EP 435 – So You Think You Can Morm?

Serving a mission without the tag; diversity among polygamists; election fraud among Mormon moms, and much more!

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to another week! Tiffany and Arianne are here to help YOU navigate all things Latter-day Saints.

Did you know that polygamists are people, too? It’s true! In fact, polygamists from around the land, religious and irreligious alike, gathered in southern Utah to do the same things we monogamists do – hang on a lake on a boat.

Election fraud is a real issue that, unfortunately, often becomes a political tool depending on the national mood. However, despite how much alleged fraud doesn’t occur at all, in Utah, fraud is real because the mothers of full-time missionaries for the Church wind up voting on their behalf. It’s easy to laugh about it because it carries with it such an innocuous face, but fraud is fraud. To shame, Utah mothers!

A new film, The Fighting Preacher, is making the rounds in the Intermountain West, and reviews are solid! about this story that you probably haven’t heard of before.

Last year, we reported that the Church was closing its family history center in downtown Park City, Utah. Well now, that unused property is on the market. You can own a piece of history!

In hot, Fox-based news, two Latter-day Saint siblings have made it into the top 10 on long-running dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance? Let the record show we do not think we can dance.

In keeping with the reality competition theme, a nurse and former Southern Utah University student advances to the American Ninja Warrior finals!

A Mormon kids whose cancer returned 13 days before he was supposed to leave on his mission is making the rounds with his story. He is a man of faith, and his journey will inspire you.

After revising its guidelines for submissions, the Church has ceased taking submissions for the new hymn book. But what will new hymns entail? Will any of them follow the coveted 1-5-6-4 progression?!

It wouldn’t be LDS Living without a random listicle. This time, we have a handful of funny tweets that come from trek reenactments that would allegedly make the pioneers laugh. Because we all need laughter when Jimmy has contracted cholera and you failed to shoot that bear and your family starves. Will you make it to the Willamette Valley?! Wait…

The Church owns a number of architecturally significant meetinghouses, all of which were built before building templates became standardized (see: boring). One such building was in West Yellowstone, Wyoming. However, the building ceased to hold meetings years ago, and last week it was torn down, a wonderful piece of history lost forever to bison.


[0:00] Hello listeners welcome twin Nation this is Tiffany Hills and area of Smith.
Where are the twin sisters here for our monthly podcast yes we are discuss all things related to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the news as they frequently show up exactly.
It is now the end of summer we are on the countdown until school starts we have.

[0:28] 4 days 4 days I’m going to clean my sticky floors and it will be sticky for season no more,
we’re excited we’re ready we’ve had a great summer I know I know we have to you know but again I mean it is the end of the summer and my house is just
track oh my soul track like I can hardly even stand it trashed and I’m like okay School needs to get and I can’t I can’t justify cleaning it until they’re actually get there a little heinnies back and it will last
will not last snow will not sell yes okay so other,
random new things with me I mean does he have anything like super exciting but my husband did come into relief society today and seeing a man in Relief Society ukulele
but I’m going to be a band instrument in the chapel but I think of the classroom it’s okay
background here as to why your husband is is canoodling with his ukulele I know the Relief Society this was him bailing me out of my calling of course
me turning to my partner in crime and saying Help
okay well why don’t you explain what you were doing I am in charge of the Relief Society events.

[1:45] Star War do you know which we use to call in Richmond and now I don’t know what we call them
yeah it was a Richmond it was home homemaking no it’s just a relief society meeting I really society meeting so in lieu of our monthly meeting this month we are supposed to get as many sisters
hazard from our Ward as possible to go to our stake does a Humanity OKC.

[2:08] And so my Relief Society presidency contacted me and said hey.

[2:13] Instead of our activity we want to do this how can we get our sisters to go cuz I don’t think we really have that great of a showing take those with every month okay it’s like a service project.
And Adam we are still on this is a little light enough that we come up with some creative ways.
To get the announcement out to get the word out something different something other than just like here’s your flyer show up.
Here’s your poster point right here yeah yeah looking take notes so email just to remind you yes so it was suggested that she would have a Facebook group
no we don’t word has a Facebook group so we get announcements in the.

[2:58] As well that would be nice so we need one of those more more people are moving away from Facebook and go into the Instagram that’s true
no we just need a page okay so I was told Noah poem would be great or ask it
or some musical jingle and I am thinking I am not Musical.

[3:29] So I sat on it for a day or two and I couldn’t even think of any rhymes like I was just dumped and part of it was like the stress of back-to-school yeah
and my brain not functioning normally you are a very creative person because you and I will sit down to like do Rhymes and stuff and we can play off each other we can if we were if I’m in the right way
I agree the doldrums of Summer and taking care of your children Zapped
every creative cell out of you it’s true and I was also sick this week and he said
well I’ll be right he said I’ll come play my ukulele and I was like,
are you kidding are you serious because if you’re serious I’m going to jump on that opportunity and he was serious.
He’s very creative like that and he’s really good at rhyming and like coming up with little Tunes look how long did it take him to write a g
10 ounce Manna and like by the time you got home.

[4:39] From work that day a couple hours later he’s like a little thing and if he’s like that just took me like 10 minutes like seriously.
Yeah exactly so we took our show on the road we hit really Society we had primary add we hit young womens with his little ukulele jingle also this is just like a Roadshow
like the old-fashioned Rodeo
out that second our okay so tell me now no heat when I when I was over here last night he played it for me and I was about I was humbled to be in his presence tell me how this went over in Relief Society
people listening I tell you what do you want someone to listen to your announcement.

[5:20] Playing with a ukulele and singing this is like open my eyes to A Whole New World. Okay I need to save this now that I know I have this power because I cannot even tell you.
Like the
but you could tell people were listening how often does that happen during announcements.
So now I know I have the secret power in my pocket I feel like.
Well we’re going to have to save this for when we have a really important message to pull it out again one of those things where you can’t you can’t.
For very
very important emergency announcement exactly you will have to follow up with how your turnout is to see if I not only did they enjoy the announcement that but they then went yeah she go to humanitarian,
so when is your activity so it’s not this week but the next the next.
Are some of them well our kids will be most of the kids were different School,
all right well you follow up and let us know I’ll let you know so how about you what’s going on at your house well in my husband news.

[6:39] Since we are discussing husband’s my husband of course as I have talked about is V scoutmaster and so of course with being the scoutmaster comes the summer ritual.
At least.
Hopefully maybe this is the last summer we have this summer ritual I mean they make do it next summer but I have an idea it’s going to be called something entirely different it’ll have a name.
Anyway Scout camp rather than go to the traditional
we would like to pay every time we have to the BSA Scout camp that is available in our area right which is doing his Camp Morrison we’re basically all the leaders have to do is show up and babysit.
My husband said nope we’re not doing that they do their own and have they always done their own know they have not always done their own going back and forth between going to the local Scout.

[7:30] But this year he said you don’t know
we’re not going to spend $2,500 sending boys to scout right especially when they’re all on the way out exactly when they’re all on the way out because yeah what do you need a merit badge for
and so because at least in our Ward I mean the boys who want to have their Eagle Scout done.
Their families and their moms and dads are really pushing it and of course my husband is supportive but he just has stepped back and said hey.
Anybody who wants to do it I’m willing to help you but I’m not pushing anybody so just let me know what you want to do so he kind of created his own Scout camp and they had a blast now my hats off to him because
I can’t well first of all I can’t imagine camping because that’s not my thing Motel 6 is roughing it as far as I’m concerned but
he took this group of about five or six 12 year olds up in the mountains okay and then he had through for adults with him as well.

[8:26] I can’t even imagine taking 12 year olds in the mountains that’s just like my little brain will 12 and 13 year olds can’t compute
but he had a blast with a v a i did a couple of days of some day backpacking and they didn’t overnight backpack and they had a base camp and they ended the whole thing by I am doing a river trip down the river
on the last day so exciting the most important thing no scouts were harmed or injured in this activity
that’s always got it is all I know forest fires were no forest fires were so my husband loves to camp and he loves to get the boys out in the woods and so I suspect.
Whatever the new programme is.
I am guessing that there’s probably going to be a lot of latitude for local leaders to do what they need to with their kids and you know he’s got a group of kids who like to camp and so I suspect the Camping World
continue to take place and maybe they’ll call it like young men’s Camp by I don’t know who knows.

[9:26] We’re all anxiously waiting. Riddle young men’s Camp formerly known as Scout camp reality TV
everyday the past couple times we park there are.
Church membership yes all over reality TV all over reality TV I don’t think we had very many last month but I know the month of Amalur we had a lot and so now we have even more updates or something like we talked about them
not last month but the month before probably tell I’m JK Studios you know the studio was laughing by myself
it’s all blur at mom summer mom brain JK Studios the former Studio C original Studio C Cast yes Studios they were on a TV show that’s been
is NBC on NBC called bring the funny no show me the funny.

[10:27] Show me the funny bring the funny bring the funny okay you talk about it I’ll Google it.
Something about the funny they made it through the first round and then early in August they had their second-round where they were competing against another comedy troupe.
They also made it through with flying colors yes bring the funding the funny it’s called bring the funny so they Advanced once again so now we’re waiting to see when they will go on again today next couple weeks
but they’re fun to watch on their the judges love them so far
good good good good. My son interesting bit today that I guess up BYUtv was doing a.

[11:10] A fall TV preview or something like that down in Los Angeles with that with TV critics and I guess when they had done it several months ago they got lambasted about
the church and its policies on lgbtq issues but today apparently the TV critics were much nicer
to the BYUtv people cuz the poor BYUtv people last time or just like.

[11:31] We’re just here to talk about our shows at our program a wax cell so this time they didn’t get
they did not and they were the reason I thought of it is they were talking about their new Studio C Cast that will be premiering and Four Season 10 and I guess they liked them so much they’ve already ordered Siege season 11.
Stop all right but let’s talk about the show so you can think So You Think You Can Dance
in keeping with the tradition of Utah produces amazing dancers there are two dancers on the show right now every season the show has at least one LDS personal yes at least
having you lived in Utah for a brief. Of time having a child who was involved in dance in Utah I would venture to say,
outside of New York in La I don’t think there is any more competitive place for dance than in Utah right now it is huge there and they have.
Because of that they attract super super talented instructors and you know when you’ve got.
You know kids at and the majority of these kids have been involved or involved are members at the church tonight and so you know this is a great activity they like to participate in at their parents think it’s wholesome anyway.

[12:49] Aside from that there are two siblings a Stephanie Sosa and an Ezra Sosa and they are both on So You Think You Can Dance right now.
They are in the finals they both made it to the top 10 now they’re not dancing together they’re actually competing against each other a day are we against each other.
Stephanie had gone on the show last year but didn’t make it to top 10 and she wanted to go back and I guess her brothers are pretty amazing dancer and she’s only.
19 or 20 he’s 18 he’s very Yaz really on and so she talked him into going on to the show with her
all because she said I knew I could dance better if I had my brother there so he goes on to the show with her and they both make it to top 10
and what’s really interesting is
they come from soccer parents their parents never in their Wildest Dreams imagined that they would have these dancer children their dad was an assistant soccer coach at BYU and their mom played soccer and that’s how the two of them met.

[13:54] Their parents interesting lie enough are both immigrants.
Which is again very timely in today’s society so their parents are both immigrants and so Stephanie first started dancing
and then Ezra saw what Stephanie was doing this was when she was probably like 6 7 years old and he demanded to go to dance class and it says it first his father was just mortified dreams were crushed his dreams were crushed.
He wanted to soccer player not a dancer but he could see his son’s passion for it and eventually came around and.
Their mother apparently has had a stroke so they’re kind of dancing for her and
and so I’m the finals will start Monday night so we are recording on a Sunday so tomorrow night 8 p.m. on Fox if you’re interested in watching them all right okay the next reality.

[14:44] TV show American Ninja Warrior.
I like not all the time that know if it’s on or watch it it’s funny what exactly if it’s on
I am blown away like literally blown away when I watch these people.
Never in my wildest dreams have I ever been that physically fit to even begin to imagine to do what you’re doing it’s amazing so right now there is a member of the church who is,
from St George she’s a nurse she is a former gymnast at Southern Utah University and she has advanced to the National Finals.
Her name is Maddie Howard.

[15:30] So yeah she she made it past her I think she auditioned in Washington yet she was she was in Tacoma and now she’s going on to the Nationals
which will be in Las Vegas and they haven’t announced when that will be airing but I think it will be sometime in the next.
Couple weeks exactly so the watch her that’ll check like a lot TV listings that that will be fun to watch
I don’t know how many kids but she is Mom
okay that’s that’s even more I like it makes it even more I mean she’s young she’s only yeah I think so I think she and the other things she talks about is how well.
Do gymnastics have helped her succeed in the show.

[16:12] So I’ll write one last reality TV show doubt we have Witney Carson
she was a member of the church or is a member of the church she was on Dancing With the Stars I think she still is on Dancing With the Stars they haven’t announced their next cast yet to my knowledge
but if you remember several seasons ago she won the Mirrorball trophy with Alfonso Ribeiro.
I’m not sure how his last name is pronounced he was on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I always just referred to a Mets Alfonso okay so he apparently in the past has hosted this game show called catch 21.
Aki hosted it from 2008 to 2011 there going to do a reboot of the show,
have never heard of the shed never heard of it either apparently it is a blackjack Style game okay you answer trivia questions to build your playing cards okay and you want to get as close to 21 as you can.
So Alfonso is going to be the host of the show and then lovely Whitney will be the car.
Taylor Diesel a contestant she will be passing out the cards to the contestants so look for that. I hope she returns to Dancing with the Stars I’m sure she probably while she’s at her side Hustle
yeah I think this is her side hustle she’s extremely popular on that show that’s funny okay so.

[17:39] Adjacent to reality TV you have a movie
what’s tell us about I do I have not heard of this until I ate you showed me this article had not heard of it either and I was kind of blown away because I like to fancy myself that I usually keep up on the
Movies that have a content of Latter-day Saints content to them this is a movie that was done by TC Christensen many people recognized him from 17 miracles,
ephraim’s rescue he’s done a lot of movies obviously that have.
Cokeville Miracle historical and Anne Church themes to them so here at the.
Called a lion and a lamb.
A cheap so he reads this book and he gets this inspiration to make this movie and the movie is called the Fighting preacher.

[18:32] So let me give you a little background here this is based on a true story so in 1915 the church assigned a.
At what time middleweight boxer named Willard bean and his wife Rebecca they gave them a mission assignment the church had just purchased the Joseph Smith Farm and they said go out to Palmyra,
living the Joseph Smith Farm make friends with the neighbors and we want the Hill Cumorah so see what you could do about arranging to purchase the Hill Cumorah
this is fascinating so bad I never heard so this is supposed to be a five-year Mission so he lands there and of course there
is a lot of hatred towards the church in 1915 when he lands there so at first he’s like or I’m going to start boxing people and he starts challenging people to box it doesn’t really endear him to the neighbors soda.

[19:23] So apparently finally his his wife said hey you need to let go of your anger and let’s try and be a little Kinder and love these people.
So this five-year Mission ended up turning into a 25-year mission.
Before they ended up leaving and they were able to turn the hearts of the people around so that they became accepting of the saints that bought themselves a little Hill called Kimora and
now we have a patch up there
right I’m at least for one more year has he made the movie theater in Utah.
No it went to theaters in Utah they released it on Pioneer Day July 24th.
And then it said this weekend the 9th the weekend of the 9th of August it was going to be released in Phoenix Las Vegas and Idaho.

[20:16] I checked our local listings I can’t find it here in the Boise area I don’t know if it’s.
Eastern Eastern Idaho if maybe it will make its way to Boise I hope it does I’d like to see it I was reading some of the reviews on it and I’d like to TC christensen’s movies I’m there good family movies they always have a great story to write
I love anything that’s based on a real story so I hope that it does come to the theater so we get a.
Get an opportunity to see it okay though I have to say the movie poster did you see the movie poster
ever what was it it was like a whole new meaning to the laying on of hands yeah and I had a picture of him with the boxing gloves you had me until you put in that leg.
The movie poster said he believed in the laying on of hands be sitting there with his boxing gloves.
That’s okay well if you watch it you’ll have to report back okay.

[21:18] So okay what a Mexico we have some ham updates you know we love to discuss the new handbook
even though it’s like years and years away weegy
talking about it ever since they announced it was like about a year ago we’ve been talking about submissions we’ve been talking about him is that should stay Heavens that should come so Deseret News had a big article out
this past about 2 weeks ago was August 4th August 4th okay I guess I wasn’t that long ago
so they did a big article because the submissions obviously closed in July this year July 1st no more submitting although they would take anything that arrived after July first it was postmarked
cut it off anyway just like taxes got to be postmarked that’s right
so they did this article interviewing at the secretary of the committee that is going to.

[22:15] Do this at the committee of 14 people they received 17000 song.
That is mine. The handbook and the children songs combined so just to give that like,
so relate like perspective for the 1985 handbook.

[22:35] They got 6,000 submissions for the church is bigger says it is and they’re also doing it for the children’s true.

[22:42] Assault bike which in 85 it was just for him but but it said they were expecting big at the Children’s Songbook at some point in time at some point but I don’t think it was that same year was it I don’t know cuz
when I was growing up it was the orange handbook
caught cheating with Alicia turn blue sometimes and it did turn blue 80s updated at the same time.
They said there is a committee of fourteen members that will review all of this and then but she also said.

[23:14] That they are forming the subcommittee yes that have people from around the world so they’re trying to get.

[23:22] Not just these fourteen members but they’re trying to get lots of international and other people’s.
Honestly the sounds like a nightmare of a meeting but can you imagine you’ve got 17,000 of these things you have 14 people on this committee and then you’re forming subcommittees under that this sounds.
Like it will take forever well and they have a criteria and so first thing they’re going to do their criteria is.
The songs must increase faith and worship in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ teach core Doctrine.
Joyful singing Comfort the weary and inspire people to endure in faith and unify right now you know.

[24:05] My recollection was when they first announced this new handbook that they were kind of thinking that they would get it out somewhere in 2020.
Maybe 20 21 somewhere in that time frame it was supposed to come out because they also announced it was going down to about a hundred and seventy hams you know.

[24:24] Well what they say right here in the article is it says the project is immense and it will take years to complete at so we have no idea I have no idea
how long is so interesting though they said as far as flashing the current him they’ve already been working on that yes
because to tell our listeners how many suggestions for additions and subtractions to the router Thames they receipt
they said that they’re sifting through 45,000 suggestions received through online feedback
survey no I want to talk about the survey for a minute okay let’s talk about a survey I have a question for you have you ever gotten a survey from the church.

[25:08] Like an online feedback survey.

[25:11] I don’t think so take neither have I but have I ever told you that my husband is on their list no.
He has been on their list for probably about
4 years out at least four years maybe we are how did he get on the list I have no idea but I’m incredibly jealous and every time he gets a new survey and tells me about it I’m like,
because some for some reason he’s on their list and it’s like a continual it wasn’t a one-time thing.
They have sent him over the past four years several surveys he probably gets a cup at least a couple of years
get out of town didn’t get him one which is unfortunate because he’s a musical guy
oh he’s on some other surveillance don’t but he’s been surveyed on everything from like his scripture study.
At his calling his,
feelings on the priesthood his feelings on women in the priests like he’s been surveyed on so many things over the years of random things.

[26:15] You know what I can’t remember
I know that like you could go online and click like on a survey monkey and complete a survey to at least for the women’s garments to express
what you like and did not like this was probably for five years
maybe four years ago maybe five years ago you didn’t have to get that one that when you could go online red light you know safe so I wonder if this 45,000 because I know that they had.

[26:42] I remember us talking before they they had they did have some sort of link that you could directly connect to them and say.
Hey get rid of this song Maybe This was a you optimize I think this was you often saw an email to
exclusive ink
I got chosen for that one like.
Over 10 years ago and it was like my voice will be heard this is why you and I share a brain
so I love good survey myself I really don’t see any way that you’ve told me I’m going to I’m going to enjoy,
extend my jealousy with your I know I want to be on the church survey list I have opinion
Martinez twins cutest survey so anyway back to the they got so many suggest 45000 suggestions through the online,
feedback survey of recommendations of hymns to keep or remove from the current handbook so this woman that he interviewed.

[27:57] Oh what was her name the secretary Livingstone is her last name Audrey living still okay the man who wrote this article Tad’s what
Tad Walch for the Deseret News he has a separate column that came out a couple days after he wrote this article okay and it’s called Tad top
and so it’s had talked call him he was talking a little bit more about his interview with Audrey Livingstone really and he said that,
they of course talked about the most popular him that is being requested to be in the new hymn book okay Come Thou Fount.
Of Every Blessing which of course we’ve discussed on here before I laid that’s not a huge surprise and shaky Mack wilberg and she said that the chances are very good
that it will show up in the new handbook so that’s why she also mentioned Amazing Grace was hugely popular request okay to be at but she did not give any hints as to whether that will be.
Included I want to know what the most popular was to go out get out I know because I have to tell you we had stake conference today.
And I always look forward to stay, because we always saying like really good popular hymns and stay coffee.

[29:08] So I get in there today I’m looking at the program a flip over the back of the program to see you know what the words are for the song that you know where.
Closing song we’re singing and it is there is sunshine in my soul there was no sunshine in my soul I’m like.
Folks I’m campaigning I want the sunshine hits Sunshine hymns out the fact that we are promoting these in general conference,
and I think there was a stake conference I believe last General Conference they sing of sunshine.

[29:42] And my heart say a little bit sign for you my dear it is not a good time for me I’m going to be eternally cursed with Sunshine am so yes we will have to see that was the only hint she drop.
But hopefully this reporter maintains a really good relationship with her I hope so to bed and then she can give.
Some more tidbits of what might be getting the boots I know that’s what I want to know what’s going on because I think the addition of come now font is kind of that well yeah
that’s going to happen that’s kind of a given or if it’s not exactly.

[30:18] Alright our next story is about a missionary whose mission took a little bit of a different turn than he had anticipated.

[30:28] This is a young man by the name of Kyle Dory and he lives in Laramie Wyoming.
And he received his mission call he was to go to New York I believe the Rochester area and he was looking forward to January 23rd 2019 because of that was the day.
He was going to enter the MTC and I have to say that’s the same day my daughter Shelby went into the MTC I have fond memories of that day.

[30:56] Anyway so approximately about 13 days before had he had gone to the doctors for a routine check-up and he learned that he had terminal cancer.

[31:08] So he had
can’t he had cancer in the past thought that it had been eradicated and it returned it was now terminal he didn’t have any symptoms he was perfectly healthy he thought this was going to be a normal physical
but said he was looking good and then they found his cancer on the MRI so he obviously was not going to be able to go on a mission to New York and so they made the appropriate phone calls and said you know hey
hey things have kind of changed a little bit and,
so the dad the dad’s name is Kirk they were driving back to Wyoming from having some follow-up medical stuff in Salt Lake and on the drive he’s talking to his son and his son says I just wish I could go to New York.
I was ready I was getting excited but with the cancer I didn’t think it was possible anyway.
So his dad is kind of thinking about that until his dad tells him he says will why don’t we explore the idea of flying you out to Rochester so you could at least just see where you were going to going to serve.

[32:14] Well then the next day his dad receives an email from the mission president where he was supposed to say this was so cool I love this it just gives me goosebumps the mission president said.
Hey your son’s name has been removed from my list of incoming missionaries.
And and I just you know I’m just concerned I want to know what’s going on you know is there anything I can do
and so then the dad this opens the door for the dad to say well you know hey here’s what’s going on you know is there any way we could come out to Rochester and he could at least visit the mission.

[32:46] Add the mission president up to that and said I can do even better and so they he flew out to Rochester I assume probably with his father.
And he served an eight-day mission in a trio companionship with the mission presidents assistants so cool I thought that was so cool while they were there he was able to talk with.
A teacher guy that had been diagnosed with colon cancer about the same time as this young man and so they were able to you know really relate on this level.
And the article goes on to talk about how he’s realized you know I’m not serving a traditional Mission I’m serving a much different Mission and my mission right now while I’m still alive is to.
Inspire people and to let them know that there is peace in Jesus Christ.
And one of his favorite songs is one called peace and Christ and so he’s really come to terms with
the fact that you know hey I’ve got a terminal situation now his parents on the other hand which I I can’t even imagine you know and the article talks about how do parents facing the unthinkable still testify a peace and Hope.
And the dad says you know sometimes I get angry with cancer and I have to go chop wood to let steam off.
But he says you know one of the challenges of life is to drink from the bitter cup without becoming bitter.

[34:10] Feelings of anger bitterness doubt and sadness are part of the feelings that naturally come at times like this.
It’s part of the deal I can’t control those feelings coming.
But through the enabling and a toning power of Jesus Christ I can choose not to let them take up residency in my heart and mind.

[34:28] And so here’s what I really like that the dad says because you know.
We fix that situation our mom passed away of cancer and what the dad says is he says a lot of people focus on what cancer takes away I’ve actually started a list of some of the things cancer has given us.

[34:49] And I think what a great
perspective to be able to say yeah we’re losing all of this but look at some of the things we’re gaining and goes on to talk about how his son has just made a bucket list of yeah these are the things I want to do cool things when he’s just going for it,
and I’m going to live life to my fullest and as I’m interacting with people I’m going to tell him my story and tell him that I have peace and Christ,
yes are really cool story very cool story needs family all right next door e,
taking a turn this is about some polygamous love me some polygamous this is not necessarily members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Story but this is adjacent it is adjacent plus I’m going to connect it
you you you give the all right you talk about the story and then I will connect it to current members this was a story in the Salt Lake Tribune and this is about a group of polygamists that gather every year at Rockland Ranch.
Bell Rock on Rockland Ranch is in southern Utah it’s about 40 minutes south of Moab.
Armor All Around The River on the Colorado River at they have a 5-day polygamous Jamboree down there every year.

[36:07] On the twin page she put polygamists they’re just like us
similar tradition thank you together with their feelings and they say that one of the reasons that they do this at
and if you’ve ever studied you know kind of the modern-day polygamists,
they are not all of the same religious sect right there are several different lots of different shoot offshoot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that believe in polygamy and so it’s you know it’s.
Well I don’t know if it’s like this or not it’s like you know there’s different kinds of Baptists will there’s different kinds of polygamy and so.
But they all come together at least anybody who wants to address regardless of the sack.
And I think it’s very interesting because one of the things that they talk about is this is a chance for their young people to meet other people who are involved until I give me,
and it might want to eventually hook up that’s right if it talks about how they’re used to living pretty Rural and secluded lives and then they see these other kids.

[37:11] Who are you don’t come from someone. It’s like he has a wife or a polygamist exactly so they do much outdoor things they wrapped the river they go 4-wheeling they have a testimony meeting at the end but it was interesting they said
some years up to 500 people have come they’ve been doing this for 15 years.

[37:32] It did mention the most famous off-shoots which is the fundamentalist Church the Warren Jeff the Warren Jeffs yes line of the church and they did mention that,
so many people have laugh.
They thought that once it had about 10000 members but now that everything is got down with him there’s probably only a couple thousand and I believe in his sack and so it kind of implied that many of.
Does former flds come to this as a place to congregate with other.

[38:09] Other people so well what I thought was interesting as they say okay
visitors need the consent of the host to a tent you know so you can just show up to the to the Rockland Ranch and expected Mission know you can’t be the Salt Lake Tribune reporter and just show exactly.
Here’s what is really interesting they say more than a half-dozen polygamist churches were represented at the Rock Rally that’s what they call it the Rock Rally.
And then they said there were also a few monogamous members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
The mainstream Faith headed headquartered in Salt Lake.
Couple eggs on hair like they both can we come to your party are they investigating this and I’m just thinking to myself I think if your Bishop knew you were there.
Big a bike have a bit of a problem with your Bishop.

[39:08] Got to go to church tries to distance in a dolphin encourage members to distance themselves from maybe they’re spies.
I don’t know I don’t know really work that is by the rock Wylie people at the drive-in I’m curious but I myself know I don’t think I’d go.

[39:28] I want to know where the Salt Lake Tribune reporter didn’t say your active members what y’all doing here I promise I won’t reveal your names I have report a confidentiality but what’s your draw come every year are you a regular
but you got cousins here you know is his part of your family reunions anyway but yeah who knew they had stabbed summer festivities very curious Rockland Ranch.
Alright what’s next okay next we’re going to talk about.
Then I’m just going to briefly mention this I’m not going to mention this a lot of course there is a radio station down in Utah called kuer they are the.
Public Radio affiliate down there and they do a podcast and so there is a transcript of one of their podcasts and that this is titled Latter-Day when reverence for Mormon church leaders creates an air of infallibility but I was kind of intrigued by this so you may have recalled
I believe it was earlier this year president Nelson went and spoke down in Florida to about 15,000 people I think.
Actually was in June he spoke in Orlando Florida to a crowd of about 15000.
They had these banners there that you could stand in front of for a picture op and the banner said follow the prophet.
Florida devotional and people were standing in front of it for a picture.

[40:57] So I’m the reporter this gentleman from kuer his name is Lee Hale decides to interview
Patrick Mason who is a Mormon historian and professor at Utah State University and he says you know I’m not surprised by this.
And what I thought was really interesting is he talks about you know how we came from the days of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young to kind of where we are now because while
he says that you don’t after Joseph died when people said the prophet they were still referring to Joseph they were necessarily referring to Brigham
and this went on for years you know we took a years before the actual profit.
Then became the prophet whenever you said the prophet you they thought every thought you meant Joseph Smith which is so interesting I never knew that I never knew that either
and it wasn’t until the mid-twentieth century when David O McKay was the president in the 50s and 60s and he kind of had this aura about him
that resulted in what we now have which is this modern-day 20th century embodiment of a modern prophet.

[42:05] And that’s when church members really started talking about the prophet in the present tense and so the phrase follow the prophet that get used a lot in contemporary Mormonism
it is very much a contemporary phrase it’s been open about for you know 60 years or so.

[42:21] I thought that was so interesting because I’m I don’t know if it was it was several I put two episodes ago Jeff was talking about the David O McKay biography and he was encouraging listeners he said you know hey.
If you haven’t read this biography you really don’t need to go read it because it is really the defining history,
on how modern Mormonism A Rose and I hadn’t even really realized that there was this David O McKay biography that was so good and he said it was wonderful,
so I thought maybe I need to get that from Deseret Book will before I got it from Deseret Book I started scanning my bookshelves why I asked my husband I said buy this book and he said no I never bought this.
I found it on my bookshelf I think I inherited it in the divorce and didn’t know it.

[43:06] Song ex-husband I believe my ex-husband probably bought the book I don’t know. He probably did read it
at least parts of it so I started reading the book and I’m going to give a plug
I really like it so far it’s a big thick meaty book but it’s very well written rather than Chuck it out into you know a timeline of a b c d.
It’s jumped out into sections so I literally started in the middle of the book reading about the missionary section and how he retooled the missionary program I’m now into temples and how he’s retooling the temp.
So I thought it was very interesting that this kind of modern-day celebrity status that sometimes we give to
two prophets I really arose in the David O McKay are very interesting. Okay so,
go listen to that podcast sounds interesting exactly all right so next we have there was a really good article that came out a day or two ago and the Salt Lake Tribune by Peggy Fletcher stack.
And She interviewed the church historian.
Now on his way out church historian and recorder Elder Stephen e snow is so he has been the historian and recorder since 2012 okay and at next conference that will be turned Emeritus okay and his time is done.

[44:26] But under his leadership we’ve gotten so much of our current day what we’re getting on new information on church history.
New newly presented newly presented information on church history the
essays and articles that all kind of started with him or at least it came out during his leadership and so she interviewed him and it was a really interesting article to hear his perspective and he of course gives a lot of credit to,
the general Authority that had that position before him which was Marlon Jensen yes
because he got the ball rolling on a lot of this and then this elder snow kind of followed up but she interviews them and ask them you know all kinds of things about the controversies and the essays and you know.
The historical stuff and how he did this in and he talks about what a fine line it was in the wording and of these articles and,
you know they would research it and he hired underneath him like actual historian yeah come on board and help with this so interesting.
Lots of historians to do the research to come on and be part of this project to make sure they had it worded correctly event course everything is presented to the 12th for approval.
But it was a really good interesting article to read about his background and his feelings on things and.

[45:56] And how this all came about so I suggest reading is very good k.
Well you know I say kudos to Marlin Jensen for getting the ball rolling and double kudos for him for keeping that ball rolling because I think especially with the Millennials of today,
who have the internet and have access to so much information immediately.
They’re not going to buy whitewashed white-washed versions of anything you know you have to be transparent and.

[46:23] You don’t win lose or draw there’s some stuff that’s you know not everything that the church has done has been favorable to the church,
you know and that goes back to the previous article that I was talking about the infallibility of leaders right there men they’re not infallible and so we need to keep that in mind that you know sometimes decisions were made and things happened and you know.
Lesson learned and move on and said that they have I mean over since he’s been in this position,
the views on this from the church have dramatically changed degree difference from you no ignore yet to okay.
Hit head-on yeah and let’s hit it with our research and our essays so that when people go out there on the internet they are not just seeing stuff,
that is that is not controlled by the church but there are at least seen the church’s view point to be able to point Counterpoint right,
so and that didn’t exist before no it didn’t so very interesting article alright next.

[47:30] Then we have it was you know we love a good LDS living yes we do they had a list of Trek tweets
I found this particularly funny because as you know if you listened I had my first Trek Experience the summer not through myself I was home in my nice air-conditioned home but my 12 year old underwear on track
and she loved it she loved it so much she had a great time and I didn’t really know what to expect,
it’s going into it but I will say now that it’s over I appreciate it I wasn’t sure if I was going to come out.
Feeling like worth it not worth it yeah it was an amazing experience for her.

[48:09] But I also at the same time think that it was doing something hard that made it such an amazing parents so I mean track was great,
but no matter what they do with new program yeah cuz I think there’s some suspicion that track yeah might go away I think.

[48:26] It could be replaced with doing anything that’s challenging exactly and get to the kids out of what,
they normally did ask.
But it was the track tweet because they’re hilarious are so funny so LDS living compiled a list of tweets have tracked with the.
Tweeted yes with the hashtag Trek props
yes so these are Trek Probz and they were joking about how our Pioneer ancestors would probably be laughing at our Trek props
they’re probably laughing at the fact that were doing tracks and they would probably be rolling their eyes at our track Probz going are you kidding me but I’ll read a few of my favorite ones bed deciding whether or not to sneak food onto track.
#trick Rob’s we actually had this problem my daughter really want to take some candy but they had Dupree Trek preference.
Preparations yes they had a bear.
Like discussion of bears and were warned do not bring anything the Bears will find you and so she was too scared I bought it like some mints to say her and her bucket and she’s like but what if the Bears can smell them.
That’s the difference between a 12 year old and a 16 year old another one that somebody tweeted I love this one so much there was an amazing sunset on Wyoming and all I could think was I didn’t have my phone to take a picture of it.

[49:51] This other Lauren Rhodes tweeted I still can’t even be in the same room as beef jerky.

[50:01] One more there’s like 18 or 20 but one more I thought was funny.
That awkward moment when you thought you got a tan but then you get in the shower trick Probz and that is for real my daughter had of dirty was she when she came home this when I picked her up
there was dirt on her face visible on her face but was cracking me up where her eyebrows her eyebrows had so much dirt in them.
That she had some pretty sick looking eyebrows oh dang she’s a blondie so it must have been like big difference is that her eyebrows were definitely a few Shades Darker.

[50:38] Procedure eyebrows makeup on track.

[50:45] All right we’ll do a quick shout-out on this next one the title is Mormon church prepares to put Main Street Park City
building on the market
apparently the Mormon Church owns a piece of property Main Street in Park City you may think well that’s not very fertile ground they had actually purchased it before 2002 with the intent of.
It’s a Family Tree Center so they were wanting to capture on the Olympics
and people who would be there wanting to search their family tree and I guess it was quite popular especially during the Olympics and it’s still stayed relatively popular but they have decided now they have closed down that Family Tree Center and so.
It’s going to be put on the market I thought this was really interesting it said the property will be listed without an asking price.

[51:37] Darn I was going to say how much how I know so I guess you have to like determine which you think the value is a make an offer but let me tell you
they want the listing to be finalized before ski season so you know only a few more months till the snowflakes fly if you’re looking for property and Park City the church has something that you might want to buy jump on that yes.
All right this last one is for you know our lovely segment Mormons behaving badly and yes this is a really funny one always so funny.
So Utah this was a Salt Lake Tribune article that came out recently.

[52:20] Utah they they said in this article voter fraud is extremely rare in Utah but when it does happen in your tie it turns out
quite frequently it is done by missionary Mom oh and those naughty naughty missionary mom’s so often times missionary mom’s other kids are away on their missions,
especially probably foreign they’ll get you know what you taught his switch to mostly of vote-by-mail.
Add Bell so they order themselves up a ballot over there. Yeah or else it will automatically come and I don’t know if he can get it in time and get it back in so I’ll just vote for him.

[53:00] And then they sign the back and it was hilarious I didn’t realize that I mean this is good to know.
They interviewed elections offices in Utah County and in Salt Lake County apparently this
happens more often in Utah County but but the election officials in Utah County said that they really do check the signatures.
And that sometimes they will notice that the signature on the envelope does not match the one they have on file for the motor and the.

[53:33] The lady that interviewed her name was Rose Adam Mitchell she’s the Utah County elections director and she said.
You say I’m pretty sure that Nathan signature is not that fancy and loopy.

[53:47] And then they’ll look at the mother and mothers you know voter registration and say that signature matches his mother’s to a T.

[53:55] And then I’m assuming they check it it said that it is actually a misdemeanor and you can
be punished up to a year in jail or a $2,500 fine so this actually is a very serious offense but it sounds like when it happens with a mom that usually just check it and you know tell him to knock it off.

[54:14] Well and and I I think the article said that you don’t occasionally they’ll use it as an education and they will call up the mom and they’ll go you know we got your son’s ballot in the mail.
The signature doesn’t look very much like you’re his it looks a lot like yours is but they never prosecuted anybody for this because yes they generally just check the balance.
But then they’ve also said to at the end of the article I thought this was really funny.
That sometimes well-meaning missionary moms wrap themselves out in situations like this. The ballot sign it send it in and then afterwards,
they have that wave of guilt how am I going to answer the temple questions if I’m honest they realize that maybe not forged by sound signature.
Yes anyway I thought this was so funny it said in Utah County last year they had to exclude,
1074 mail in ballots and it said about 135 of those thousand were because the signature looked inconsistent with the one on file.
There you go your mom’s of missionary to stick with be naughty and trying to vote for your missionary children cannot be tempted.
Do they email their missionary and say who would you vote for or do they just make an educated guess I’ll Heavens know if you’re going to go as far as to forge your missionary signature you’re telling your missionary who they’re voting for.

[55:43] Either way all right let’s move on to my favorite things are my favorite thing Favorite Things We like to share just because.
Do you want me to go ahead and start sure now I had a hard time this month just because it’s been so crazy with.
Just all sorts of activities with the kids going on but I have to tell you what I watched last week so I was a huge fan of Beverly Hills 90210
in the 90s watched it loved it tuned in weekly so they did the reboot and I was kind of skeptical skeptical because usually the reboot is Never As Good As the original so when I first
started watching the reboot it was really playing with my mind because.
It was the real people it was like Jason Priestley as Jason Priestley it wasn’t Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh and so.
And I’ve known it was totally messing with my mind so they were getting together as real people.
And some of their story lines were real some of them or it was bizarre and I couldn’t wrap my head around it,
well then by the end they decide to get together as real people to do a reboot of the show so now we have a show within a show
I know I’m completely fascinated cuz there’s going to be two different storylines the storylines going on for the characters in the show and the storylines for the people who are playing right characters in the show.

[57:01] Very clever it is very clever so I thoroughly enjoyed it told me it was good and so I watched it at my husband actually curious to see where it goes
okay my favorite thing is a book okay is a book I’ve been working on for like.

[57:23] Probably 4 months now oh dear not because it wasn’t good but just because.
I just pick it up when I got a chance and read a little here and there and I’ve been busy but was a very good book the book is called five presidents
and told me about this I told you about this is a book for a little book club I participate in that’s coming up later in the year.
And so I’ve been working on it for several months it’s written by Clint Hill who is a former.
Secret service agent he served under Eisenhower Nixon.

[58:01] Kennedy Ford Johnson inter
yes so he served through the assassination I had it was really interesting that’s why it’s just his account of all these years of serving and behind-the-scenes I’m kind of how it works and we let a few Secret Service he’s going to know where all the skeletons are buried
and I mean I didn’t share that much well of course not but it was interesting to see how they operate in like.
All the work that goes into getting things ready when these presents travel and then of course he talked about the assassination he was right there did you buy the book or did you
get it from the library know I got it our book club does like I thought. This is the book I ended up passing your good book
totally get off on that phone to just you know read when you get a chance it’s not like.

[59:03] After I make my way through that McKay biography
for Estes obit for August with nation enjoy the last few moments of a waning summer before kids start back to school and fall kicks in and we’re happy to have you with us here tonight
thank you for listening.

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