Temple Predictions – October 2019

We've been o-so-right and o-so-wrong, but nothing beats prediction the announcement of new temples.

Pretty Much Anywhere in the Philippines

Geoff: Seriously, it seems like every conference, there’s some new announcement about the Philippines. We get it. You’re all very righteous! Good work! After all, it’s one of the only countries in the world with over 100 stakes.

OK, but for real, if one of two of eastern Asia’s Christian-majority country is to receive another temple, we’d guess it’ll go in Angeles or Bacolod. At this point, they just need to keep building and building. (Also, points if you can guess the other Christian nation – and Russia doesn’t count in this.)

Remember how in the early 200s Elders Oaks and Holland were assigned to preside over the Philippines and Chile, respectively? A member of the Twelve had not presided over a Church area in some time (this brings to mind Ezra Taft Benson being sent to oversee Europe, but that was mostly so he’d stop getting political at stake conferences in the U.S.). Most took it to mean an effort to right the ship in two countries that, at the time, had enormous membership on the rolls but struggled with activity rates. And it showed in the fact that despite so many members and stakes, each country had only one temple.

Since then, five more temples have been announced in the Philippines and two in Chile. Basically, Elder Oaks won this contest, and now we know why he’s in the First Presidency while Elder Holland slums it behind President Ballard. I await the lightning to strike me now.

Joseph: You can’t just pull a Russia on this, Geoff, by vaguely predicting somewhere in the entire country. Who do you think you are, the prophet?

Geoff: I’m not saying, “a temple in the Philippines in an as-yet undecided location. I’m saying, “Throw a dart at a map of the Philippines and you now have an 85% chance of a temple being announced there.”

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