that says there will probably be more charges coming because they’re investigating to see if this was a Social Security fraud exactly,
I don’t know I don’t know this is going to be really interesting to see because if.
If the money is just going into an account with both of their names that he never spent a dime out of it then I don’t see how it could be fraud because he has to have converted.

[48:31] But we don’t know if he’s converted the funds.
I will say this he lives in my steak and I think I was telling you because you were thinking that this was kind of a.

[48:44] AI I assume you lower class I assumed you was in it for the money.
But the house he lives it is like a 10,000 square-foot house.
Yeah but I also read something in the article that said he had some type of severe head injury.

[49:08] Back in 2017
if you wonder that could impact his decision-making so I think there’s a lot more to come out on this particular story but it was that it raised a lot of
of Interest here in the Boise area all right.
Our last case of Mormons Behaving Badly. This one happened in Utah.
So a South Jordan man he was accused of sextortion and arrested with a $500,000 Bond so.
There is a gentleman by the name of Gabe Ryan Gilbert and what he was charged with again allegedly contacting juvenile girls on social media.
Threatening to photo edit nude images of them if they would not send him real nude pictures.

[50:01] This went on for several years apparently there were 50 teens that he had done this to that he had said you know hey I’m going to
Photoshop images of you I’m going to send them to your grandma I’m going to do this I’m going to do that unless you send me pictures and videos so they
they get this report from this 15 year old girl.
About his behavior so they go to add to his house to knock on the door to have a little chat with him only to find out that he was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Mexico and had left about 2 months earlier
earlier after the extortion case happened that he was that was reported there were many many cases that apparently were never reported.
Anyway so,
what happens then is they get in contact with the mission president or I think maybe his his mom called the mission president she called the mission president.
Unexplained hey the cops are here looking for my son need to talk to him on this sextortion case.

[51:08] And the mission president called him in and interviewed him and then apparently probably sent him home but didn’t exactly tell the police
they sent him home and so the police then found out a little bit later he was home so they go over to his house and his parents refused to tell the police where he is and said you can’t talk to him
without a lawyer take this is crazy to me so crazy. He is crazy but the parents.

[51:36] Um yeah I will be like here he is take him. Yeah zactly exactly I would too and you know it’s interesting because the officer told the parents they said look.
You know he is an adult and he doesn’t have to speak with us but you can’t hide him and see you better tell us where he is so.
And why they live actually got an arrest warrant for him I don’t know but you know I can see him storming in the house break down doors going to come on you coming out with us so.
Jim Beam His companion they probably have no idea they’re probably going well
except I’ll figure it out someday when I get back to the States and less like the companions parents knew his name and you know maybe sit in the in the news or something I don’t know
I don’t know what you know and here’s the other thing that I wonder about 2 and again this is pure speculation on my part.

[52:40] Was he still doing this while he was on his mission I mean they all have phones now true you know I I don’t know if his phone you know how his phone would let him connect with you in a back to the States but I just have a hard time believing that if you’ve done that over a series.
Over over course of time and you got 50 victims involved
I don’t think you can stop Coulter right and wasn’t one of them only like two months before I left yeah it was very One Day More investigating happened two months before you left
already so we’ll see what happens with that case alright alright ormond’s Behaving Badly we hope you do better next month and we don’t have to talk about you right now thank you for your favorite contacts you provided us this month
alright so we move on to Favorite Things yes.
Let’s do some favorite thing okay okay so I’m a go first I am going to share my favorite thing this past month that has been making me laugh okay which is much needed in the month of July
laughing is always a good day or two Instagram accounts that I think are pretty funny okay first one is.

[53:47] Hilarious this is my favorite funny Instagram account is called kids are the worst and this is a Instagram account geared towards obviously moms and dads who need a little humor in their life,
I promise you this woman really does love her children exactly her tagline is
like after her title is It’s okay to laugh you were the worst ones to oh yeah that’s so true maybe you weren’t the worst but Mom would definitely say I was so Arian for you folks out there
she was an angel child she did nothing wrong growing up she was always mom’s favor.
It was a good kid you are very good. You don’t deserve some of the children you have now I deserve those children.

[54:33] So anyways if you need a good laugh if you are mom or dad trying to make it through the summer.
You need a good laugh and go look at this account it kids are the worst she just puts up funny memes about parenting and kids and I just think she’s hilarious and has a great sense of what I’m going to have to go follow her and her name is Anna McFarland,
McFarland and the account is kids are the worst another funny when I came across recently my husband told me about this one it’s called basic Provo bro.

[55:03] Add.
He is clearly a singles ward single guy from Provo and he also post funny memes half of am I get half of my don’t probably cuz I’m not a single guy in Provo but my favorite thing that he posts is over this is good once a month
he has first Sunday of the month or send me the month he has people submit their quotes from fast and testimony meetings of like crazy.
Random weird things I hear and singles Wards in Provo and then he’ll post them and yeah clearly most of these are from Singles Wards in Provo.
About like oh I don’t know there was what he posted this last month about.

[55:48] Not going to see end game because the prophet wouldn’t watch anything PG-13 I don’t know if they’re just funny exactly so if you just go once a month
is account for the fast and testimony meeting quotes you’ll be enriched my favorite thing is I’m going to do a throwback this Saturday the
20th of July represents 50 years since we landed on the moon.
Probably most of us were not alive dead but sadly I was never said I was not very young and I do not recall the moon landing.
But I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I’ve been obsessed with the sixties in the time that I was born into anyway there is a show a 10-part series.

[56:30] 10 episode series that ABC did a few years ago called the astronaut Wives Club and it is all about the wives of these astronauts and it runs from 1960 through 1969
add it is so fascinating it is so well done it’s based on the super well-researched book if you go to the ABC app.
It is free on the ABC app so you can watch the 10 episodes for free no charge,
add I highly recommended I mean just even for the 60s fashion alone the costuming is done so well and they’ve got good music and the characters are spot-on.

[57:08] I love it I probably I probably watched it two or three times and I’ve been itching to watch it again in honor of the moon landing but it had no time
show me to try and fit that in if I can’t it’s very good the book was also good to did you read the book I guess I did I read the book the book was very good as well but like I said I’m recommending the miniseries
ABC app 10 episodes sounds good okay alright well I think that about wraps it up for us so twin Nation
thank you very much for listening and as always you can find this week in Mormons on our Facebook site we of course have our website this week in Mormons. Com there’s a Twitter for this week in Mormons
Instagram for this week in Mormons or if you just want to talk directly to Jeff the chief boss mail are you can send an email at contact
at this week in Mormons. Com we appreciate your listening and science.

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