If you thought the first half of Relative Race Season 6 was emotional, day 7 promises to bring more emotions. While Team Blue starts the day off with immunity, both Team Red and Team Black have 2 strikes, and a last place finish today could send them home. Luckily however, the Relative Race Ticket they were given on a previous leg will still allow them to visit their next relative. Before she leaves her aunt Debbie, DeShae is given an heirloom heart ring, which is past down from generation to generation. Then it’s off to the challenge!

The Challenge: Animal Antics

In animal antics, teams had to take turns acting out animals with specific characteristics using a given set of props. As you can imagine, it isn’t easy, as teams try to act out a boxing donkey, crazy dolphin, creepy horse, laughing ostrich and many more. They all sound like bar names or bad alternative rock band names. I say that because their is a bar in our city called the Screaming Yak. Which thinking about it, would also have made a great option for the teams to act out.

The Results

1.) Team Green

This was probably the most emotional leg for Team Green. In Mineola, Texas, DeShae finally gets to meet her father, Mike. As is the case with many of the reunions, Mike didn’t know about DeShae. After meeting her father, DeShae also gets to meet her grandmother and they go to visit the train station that both her father and grandfather worked at.

2.) Team Red

Team Red had a very emotional meeting in Burlington, North Carolina, where Ray meets his brother Lamont. Ray says it’s probably the best day of his life. He learns that his mother never got married, and that he and Lamont do not share the same father. After the emotional reunion, Ray and his brother go and visit their mother’s grave. All the anger and frustration that Ray seemed to be feeling of being abandoned, appears to be swallowed up in love and closure as he learns more about his mom and her life.

3.) Team Black

Team Black shows us what Utah drivers are like in Logan, Utah. (That’s only slightly a jest, but I remember the first time my wife and I drove in Utah, I thought I might die from everyone speeding around me.). There in Logan, Jenn meets her cousin Marjorie and gets to see pictures of their shared great-great grandfather. Unfortunately their journey comes to an end on Day 7. But what amazes me this season is the amount of love and unity all the teams share with each other.

(Immunity) Team Blue

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Anitra meets her cousin Shawan, who is the President and CEO of Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Together they look at the cool family tree scroll that Anitra has, and with their immunity, the live on to race another day.