Has it already been three months since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced the location of the fabled Layton Utah Temple? As cliche as it is to say, time certainly does fly. We thought that announcement was only a month ago!

Anyway, the temple in Layton was a mainstay of our temple predictions for years (along with the finally announced temple in Arkansas), and we’re excited to see the underserved corridor of Davis County between the Bountiful and Ogden temples receive its own sacred building.

And now we know what the beauty will look like. Behold!

Rendering of the Layton Utah Temple | Intellectual Reserve

The spires have a slightly Art Deco flair, which is great. Otherwise, this temple fits in with many temples in style and aesthetic and is not particularly architecturally adventurous (unlike, say, Puebla Mexico). The plans, which are certain to be protested by absolutely no one in Latter-day Saint-heavy Layton, call for a three-story, 87,000 square foot temple, nearly identical in size (but not design) to the Saratoga Springs Temple. Indeed, the double spire, long-rectangle structure is similar to other temples, such as Rome, Philadelphia, Brigham City, and Kansas City, but with a significantly larger footprint; Philadelphia cracks 60,000 sq. feet while the others are in the 30,000-40,000 sq. foot range.

Church leadership has not announced a groundbreaking for the temple, but such announcements typically come within a handful of months of a rendering reveal.

Layton is a suburb of Salt Lake City and the ninth-largest city in Utah. According to the infallible resource known as Wikipedia, its points of interest include the Layton Hills Mall, both AMC and Cinemark movie theaters (wowza, slow down!), the Davis Conference Center, and so-called “Restaurant Row,” a stretch full of a bunch of national chain restaurants.

Needless to say, the temple in Layton should handily take the crown as the most prominent landmark in the area.