Relative Race Season 6: Day 5 – Sumo and Sushi

Relative Race Day 5
We are halfway into the adventure that is Relative Race, and this season has kept the trend of great story telling, family connections and amusing teams. 

We are halfway into the adventure that is Relative Race, and this season has kept the trend of great story telling, family connections, and amusing teams.  After a rough day 4, DeShae of Team Green says goodbye to her uncle Gary, and learns that he too is looking for a daughter. Jen of Team Black starts off the morning with a run to clear her head, while JD spends time with his new-found sister. Team Blue is given new plants for their home from Anitra’s cousin, and Team Red checks out their challenge hint, chopsticks.

The Challenge: Sumo Slack line

Okay, I can’t do a slack line on a good day, so I can’t imagine how hard it is to do with a sumo suit on. (If you’re unsure what a slack line is, check it out here.) But these teams had to try their best.  Teams had to cross the slack line (at only a few inches off the ground) in their sumo suits to retrieve a piece of sushi. And just to make it difficult, they had to use chopsticks to retrieve said sushi. Unsurprisingly, all of the teams struggled, and at the 5 minute mark, the partner not crossing the slack line could help the other one across. What a great bonding experience for the couples, with plenty of laughs. I think this would at least be fun to try once. I can Imagine how the conversation would go with my wife.

Me: “Honey, I think I know what we’re doing for our next date night. Sumo suits!”

My wife: Eye roll

The Results

1.) Team Blue

Rock Hill, South Carolina, is the end point for Team Blue on day 5, and just happens to be where Anitra grew up. Cue emotional music as they roll up to their relative’s home. (It’s always a dead giveaway that something big is about to happen.) In an emotional meeting, Anitra finally connects with her sister, Kim. It’s crazy to think that Anitra spent many of her childhood years where her sister lives without ever knowing she was there. This is similar to Team Green of last season, whom grew up a block from their grandma’s house without knowing it. Unfortunately Anitra learns that her mother passed away in a work accident at the age of 22, so she won’t be able to connect with her.

2.) Team Black

In Grand Junction, Colorado, Team Black discovers J.D’s 1st cousin David on his father’s side. While they were dressed for a Renaissance fair, poor weather kept them from attending. Instead the team goes back to David’s house and J.D gets to see pictures of his grand parents and his father as a child.

3. Team Green

In Nacho Cheese, Louisiana, Team Green calls it a day when they meet Chris’ cousin Becky. Okay, so it isn’t called Nacho Cheese, but honestly that’s what it looked like. Natchitoches, which apparently is pronounced Nack-a-tish, just happens to be where both Chris and DeShae went to college. After taking a riverboat tour with his cousin, Chris learns his cousin is adopted and he is the first blood relative she has met. But because of Relative Race and the blood relation through Chris, she has discovered her parents and her siblings. Which is pretty cool.

4. Team Red

Picking up their second strike in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is hard for Team Red, but they were able to make new connections and learn more about Ray’s family. In Winston-Salem, Ray meets his 1st cousins, Paula and Alaina. They are able to give him his grandfather’s name and show Ray a photo of him. In addition Ray learns that his mother had a day named after her in Burlington, North Carolina.

Join us next week for more Relative Race coverage.

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