EP 453 – No Doughnut Shackles Can Chain These Hands

The Church affirms its opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, but why? Also, can you believe Latter-day Saints are sugar addicts?!

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]osie! Josie! Josie! We’re thrilled to have our favorite expat back in the studio, and there’s been plenty of international news to cover since we last spoke with Josie Gleave.

Due to a protest at Utah’s capitol building in supporting of Utah ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, a long-gestating proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Church felt it important to first have no comment, and then an hour later revise that lack of comment with a reminder that the Church’s position on the issue hasn’t change in 40 years. (See this primer from 1980 that elaborates in detail on said position.) But what is the issue with a piece of legislation that would codify equality between the genders? We know that women are paid less than men. We know that women face inequities in social situations. We know hat women aren’t privy to the same opportunities as men. So what’s wrong with formally banning such practices? It’s more complicated than you’d think, and as is often the case with these sorts of things, the Church is wrapped up in wording and potentially broad interpretations therein as opposed to the idea of equality itself.

In other political news, the Church has come out in favor of a federal Fairness for All Act as a replacement for the already passed Equality Act. The bill, sponsored by Utah Congressman Chris Stewart (R), is modeled after a similar piece of legislation that made it through Utah’s legal apparatus recently. It aims to find a middle ground or a compromise in protection LGBT rights while allowing for some carve-outs that would allow church’s and church-owned institutions (see: BYU), as well as small businesses some leeway in not providing services or employment to those who live a so-called “lifestyle” that contravenes one’s convictions. Human rights groups have already decried the bill, arguing that compromise isn’t appropriate when it comes to fundamental rights for a portion of the populations.

Refugees, and immigration in general, remain a hot-button issue in the United States and elsewhere. The Church quietly released a statement affirming its supported of embattled communities, and encouraging members to accommodate those who are forced out of their homeland in search of safety and peace. However, a seemingly minor inclusion encouraging Latter-day Saints to use “legal” means to support these individuals is bound to become an excuse among a certain ostensibly rule-of-law focused subset of our population to ignore these individuals and continue on a path of discrimination and xenophobia. Don’t be that person. These are all God’s children who elected to keep their first estate.

Also, the Church proudly reshared a Washington Post article (you don’t see this much on official Church channels) discussing the work being done with refugees in Utah after the Trump administration has paved the way for states to block these programs.

Lastly, the Church has now said it will support a conversion therapy ban in Utah. Previously, the Salt Lake City-based organization was against the bill due to vague wording.

Let’s move to Christmas! First off, the First Presidency Christmas Devotional was this past Sunday, and it was a lovely evening of beautiful songs and messages centered on the Savior. You can stream it below.

The Deseret News is way, way too excited about nabbing John Legend for a Christmas concert. They have basically said, “Sure, in the past we’ve had a bunch of B-listers, but now, with his Utahn wife en tow, John Legend will elevate us to the A-list.”

Over in Washington, DC, the temple may be closed for nearly another year, but the beloved Festival of Lights, centered around the Visitors Center, is in full swing after a VIP kickoff event last weekend. Elder Ronald A. Rasband was present along with the ambassador of Oman. Awesome!

Speaking of temples, the Church revealed a few renderings of a post-renovation Salt Lake Temple. To the untrained eye, things mostly look the same, but there are a number of alterations to look forward to. The temple is slated to close this month for a massive revamp of the original building, annex, and grounds that will open up the entire area and not make it feel as walled off.

Also, Church leaders broke ground on the Puebla Mexico Temple recently. We love the design.

Would you believe us if we told you that Latter-day Saints are sugar addicts? Can you trust the BYU professor who told us that sugar is actually bad for our bodies? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Some intrepid reporting by The Daily Universe.

Jana Riess will feel better about tithing if the Church discloses its finances, but she thinks the Church won’t disclose its finances for fear of embarrassment over how wealthy it is. So… yeah.

International News!

Sister Joy Jones, Primary General President, spoke at the UN in Geneva at a UNICEF-sponsored event. Latter-day Saint Charities has partnered with UNICEF to provide 36,000 children impacted by refugee crises in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Uganda with early childhood development programs.

Elder & Sister Rasband met with saints in Melbourne, Australia on Nov 19-20. They spoke to the missionaries, one of whom happened to be their grandson. No such thing as coincidences, right?

In other Australian news, Church members in western Sydney have stockpiled a pantry of food and basic supplies for New South wales farmers struggling to make ends meet during severe droughts.

Church leaders spoke to an influential Cross-Party Group of the Scottish Parliament about religious freedom. Brother Daryl Watson, Director of Public Affairs and Communications in the UK, spoke about the Church’s early persecution in the US and then of the 100 University of Edinburgh students who broke up a small Church gathering to tar and feather two Scottish missionaries in the 1920s.

“The great enemy of religious freedom is estrangement and alienation. When a society or government divides people based on what they believe, how they think, the words they say, whom they worship, or the manner in which they worship, common ground is lost, and life together becomes a battle. The test of a pluralistic society is to achieve unity without diminishing the diversity within it.”

The University of Edinburgh is Geoff’s alma mater. Fabulous.

A Bishop in Vienna, Austria participated in a Catholic Christmas service as one of many local religious representatives invited to the service. The bishop spoke to the congregation and then afterward everyone mingled and conversed over sauerkraut and dumplings. This is a big deal! (In German)

Latter-day Saints in the sole branch of Kolkata, India held a cultural celebration and provided tours of the meetinghouse.

Eastward, members in Indonesia celebrated the Church’s 50th anniversary in the country, which is a remarkable milestone. The Church has experienced impressive growth in Indonesia and Malaysia — both largely Islamic countries — in recent years.

Lastly, an article from the Newsroom for Sweden argues that Latter-day Saint Millennials in Europe still attend Church in numbers far outstripping those of their age of other faiths, and an annual singles bonanza known as Festinord might be behind it.


[0:00] Merry Christmas everyone from this week in Mormons we’re happy you’re all here to join us for another week of delightful comedy inside then who knows what the beauty about this show,
izual we planned things we talked about as far as the new stories we don’t know where the stuff is going to take us every week as a surprise,
do you always have to be here because you never know what might happen you never know what tangents we might get on that have nothing to do with the news,
who knows I might tell you about food I’m eating who’s to say my name is Jeff openshaw I am the founder of the show and your co-host but I’m joining this week by the,
the truly unparalleled talent that is Jose Iglesias.

[0:40] Askreddit intro thank you I also,
I love the description of this show has like the elevator pitch has become we’re basically a carnival grab bag come and get us like.

[0:53] No no no no the okay hold on it’s not it’s not that it’s a carnival grab bag it’s that we we,
it’s the excitement of knowing we know what issues are out there this week that we will discuss but we don’t know exactly where it’s going to go this is unscripted in that since we’re just reading our notes to people we’re having a conversation conversation.

[1:12] Sounds like a grab bag and say this basically the same Principle as the graph.

[1:15] What do you still want to host this show are you interested in remaining apart of this production cuz you sound dissatisfied.

[1:19] I think you need you need me you need me just.

[1:22] Sounds like Jose is doing some Hardball tactics to increase her salary everybody this is a wage battle fair enough.

[1:31] As usual that’s all I’m here for usually to go.

[1:33] We will renew your contract on your terms fair enough.
We’re not Union though don’t worry no benefits we started swimming Union.

[1:44] No guy has said.

[1:46] Glad you’re all here judging what’s going on with your life cuz it has to be great Singapore treating everyone.

[1:50] Singapore is lovely we had a president Nelson come to visit at the end of last month and that was,
big to do.

[2:01] Did you shake his hand.

[2:01] I wasn’t here I am the worst person ever that is just never in the right place at the right time I was in Australia and,
yeah it’s so I totally I totally miss that one but it was at our stake center and I love seeing some of
like the videos and some of the photos that have come out for a bit because it’s like some families from our ward in this particularly really cute picture of President Nelson cuddling one of the little toddlers named Tate in our Ward and tastes just like
the greatest personality ever so that makes us laugh so but yeah everyone is says that,
I had one friend too kind of said that you know when he’s walking around so there’s lots of people around kind of like trying to make sure that you know he doesn’t fall over and try to help this kind of frail like 95 year old man walk around.

[2:58] And greet in like talk to the members but then you know totally different Persona the moment that he gets up to speak and a very,
inspirational kind of feeling so they were good things and,
yeah other than that Singapore is I mean it’s great it’s,
as we were discussing before we started recording it’s about this same temperature same time it was every day of the year so I’m like no exchanges not even the weather.

[3:32] Is it difficult to feel Christmas cheer when you’re out there.

[3:37] Maybe but also maybe this is just like a saint as you become more of a tattle and like if you don’t have kids that like you don’t have as much of like,
that like childish excitement you have to basically create that yourself and so that maybes
just more of like a natural kind of change in a bit of a challenge as you know now you’re the one who has to go out and like finds the Christmas lights or I don’t have a Christmas tree,
those sorts of sayings and do I want to like sweat while I’m trying to sit,
you know cinnamon flavored hot chocolate or something like maybe not so they’re just you just look for different things to do and look for other kids here baby thrilled about Christmas in like kind of glove off of their festive.

[4:26] What happened have you lived in Australia for so long you know stranger to warm Christmases.

[4:32] Yeah but it’s always a little bit strange you know the idea of going to the beach on Christmas and it’s like it’s fun but it’s just a slightly different feeling that’s all,
so I don’t know if I’m quite figured that one out yet.
But how is how is it for you like I imagine what you got two little kids that like everything Christmas Eve must just be,
the bee’s knees.

[5:00] They’re very excited the two-year-old is being taught how not to remove ornaments from the tree.

[5:07] Oh how is that going.

[5:08] Throat and throw them around the house it’s going okay.

[5:11] Drove around the house.

[5:13] He doesn’t internalized lessons as well as his older brother dude just in and just random things like you did there so many things he keeps repeating and I’m like dude we’ve told you so many times cut this out his older brother would get the message after a while,
it’s funny how we got the tree set up it’s lovely here we went home for Thanksgiving should have Christmas this year so we had a wonderful time,
in California always great to be home I had a great time I went but we had Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s house I hadn’t been there probably in nine or ten years cuz I’ve been out in DC for a while,
and so that was great got to see a lot of my extended family you don’t realize there’s no I’m like I’m from Orange County California like just outside of La my wife is from San Diego so we always,
split time here and there and do different things but I’m very fortunate in that I don’t have to travel,
all over the place to see in laws and things everyone’s just kind of concentrated in Southern California.

[6:07] Yeah that’s actually quite nice.

[6:09] It’s pretty nice out he doesn’t mean that every time we travel we are driving around a lot like we we stay we usually split up our time and different families,
home so we never to show up in our like here we are this is the place where we’re staying for the time we’re in this place it’s always the car and we’ll drive up to Orange County burn days,
it’s nothing to complain about but it involves a little bit,
Logistics are there a great blessings wonderful to see everyone California was delightful they actually had a lot of rain but when it cleared out one of my favorite things in Southern California’s when you get great rain storms in the winter and then the sky clears new golf on top of a hill,
and the mountains are coated with snow and there’s very tall mountains around Los Angeles the snow level drop down like four thousand feet or something like that so I have pictures of the Foothills and then immediately behind them you don’t even see,
need to see white the snow level was so low that from a certain perspective all you see is just,
White Cap Mountains White Mountains surrounding the valleys and stuff so that’s very beautiful always a fun thing to see I don’t know it’s just kind of you know sweetie.

[7:24] Little slushy allow the time. Have fun anyways we’re back here and I’m I’m on week 7 of what was supposed to be a three-week basement renovation,
so at the risk of being sued for libel or something,
I will just say I don’t know if I’ll be employing my contractor for other jobs in the future.

[7:46] I was going to say this isn’t a DIY job is it because then you have no one to complain about butchers.

[7:50] Logos DIY would take a lot longer but I’d also be completely satisfied with whatever progress I would have made because it would be.

[7:57] Yeah you would have been posting about that I feel like every week on Facebook about like look like I painted a corner Sun.

[8:03] I would but I only have so much bandwidth between posting about impeachment I mean what else would I share.

[8:10] It’s true you have too much too much energy to spend on that one and I just kidding.

[8:14] Yes anywho last night was the first presidency Christmas devotional I don’t know if did you happen to view it yet it’s hard from across the world.

[8:25] Why are you putting me on the spot about this I’ve already told you I didn’t but.

[8:29] Because our listeners don’t know nothing to say everyone Josie didn’t watch it she sucks all right.

[8:33] I haven’t watched it yet know it was during the time pretty much that like I was actually at church so.

[8:41] That’s what I’m saying.

[8:42] Oh no it was it oh my gosh no it was the day after it was it was a work day that’s my excuse.

[8:47] It was like 7 it was 7 a.m. for you on Monday.

[8:50] On a Monday yeah not church time my bad.

[8:53] That’s understandable don’t feel bad about it when I was on my mission General Conference viewing times are all goofy just took what you can get.

[9:01] So did you watch it.

[9:03] I watched it I enjoyed it I got a little Dosey during President Oaks talk so not as strong and on what he spoke about,
Kira and I always enjoy other care and I feel like he’s being groomed I know we don’t groom people in terms of church leadership but at the same time,
the man in the presidency of the seventy he’s been doing more prominent things he seems like a rasband Heir Apparent type to me,
why they can we have another opening he’s officially shortlisted that’s been a while since we’ve had a British Apostle so.

[9:35] Well I can cover you on the president Oaks,
talk a little bit just because I at least read up on how or what some of the talks were about and there was just a good little
quote that I thought he had said which was that the savior is Apostles had no prior
program for World Peace other than individual righteousness which I thought was kind of adjusted interesting Thane a little tidbit and also,
a we focus on ourselves it has a bit of that hole like Michael Jackson like man in the mirror kind of vibe to it anyways that’s what I took from it and I appreciated that,
but also.
Yeah interesting that like obviously the church has more influence and things that they’re trying to bring about world peace in other ways but yeah just said,
I like our Back to Basics order approach it like let’s be good people guys and let’s start with that.

[10:35] It’s a good reminder Elder Suarez is Taco Zachry smoke about,
Bakery the rough winter that his family spent in Utah he moved his family there in 2003 is a native of Brazil,
of course he talks about like where I’m from like it’s Christmas time it’s like palm trees you know Brazil,
and they were living in Bountiful I don’t know if he moved in 2003 because he’s won the 70 at the time I would guess but this whole story about how,
there’s a crazy snow storm they don’t know what to do we said his wife went out there with the snowblower,
but didn’t turn the blower the right direction so she blew it all one way and then went back and then we’ll end up blowing the other side back to where she was in the first place and she was kept going back and forth,
just re blowing the snow.

[11:21] This would be me in the snow I would be so useless my gosh.

[11:26] His wife was out there for so long that she got a double ear infection it was deaf for 2 months,
their son injured his back when he was sledding and he slipped on ice walking to his neighbor’s house and broke his wrist and it’s required surgery.

[11:38] No

[11:41] Straight out of a sitcom here.

[11:43] Oh my gosh.

[11:44] But then you use that the paper to talk about like the wonderful Angels around and there’s a 70 year old neighbor of his in one day he sees outside and this man just out there like,
cleaning up there all the snow off their walkway in their driveway just for no reason you know the value of community,
and being good Shepherds and looking out for the wine and caring for each other which is always a good Christmas message,
others I’m a good pull quote and we said as we serve others Christmas won’t be just a day or a season but it will be a condition of heart and mind.
So everybody can hear something about me that is my children parent leave crying so something happens anyway don’t have Boys in close succession it destroys that your whole house.

[12:28] Or do it sounds like fun over there.

[12:31] It is pretty fun I enjoyed the Jones who is the primary General President also spoke to all of us about,
ways we can be more fun to buy,
where’s that you’re at the end of course she gets she was the first Speaker I loved her a little anecdote,
about how her mom found her snooping around for gifts and then essentially all of the other great tradition she has a family and how,
it was it was a daughter who said that Jesus is the gift that never stops giving like someone asked the kid in a store like what’s the gifted never stops it was assigned to get the gifted doesn’t stop giving in this little girl said Jesus good that’s good good parenting folks.

[13:14] Fantastic so speed of Christmasy stuff BYUtv snagged a cool little contract with or against not a contract,
Ed appearance by John Legend at there,
what is the show called Christmas Under the Stars which apparently they hold every year I love this little throwback where they’re like previous guests have been like,
Amy Grant and I like wolf that takes me back but this whole this whole Deseret News,
article is basically a long-winded like,
BYUtv was trying really hard to get John Legend but he was so busy and also he’s like,
actual celebrity so it was kind of a long shot which I also feel like is a bit of a dig at BYU can see me but somehow.

[14:10] Okay we got to read the real quote about that I need to find that so that you’re not just interpreting it as you will.

[14:15] Dodo it goes on and on and anyways.

[14:19] And on.

[14:20] And on the long story short of it was that they had a couple of connections from other people who have been on BYUtv that somehow not Chrissy Teigen though who was born in Utah.

[14:33] From Delta Utah.

[14:34] That was also thrown in there anyways somehow but not from her they were able to get him on the show and then like obviously you pay him a salary and he comes on the show it’s not that hard but,
so hopefully some people got see that has it aired is it.

[14:52] Back in September.

[14:54] Okay.

[14:57] They told me things ball Advanced you know.

[14:58] Well he’s in a nice looking red suit I’d watch this.

[15:02] Is John Legend you want to know some great John Legend trivia so John Legend had a supporting role in the movie La La Land which I hope you’ve seen,
John Legend despite being a noted in a musician and singer did not know how to play guitar head to learn how to play guitar for La La Land which is this something you would think someone with his experience of course I’m piano is made in.

[15:22] Is usually on piano.

[15:23] You think he just liked it picked up even basic rhythm guitar at some point in his life I’m not knocking him I thought that was fascinating trivia that he had to learn how to play guitar like The Pianist to the Core.
Fun these these concerts are Dynamite I went to the recording for the Gladys Knight and Smokey Robinson one a couple years ago they filled it here in DC at the historic,
Howard Theater.

[15:52] It’s like a traveling show.

[15:53] Lincoln the Lincoln Theater I don’t think it’s always a traveling show in this case with John Legend did the concert at the church studios in Provo but in my case yes I got to go to a sweet gig,
you try to tell me Gladys Knight’s metal legit celebrity you think John Legend is the only legit celebrity.

[16:08] No not legit I’m just saying there’s sort of like a list of like fun celebrities and then there’s sort of like but we never thought we’d get John Legend that’s all it’s just.

[16:20] They’re excited for the crossover.

[16:22] They’re geeking out a little bit over that one.

[16:24] You’re the one thing I learned if any of you happen to listen to last week’s show when I interviewed Lisa Valentine Clark and Haley John Smith from show-offs the BYUtv improv program,
that was a fascinating discussion but one thing they sort of dropped in their is that they’re created a Christmas episode of show-offs and they got Will Forte,
famous comedian Saturday Night Live alarm is on the last man on Earth is not typically,
big-name star he’s also not known as a clean comedian and so I can ask him like,
how do you get someone like Will Forte to be on on BYUtv improv show and they say honestly people are just frantically on the phones calling in any random favor they can some people show up and then you say what,
whom they’re performers like who am I doing this for what is this program and there’s there to get the job done so maybe John Legend just said yeah,
it seems like you said it’s a gig.

[17:15] Direction he and Christie were having a little giggle like who the Mormons want us to come it’s saying so,
that’s all I hope so anyways.

[17:25] You can only we can we can only pray.

[17:27] Here I got another quick somewhat Christmas Eve wine or at least it seems related Bowl because it’s about sugar so apparently Jeff Mormons are sugar addicts who,
this is a deer who wrote this one.

[17:43] I want to take the photo for the head the photo illustration.

[17:46] The photo is like.

[17:50] There’s a CTR ring so they legit somebody made donuts shackles and put them on with a ring pop and took a picture of it this would this.

[17:58] Will the rain pop the chain the chain looks like Twizzlers.

[18:02] How could you do it inside the Shane dystrophy.

[18:04] Yeah I don’t know someone had a good time with that but the whole thing is all about like how we don’t have coffee and tea and we don’t drink alcohol that obviously we’ve replaced it with something else sugar.

[18:18] Yes I’ve been saying this for years and no one listen to me Josie it’s been my novel observation.

[18:21] No I would agree on that every word of wisdom lesson I like to try and bring up the whole nutrition side of things and I get pulled over it absolutely every single.

[18:33] Do you actually get bowled over to the fair point to bring up the word of wisdom doesn’t stress the importance of one over the other.

[18:35] Yeah Yeah Yeahs No it’s like yeah I know it’s always been like that is an interesting point but the main focus here is that we don’t smoke and I might it’s not really like that’s one aspect of it but.

[18:50] That’s really interesting what happens if yeah cuz it’s like it’s not written in there that says put greater emphasis on avoiding the tobacco and the coffee.

[18:57] Yeah I know.

[18:58] It’s just easier to avoid things in to be proactive I mean leaving the temple recommend question just says do you keep the word of wisdom it doesn’t wait which parts of that that means.

[19:07] Yeah well I guess I enter in a way I’m okay with that being kind of open to interpretation cuz the last thing we need is like literally a food pyramid of you can’t get into the temple if you haven’t had like five vegetables a day for like the past 6 weeks.

[19:20] We’d be so healthy though and then.

[19:22] We would be I mean I don’t know where you can just have a lot of people eating like carrot sticks and Ranch which I don’t think it’s going to solve the problem so,
you can only hope but,
if there’s there’s probably not really much that’s new in here I think everyone kind of knows that every Church activity that you seem to go to there’s cookies or there’s something
and I can attest to this even relatively internationally that this has been something that is spread that like I think food culture is one thing and that’s great like we like to feed people
cool but maybe it doesn’t always have to be donut shackles with Twizzlers and ring pops that’s all over over and out.

[20:09] You alluded to something they’re giving your International experience do you feel that,
what is essentially a bad nutrition Americanized interpretation of Word of Wisdom obedience has effectively exported to Broad and your experience at the same thing everyone’s of piling on the Suites.

[20:27] I mean I would say in general bad American nutrition has already been exported to the rest of the world’s so that’s not necessarily new but,
will bring different things but they’re still,
like an emphasis on like you coming you gather and you can have food so there’s that side but I’m actually trying to remember in France I don’t think it was as big of a scene in France,
but also well but also my friends wasn’t that great so I probably just like missed If Ever I was supposed to rain food to something but I don’t remember
like there weren’t necessarily Linger Longer is whereas in Singapore we still have Linger Longer is once a month but it’s not an entire spread of just like
cakes and donuts so maybe there’s a slightly better balance here.

[21:19] I would hope so.
I mean the most disappointing thing those when you have a ward activity and nobody even takes the time to make creative and interesting homemade desserts everyone just swing swing by the grocery store and buy some lofthouse cookies and said let’s party everybody,
that’s like why are we funding this in as long as we’re not going to care and we’re all going to aim for diabetes let’s at least make it count people.

[21:41] Deer.

[21:45] I also appreciate those in this article that the author morinda risk to the crate name she’s destined to be a newscaster,
they had to we all like know this as we say but you got it back this up with some kind of research authority figure to confirm,
your beliefs that way it’s it’s validated so they she spoke with Benjamin bikman a,
say a physiology and developmental biology professor at BYU and he had some is a very good sites.

[22:18] Tell me tell me.

[22:19] Because he is a closely study the impact of obesity diabetes and Insulin a metabolic Health he says that sugar is harmful and consumption of it should be controlled and regulated.

[22:30] Wow thank you for that Professor Big Ben my life is changed oh my goodness.

[22:36] But he does say he cringes when he sees people lined up at the drive-thru of the popular soda shops like Swig and sodalicious know that at 8 a.m.

[22:42] He’s cringing inside.

[22:44] Because cuz he knows how much impact that will have on their bodies which is.

[22:50] Okay actually admittedly Singapore has what has been I think I’ve figured out to be the most sugary and like worst drink that you can have
possible which is like we have lots of boba or like bubble tea but they’ve created like basically a brown sugar bubble tea which is no joke just like,
a couple scoops of brown sugar in the milk tea with some of the top yoga balls that it’s apparently way worse than not just sugar sorry way worse than soda so there you go.

[23:18] I imagine it the terrifying thing was soda and I’m and I like I enjoy soda more than I should and when you actually see how many how many grams of sugar are in a can of soda it’s terrifying it truly is and yet here I am.

[23:32] It’s hard to visualize well there we go Everyone likes the cookie every now and again and not saying that there’s any problem with that.

[23:42] I like that that was a Christmas related one I guess it was the sweets.

[23:49] What it was.

[23:50] Also though we have a VIP guest list this past weekend they turned on the temple lights at the DC Temple my local temple,
of course the temple itself is under renovation right now but the grounds are still open they’re still doing the Festival of Lights,
at the DC Temple which it doesn’t rival to Salt Lake,
you’re Temple Square or anything of course in terms of size and number of trees but I put up a great display there’s a guy set up lots of lights everywhere and because the Washington DC Temple Visitors Center has a large theater in it there are nightly musical performances,
all kinds of different types between grape and there’s an entire room where they show International crashes,
so it’s well worth your time if you’re in the DC area you can see all kinds of international nativities so over the weekend when they set it up the Ambassador from Oman joined Elder Ronald rasband,
in Illuminating the lights at Temple Square of all the countries that fascinates me the Ambassador from Oman.

[24:45] Yeah I love the picture of the two of them they have this like almost cartoonish like,
yellow box with a red button and they’re like going to press the button and turn on the lights but maybe it’s sort of the same sort of thing of like giant scissors cutting a ribbon and opening up a new ball or something but yeah.

[25:04] And now when they have this meant that this is one of the big-ticket items in DC as far as dignitaries showing up.

[25:11] It looks nice.

[25:12] I mean JW Marriott Junior and his wife were there.

[25:15] They host it don’t they I think they host it like every year the Marriott’s Hosta and then they invite all the people from I don’t know DC or the who’s who.

[25:26] Republic representative John R Curtis of Utah and at what gave the invocation he’s the recently elected Congressman former mayor of Provo and I want to remind all of you he was a Democrat once and change his party affiliation.

[25:38] Said this with that one in there.

[25:41] Well he took Jason Chaffetz his seat so I feel like the contrast is worth pointing out.

[25:46] Romney was there.

[25:48] Of course around me was there everybody was there I knew I’ve talked to some people who actually went out for this weekend you were invited new.

[25:52] Were you there Jeff so not everyone was there.

[25:56] I am not a part of this so I’m not worthy but there’s the picture we’re all waiting to see look at that Elder rasband with his wife sitting next to Willard Mitt Romney. Elector himself.
In an Apostolic pose that I’ve never like I’ve never seen,
do you think Mitt Romney is slightly disappointed because he’s likely peaked quote on quote in terms of his church calling possibilities.

[26:23] I just want to know if he gets introduced from the pulpit is. Elect oh my gosh can you imagine.

[26:30] Or if he’s introduced at all that that brings up a whole other set of issues like.

[26:33] I would love that.

[26:35] And I was in I told the story before when I was in singles ward in DC are Bishop was a former member of Congress and at 1 Sunday 1 Jason Chaffetz was in our congregation just sitting there I think you just heading up Church before he had to go somewhere else,
and my Bishop who is kind of a big tea party type and Jason Chaffetz is an idiot and so they,
he he recognized Jason Chaffetz from the stand and I’ve never fully decided where I fell on this cuz I was like,
he’s a member of Congress I get it but it’s not sitting on the stand he’s not a church leader but you recognize like dignitaries,
he was just a member of Congress he wasn’t this was it wasn’t Orrin Hatch or Harry Reid.

[27:20] So what did he do did he call him out from the pulpit and say like oh and by the way we also have sitting in the congregation.

[27:26] I think we made it kind of awkward was that yeah I was kind of awkward like that like it was an out-of-the-way call out 200 and Congressman Chaffetz is here with us today,
in the moment when it didn’t even make sense anyway Jason Chaffetz is doing wonderful things at Fox News so great for all of you who watched that that terrific fledgling Network,
hey Google in here I love that it was the ambassador of Oman Oman of course they overwhelmingly Muslim country,
a country that stress it that has religious tolerance and,
try to be a mans kind of the month like the chill country in the region it doesn’t have all the glitz of Dubai and all that stuff,
or the United Arab Emirates it’s just kind of o matic like Yemen Civil War Saudi Arabia’s got will hobby craziness going on Omar’s just chilling and it has a unique history all its own look up the history of Beaumont people you’ll see its history is tied more to East Africa,
then to its Arab Neighbors you’re welcome I know you’ve all.

[28:21] If anyone do that.

[28:23] I’m going to look at the stats for this episode and I imagined right here before the minute 30 Mark is when you’re going to see thanks taper off after my bit so.

[28:31] International news.

[28:34] No good saver.

[28:35] Good alright so I’m a couple of quick mentions first is that sister Joy Jones she’s our primary General president for anyone whose Pratt’s forgotten spoke at the UN,
I’m in Geneva she was at a year sorry I’m trying to speak here at UNICEF sponsored event so letter Day Saint Charities has
apparently partnered with UNICEF for a while I think and they were reporting on the impact that they’ve,
where they’ve been focusing on the refugee crisis and like South Sudan Democratic Republic of Congo Kenya and Uganda and like creating early childhood development programs,
not an expert on early childhood development but it sounds like they’re trying to help parents and as well as,
young kids I think it’s up to the age of 5 with just you know the basic like skills and opportunities that they needs like prep them for school so,
well. Us,
speaking of Elder rasband he and his wife met with the Saints and Melvin he’s been busy.

[29:47] Did you at least go to this since you were in Australia at this.

[29:49] Yeah I was just about to say that just goes to show that I’ve literally never in the right place at the right time he was there November 19th to the 20th and I literally flew out of Melvin on the 19th
and but as it turns out he was just speaking with the missionaries,
one of who happened to be their grandson is which I kind of think right no such things as coincidences so,
and another Australian news church members in Western Sydney have stockpiled a pantry of food and basic supplies for
other like New South Wales farmers who are struggling to make ends meet during the severe droughts so good on us we’re doing nice service oriented things.

[30:33] Have you seen the poor koalas.

[30:36] Oh yes every time that there is a fire we bring out the koala pictures that are like Bean,
you know I like bad from a little drinking bottle by some firefighter history.

[30:48] Koalas are burning it’s.

[30:50] Keep them hydrated it’s a real thing,
and also there was a church leader who spoke at Jeff this is a this is a Scottish story so maybe you know a little bit more about this but there was a cross-party group
I’m and Scottish parliament’s that was about promoting religious freedom which for my understanding is basically just like some members of parliament and then,
other leaders are experts and whatever,
toppik hair trying to investigate and understand a little bit more we’ll get together so this one was on religious freedom brother Watson who’s the director of public affairs in the UK,
did Church’s early persecution in the US and then told a story that I actually wasn’t familiar with that in 1922 there was like a hundred
Edinboro University students who like broke up.

[31:44] My alma mater everybody very proud of the story here.

[31:47] There we go anyways,
they attacked like to Scottish missionaries and tarred and feathered them not necessarily like as,
gruesome in the way that we normally think of like Joseph Smith being tarred and feathered it was more that they sort of like through this mixture of tar and also included treacle which was an interesting little tidbit there and then was like throwing.

[32:12] Is Bisquick molasses.

[32:13] What’s molasses basically they just gathered a mixture of whatever was like sticky and gross and then threw that and the feathers at these missionaries and,
he had an interesting insight about or so brother wants it had some interesting insights I thought about how,
you know the enemy’s religious freedom is estrangement and alienation so nice seems to say we can I don’t know maybe we can link to that if anyone’s,
curious about more of that story.

[32:46] We always linked to everything at this weekend more ms.com hello hello.

[32:48] That’s what we’re here for there is a bishop in Vienna who was asked to participate in a Catholic Christmas service,
no he wouldn’t can you imagine.

[33:00] He said he stands for nothing.

[33:03] I thought this was quite cool because it’s not like we ever really invite like a Catholic priest or Rabbi to like come and speak from our Pulpit but that’s basically what he got to do and he was one.

[33:15] We’re extremely protectionist within earth.

[33:17] Well so maybe.

[33:21] We can go to you but you can.

[33:24] But you can’t come to us this is not a mutual reciprocal.

[33:27] We did have Muslim leaders in our area with an Interfaith evening once recent likewise.

[33:31] Yeah but they’re not like speaking in for the pulpit on Sunday are they.

[33:34] Course not Islamic holidays Friday would be pointless for them come on.

[33:38] They’re free on sun.

[33:40] Come on Josie pick up the pace.

[33:40] Okay sorry my bad anyways so nice little Christmas congregation I love this that they gave a shout-out to afterwards everyone was able to mingle and Converse over sauerkraut and dumplings so you don’t think that wild,
let’s see you glad we have a cultural celebration in Kolkata and,
there was there was another cultural nights in Indonesia or in Jakarta that they were celebrating their 50th anniversary of the church in the country which is cool.

[34:11] Can you believe the church has actually been in Indonesia for 50 years.

[34:14] Raise the same as Singapore I didn’t realize that they were we were both celebrating,
this year so I asked a little embarrassed that I only figured out now that it was also their 50th Anniversary but now it’s great
and spend last one from me from the Swedish Newsroom there’s an article about why more Millennials are still attending the church in comparison to other Christian face which have decrease in attendance across Europe
and there Siri is that we host young adult conferences like festinord and that these are becoming more popular and other parts of Europe and its
perhaps the key to being able to keep people interested engaged with people in there if you’re raising your hand go ahead.

[34:59] No just wait till you’re done I’m doing I’m doing this the way they do it in Soviet Union,
you hold you hold a hand underneath your other hand is hold it up.

[35:06] Okay alright I thought maybe you were just getting bit fatigued.

[35:09] No I was going to say that the testator does legit I never went to it but when I lived overseas in the UK you heard plenty of Buzz about this kids getting their tickets and everyone flying to Stockholm or whatever they were doing,
for a weekend or Copenhagen or something so it does not surprise me and it’s good because it’s not easy being a YSA in Europe in general,
even more so abroad outside the US.

[35:33] Was something that was interesting that I’ve noticed about wherever Jeremy and I have moved I’m and lived basically one of our callings or assignments has been we just want you to
be around and be an example of how this country still offer something and that like are you still need to like move to Utah to still be a member of the church has happened in France we have
almost an identical Thane in Singapore as well that we’re almost here to ya almost,
like markets their country back to the young adults to like,
you know obviously yes go off travel experience different things but also just keep in mind that like the church isn’t necessarily better it’s different in Utah but like all of your problems are not necessarily solved there,
but it’s it is hard like when you have grown up in a much smaller Church community,
that you do need I think these big conferences or events to kind of remind yourself that like oh I’m not actually loan here and there is mutual and like like-minded people that I can become friends with,

[36:46] Cool give me to do cool stuff.

[36:50] Every two we try.

[36:52] All right some of the bigger news to come out over the week so the church clarified it stands against the Equal Rights Amendment as it is called
I saw a little bit background for any of you unfamiliar with what all of this means that by the way the church issue the statement because there was a rally of about 200 women at the state capitol in Utah,
encouraging Utah to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment the way amendments to the US Constitution work is it a certain number of states have to ratify them before they can become law and equal rights amendment has been floating around for a long time but the current version from the 70s,
but we’re actually a kind of a precipice we’re now only a couple of other states would need to ratify it and then all the sudden I actually feel like go to the Senate to be,
finalizing it would be could be an Amendment to the US Constitution the 20th Amendment to the Constitution still ongoing issue this is a hot issue though in the seventies when it gained a lot of steam at the church was very against it then after this rally,
spokesman Doug Anderson initially told the Salt Lake Tribune in response that at this time we don’t have a statement on the proposed Equal Rights Amendment and many thought that might be the case because,
when asked about the Equal Rights Amendment of the era,
earlier in the year when something came up the church sort of demurred and people wondered if perhaps the church was becoming more neutral on it but then about an hour later.

[38:13] Doug Anderson sent a statement out there just said the church’s position on the issue has been consistent for more than 40 years so,
what is the church’s position and why does Equal Rights Amendment even matter who’s on paper you hear about something like that if it if the idea is to prohibit discrimination based on sex that’s essentially with Equal Rights Amendment,
brighten that’s how I read a short and that.

[38:42] Is essentially why the church has had issue with it for so long because they believe it is both too vague and to potentially Broad,
in the ways it could be interpreted down the line,
are there were there of course I there’s a piece here from 1980 but since they said the position hasn’t changed for 40 years in this is some Church’s website we can talk about things how they were worried that the era would provide,
more constitutionally guaranteed access to abortion for example the ER on homosexual marriage is different because of yours now,
in the United States but it says under the era State could be forced to legally recognize and protect such marriages but,
took was a Supreme Court decision for that but I guess the main differences is Supreme Court decision can still be overturned even if it’s presidents that can happen,
where are the Constitutional amendment is incredibly difficult to overturn so that one other issue the church has they just filled it,
It song,
Exquisite the 14th Amendment already provides for these protections as has been interpreted by the courts for decades and decades and decades,
and so why why codify it further for the ladies.

[40:02] I mean the the quote that the spokesperson said about like,
it almost sounds like they’re trying to make the sound like a positive saying right like our position is not changed in 40 years when actually I feel like in reality for this one,
more than anything just shows that,
it’s maybe a little bit out of touch for like oh maybe we should have developed an opinion that changed on this over these forty years for example even just the basic,
facts that like as you say is like gay marriage that’s actually no longer an issue to really be opposed about because that’s not necessarily going to be applicable I feel like in this amendment anyways,
I don’t I don’t understand Jeff the the long-lasting,
opposition to it but also not a lawyer here so maybe they maybe they see something I don’t but to me it seems pretty straightforward and I’m not understanding.

[41:00] I think they think it’s about their son who posed the era on the grounds that you know women shouldn’t have to heaven have this,
legislated like why would you have to denote that women should have equal rights under the law because under the law they do have equal rights we know that the reality of it can be a bit different than that women don’t always get Fair equal pay,
equal access the job market could be more complicated things like that I’m going to read you the full era real quick so you can be a judge this text is not changed its very short,
Section 1 women shall have equal rights in the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or Abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex,
section 2 Congress and the several States shall have the power to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this article section 3 the amendment shall take Effect 2 years after the date of ratification,
that is the entire tra.

[42:01] Right I wonder if maybe just the word equality is what the church maybe takes issue with because already that is.

[42:09] What is gender roles.

[42:11] Well that yet because I think some people when they hear a quality they think oh well so men and women are supposed to be the same but they’re not the same and they’re never going to be the same so I wonder if,
maybe they feel like over that word has become so charged and it has,
I’m a lot of different contacts and interpretations that maybe that’s what we’re taking issue with I have no idea I’m trying to pick at things here but,
I mean it seems pretty straightforward to me it is short and sweet this is much better than like the other bills that we were trying to read earlier and try to make sense of.

[42:48] Hello this is about traditional gender roles I read some of their analysis from Old Church Publications things that they fear that it would jeopardize the,
book the husband’s role as a provider,
but not just in the terms of like the family proclamation we have today but even from a legal perspective like entering into marriage will not come with the same inherent guarantees as far as men being required to pay child support,
all kinds of interesting bits but I agree with you it does seem.

[43:16] I don’t know about that. Yeah I think it seems pretty straightforward.

[43:20] Now and I thought I understand I think a lot of people feel the same same way like why would you not just caught a.

[43:25] To go for it yeah.

[43:26] That women are equal any of the fighting was there was a lot of support for the era and bipartisan but slowly in the eighties with the Reagan Revolution and the help of Phyllis Schlafly the Republican Party sort of,
move to end its support for the era because traditional gender roles,
matter I don’t know if the your eye I want to live in a world where something like the era is not necessary for women to both feel and in all practice be equal,
but I do know in practice that they are not,
completely and what we’ve made great strides I mean we have had the right to vote for a hundred years in the u.s. good job you know men only had it for a hundred years longer than that.

[44:08] Thank you I feel so much better.

[44:12] Yeah so I will be grateful in a world where it wasn’t even a discussion we had to have because we were thinking more proactively about those negative want to be clear the church supports,
once the actual equality and elevation of women and it supports and believes in those things but kind of like a lot of the other issues that we’ve seen come up like medical marijuana in Utah or sometimes gay rights type things,
a lot of the church gets caught up,
in the very specific language like they’ll say we love her okay with the idea behind this but this language is either too narrow or could be interpreted to broadly in certain areas so we’re uncomfortable with it and it seems that that’s also a lot of the churches,
past with your elected to be re-written which it won’t,
to be a lot clearer about stuff to us watch any fears from religious groups and perhaps to be on board but as it stands now no dice.

[45:06] Yeah this is kind of what I think I wish the church would maybe just bow out on and we shall see where it goes,
would we while we’re on the political little conversation here do we want to talk about the fairness for all a.

[45:26] It’s probably a good time for that.

[45:27] I already I’m going to get this one to you that key can you start this one off for us.

[45:32] Okay there’s an act of the fairness for all act.

[45:35] No gosh is that all the entries are going to give me and I got to look it up again.

[45:37] No sew so by way of contacts,
the church so what happened with you Utah has had years ago passed legislation to try to have kind of a compromise of the battle between,
LGBT rights,
and religious rights and this is why today many say like you know your religious freedom quote on quote is just a way to hide behind your discrimination more that’s going back and forth It’s hard to find a middle ground is right cuz you want to say,
two are lgbtq brothers and sisters like you up you should have all the Protections in the world right here human being in a citizen of the country or,
whatever you know you you should be protected under the law but then if someone says but I’m not comfortable baking a cake for a gay couple.

[46:22] Which is I don’t think you should be uncomfortable baking a cake for a gay couple but if you don’t from a religious standpoint don’t believe in trying to perpetuate an Unholy Union,
you can understand why this gets into a very difficult legal place where there’s no perfect answer so the church has tried to get behind legislation in Utah,
The Preserves,
freedom of religion in some of those areas but truly protects LGBT people from discrimination now nationally one Chris Stewart another representative from Utah not a former Democrat by my dad’s,
introduced a bill called the fairness for all act that is supposed to be a it’s a broader version of it for federal law.
What’s interesting about this of course is that earlier in the year of the United States House passed the equality act which firmly stated,
unequivocally that let’s see if I can find that term for the coil.

[47:21] It was more comprehensive on this issue and the fairness for all act just seems like a step kind of backwards.

[47:27] It depends on how you want to look at out of the equality.

[47:30] Maybe maybe not backwards but like more open to like as you say the religious freedom arguments.

[47:35] I tried to have more more carve-outs yeah where are the equality I try to be a blanket like this is this alright so 5 or.

[47:41] If they want a cake he got to bake the cake.

[47:43] Yeah they did the equality act would make anti LGBT discrimination a form of sex discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and clarify the religious freedom restoration Act,
can’t be justified for discrimination no case like you said makes a cake more or less write the fairness for all act,
still about protecting the LGBT population but it would have those accommodations for religious organizations are small business vendors who are uncomfortable,
with this and that the fairness for all act would prohibit anti it would prohibit discrimination in employment housing jury selection credit federal programs and public accommodations,
okay but it would also preserve the religious freedom restoration act and protect the tax-exempt status,
of religious colleges and universities that oppose same-sex marriage such as one Brigham Young University.

[48:36] Subtle.

[48:38] Interesting right.

[48:39] Interesting.

[48:41] It’s a lot of civil rights groups have come out against the fairness for all acts and it’s not fairness for all like its still discrimination by another name,
who knows where this will go because it’s been brought up by Republican in the house so I probably won’t even get out of committee I don’t see why it would in a democratic-controlled House of Representatives but this is the way our,
system of government in the United States worksheet draft bills and you present them in you see what sticks.

[49:08] So then why do you think that you’re just being out this early to say yes we support this.

[49:13] I think it was basically behind the Utah one and so the fact that the authors of this the sponsors made an appearance and spoke about the bill on the church side to say yep we’re good with this you should do it why wouldn’t we write work.

[49:26] Okay.

[49:29] So it’s it’s it’s it’s such a tough area you know I don’t know how you make everyone happy.

[49:35] I don’t know either feels a little cringy I feel like you should bake the cake people.

[49:39] At the same time I feel like if you were getting a if you were looking to have a cake baked and you knew that a place of business was not friendly to the gay population.
Why wouldn’t you just look elsewhere I must think it’s an excuse to discriminate but at the same time why wouldn’t you want to go so why wouldn’t you want to give your business to a place that you know support you in the first place.

[50:05] I mean you may not necessarily know immediately like I’m sure there’s not like a sign out the front,
days go away kind of a scene like really should certainly hope not but I imagine a lot of this has come up because people have,
just genuinely believe that they would be accepted to whatever business that they go into because you know their money is as good as anybody else’s and then perhaps been confronted by
such discrimination and that would come as a surprise so.

[50:39] So be curious to see if those girls anywhere I mean one thing we forget I think a lot of the time in the current political climate is if compromise is like should be a reality,
you compromise in areas of funding for certain programs in this and that like you compromise on the legal standing of a certain set of your population based on factors out of its control,
that’s where it gets dicey here so I don’t know if anything will come with this but Alexa.

[51:09] On a similar note with LGBT issues the church has now come out in support of
Banning the conversion therapy
which was it wasn’t necessarily A bill I believe it was like a policy change within the psychologists,
not Union Association thank you the word I’m looking for that for that to be just completely prohibited in Utah so they were initially again against some of the wording didn’t feel like it was,
quite right and now they’ve decided yep it’s good to go we’re happy to move forward with this so we win some we lose some.

[51:55] That’s a good example just like the era but in this case the church said the language is clear now so that we are comfortable with it I think you I think it was you and I doing a show at the book about a couple months ago.

[52:05] Yeah the first time when they were like no it’s not good enough whatever yeah we made some progress here it is now.

[52:14] This is good so for opposing conversion therapy it’s good where will I take it now real quick do you render some renderings were released,
for the the new the rid of the Salt Lake Temple,
the Salt Lake City Temple sorry the Salt Lake Temple no Salt Lake Utah temple is going to close here at the end of the month,
no you laugh but the Salt Lake Temple is the only temple in the church that doesn’t have the additional place name on it so,
so like you know you you can go to the Mesa Arizona Temple the Kansas City Missouri Temple you can go to the Jordan River Utah Temple but the Salt Lake Temple is the only one that’s just they had no it’s just the Salt Lake Temple,
it’s special.

[53:02] So if you’ve been following the news you know it’s going to close your at the end of the month for a mega mega mega project they’re going to basically did dig up the entire Annex area rethink the whole thing they’re going to do seismic retrofitting going about taking all the way down to the foundations of the Temple,
it’s a big deal,
so they’ve released a couple of renderings of what it’s going to look like when it’s done now to my untrained eye I’ve only been in through the Salt Lake Temple a couple times,
you don’t see much I look at this and say okay well they’re preserving it do you know,
it looks like an old temple with old buildings and things like that right and old structures and he ha so I appreciate some of our Facebook followers,
especially you Corey Ward you got a shout out this week cuz you like you knew Corey he said the chairs in the creation room will now face South instead of East,
there’s an improved ramp for wheelchair access the platforms behind the curtains are closer to the floor they lowered him down the wood features in the garden and World room are colored with natural Brown instead of white
all rooms have improve lighting and speakers in the ceilings all rooms will also have an inconspicuous opening wear white white movie Scream can drop down.

[54:15] Wow Corey this is so specific.

[54:18] That last one’s a big deal though cuz they’re no screens in the Salt Lake Temple because they do live sessions there and they haven’t fully specified what it means but they’ve since we intimated that,
live sessions our language prohibitive right Salt Lake City has a more,
diverse mix of members of the church now and it’s a temple that only does live sessions and in English,
I’ll think that you went in Spanish as far as I know I might be wrong on that and I’ve been made it a front if I am so I think they’re doing this little still do live sessions but,
if they wanted to different language sessions they can drop the screen down,
and so I I like they’re keeping some of the the nature of their I’m getting it and making it look on Modern on the inside.

[55:02] None of this modern nonsense.

[55:04] We do have one, so that says oh and it’ll look like a Victorian Museum instead of reflecting the 21st century Church.

[55:11] I love her Facebook followers so much.

[55:18] Yeah like people I think this good this is an important historical building sure we have to update some things to make it a functional modern structure but keep it.

[55:26] I mean those floorboards that were White’s they had to go back to Natural Brown let’s be honest.

[55:31] Yeah have you.

[55:33] Deer and other Temple enews the groundbreaking happens for the Puebla Temple.

[55:41] I love this Temple so much look at the design of it I just love this.

[55:46] Oh I was like is there something specific Oak just looks cool wear for cool Devils I’m up for that
how do you say in other Church e-news we shared or not we saw the church shared
Washington Post article which Jeff feels like is a big deal they article was about how,
what was the article about Jeff and how,
I think I had lunch with something like Trump has said that are has basically given responsibilities of the states to refuse refugees and Utah is like we want them all,
and so we’re all for sharing the good press.

[56:33] Well if you missed it I mean Governor Gary Herbert of Utah wrote a letter to Trump,
saying like we don’t think this this is a misguided policy to be so against immigrants like we welcome them and you taught was a very compassionate thoughtful letter so all is not lost books you haven’t I’ll drink the Kool-Aid,
good job.

[56:51] And maybe.

[56:54] First presidency issued a new statement about refugees were they said as members of the church we are deeply committed to living the two great Commandments to love God and love our neighbor
wheel tremendous Joy helping All God’s Children no matter where they may live in this world and is therefore with great concern and compassion that we were observing the plight of more than 70 million people around the world who have fled their homes,
seeking relief from violence War,
or religious persecution we encourage members and friends to respond appropriately and legally to help create welcoming communities by volunteering their time talent and friendship,
two individuals and families who are integrating into our society so I’m sure their people are going to see that part that says and legally and use that as an excuse to be a bigot but I encourage you not to be nice.

[57:39] Now that you brought it up they will Okay so.

[57:41] I’ll give everyone all the good ideas.

[57:43] There was there was a dynamite Scare at a local DIY I’m sorry.

[57:49] At this point.

[57:50] It is it is because it’s so strange to me that while some guy called in and said hey my brother just donated Dynamite to your d i and.

[58:02] Only it was it was Layton you’re getting a temple Layton this is not how you act.

[58:07] Can’t deal with history of my favorite part is actually it’s too hard to pick at this point,
but the police come in they bring their sniffer dogs and also apparently they brought in a sniffer canine from the church I didn’t do you get this I didn’t know we had sniffer dog.

[58:27] I don’t know what we’re doing you tells a different world who knows it.

[58:31] They mentioned it twice that they brought in their own police dog and the church’s sniffer dog I don’t
yeah maybe just to get I don’t know one has more of a testimony than the other who knows what that is about anyways no Dynamite even though everyone went home someone just wanted an early mark from work let’s be honest,
I got nothing more on that one it’s a terrible story.

[58:56] Awesome story do you want to talk about Jenna recent having a testimony of tithing or do you want to.

[59:04] Basically she paid her tithing and said I don’t mind feeling accountable for this with tithing settlement that’s I think the entire Genesis of this article is that it’s near tithing settlement time,
says as well as a tow but I would feel better about this if basically there was more transparency in the church and how we used to get the church’s Financial reports when do they stop something like 1959.

[59:30] 59

[59:31] Yeah and and now we just don’t know and when it be so much easier to feel good about paying your tithing if you knew all of the good places that your donations were going.

[59:41] Okay but the church often does talk about the place where donates money she thinks that the shirts at this point it doesn’t want to lose its finances because it would be in like embarrassing,
for how wealthy the churches that would show that we’re just rich rich rich rich rich we’re not doing enough.

[59:57] I mean it could I don’t know I’m curious just for curiosity’s sake I’d love to know but,
yeah I got nothing more on that I mean I think the whole thing is she’s trying to say like this doesn’t affect my testimony but like.

[1:00:15] Sometimes Jana riess just has to find something to complain about for the week.

[1:00:20] Something to gripe about but I do know that generally there are lots of people who feel very conflicted about like I would,
you know they would like to know where their tithing is actually going,
I think it would just be interesting to like have a little pie charts you know that comes back from like you’re typing settlements is like this is literally where all your tithing went to I’m glad to see that
but that’s just cuz they surely you would appreciate that Jeff I feel like you would Publishers on the website every year,
this is where our timing is going to yeah we love a good graph.

[1:00:52] I would enjoy it after the metric side of me would love it but I also recognize that even though we feel like we are shareholders in the church were not because doctrinally it is God’s money not ours and so.
But we’re not voting a bore out a board or anything or not stockholders they should have a shareholder meeting though that be hilarious,
let’s face it nobody pays attention to the Saturday afternoon session of conference anyway so let’s just to vote that to being a shareholder meeting.

[1:01:22] That’s my idea but more ideas of mine will have to come at another time my dear friends because the time is far spent,
as the good book says it’s time for us to close and in this wonderful weekend Latter-Day Saint relevant news we hope it’s been fruitful for you and we thank you for taking the time to join us if you would,
join us on patreon patreon. Com this week in Mormons where you can donate a buck a month to help us,
and this website’s getting less or more expensive to run I want to go major shout out to some of you I mention this recently and some of you opened up very generously and seriously that is very kind of you went above and beyond,
what I expect of anybody so,
thank you to those of you who have and a buck a month is all I’m asking otherwise go to facebook.com this week and Mormons find us on Twitter find us on this week in Mormons. Com itself and if you have a comment about this episode for me for Josie whatever,
contact at this week in Mormons. Calm and I will respond,
perhaps cruelly but I will respond any of Josie thanks for joining us.

[1:02:29] Thank you for having me.

[1:02:30] I hope you have a delightful Christmas if we don’t hear from you.

[1:02:34] Same to you.

[1:02:35] All your wildest dreams come true.

[1:02:37] They always do.

[1:02:38] Have a wonderful Christmas season everybody we will talk to you again next week on another edition of this week in Mormons be well be holy and be happy.

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