Relative Race Season 6: Day 9 – That’s Rather Tasty

Relative Race Day 9
The teams eat some awful food, and ray is able to complete is family tree. Who will remain for the finale?

We are nearing the end of Relative Race, and what a season it has been so far. At the end of Day 8, Ray was able to complete his maternal family tree. Antira’s cousin presented a challenge coin to her, and his beret to Paul. After meeting her mom, DeShae gives her a photo album of her son. Team Green’s win on Day 8 allows them to choose one team to pull over for 5 minutes, and they chose Team Blue.

The Challenge: Fact or Feast

For this challenge, teams started at the end of a row of mystery food. Each team member had to answer a trivia question. If they got the answer correct, they ate something good and moved onto the next tray. If they got the answer wrong however, they continued to eat a bad food, and would continue to do so until they got a correct answer.

As an example: What is the expiration date of Twinkies?

Answer: 45 days.

The first “bad food” was cocoa powder, which is extremely dry and hard to swallow. It reminded me of the cinnamon dragon challenge that viral a couple of years ago.

The Results

Team Blue

Despite the 5 minute penalty, Team Blue comes zooming into Cornelius, North Carolina in 1st place. There in Cornelius, Antira finally gets her big moment, when she meets her father, Michael. In what is a very emotional meeting, he expresses that he never thought he’d get to meet her. Antira expresses her gratefulness for being put up for adoption and explains she has had a good live. Her father is able to shed more light on the his and her mother’s relationship and why Anitra was put up for adoption.

Team Green

Safe for the last day, Team Green finds themselves in Memphis, Tennessee. In Memphis, DeShae meets her 2nd cousin Nancy, and together they go visit the famous Peabody ducks. While DeShae loved it, Chris wasn’t nearly as thrilled. You catch a glimpse of the ducks in this video here.

Team Red

Unfortunately, Team Red picks up their 3rd strike as they roll in to Raleigh, North Carolina. In Raleigh, Ray meets his cousin Judy, and he is told how much he looks like his father when his father was younger. She tells Ray stories about his dad, and learns the unfortunate news that his dad has already passed away. Ray gets to see a picture of his dad for the first time and learns he has more siblings. Despite the sting of the loss, and learning his father has passed, Ray has been able to piece together much of his family.

We wish Team Red all the best in their future.

Onward to day 10!

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