Bengaluru India Temple Design and Location Announced

Rendering of the Bengaluru India Temple | Intellectual Reserve
India's first temple is daring in design and purpose.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’ve been waiting for this one! Ever since we predicted a temple in India and were thrilled when President Nelson announced one, we wondered when we’d get more details about the Bengaluru India Temple. Well here we are. The Church doth provide, and has shown us a great artist’s rendering and revealed some other details about India’s first temple.

First, a moment to admire the rendering:

Rendering of the Bengaluru India Temple | Intellectual Reserve

Nice inclusion of the tuk tuk!

First off, let it be said that Asian countries are receiving some of the cooler-looking temples of late as the Church moves to make the buildings evocative of the history and culture of the region. We saw it in Thailand, and we definitely saw it in Cambodia. And now we’re seeing it in India.

Check out the great allusions to Hoysala architecture, among the most famous Indian Hindu styles and native to the state of Karnataka, where Bengaluru is located. All the little flairs are great, including the molding and relief work above the windows, and, of course, that Moroniless spire.

The nearly 39,000-square-foot temple will occupy a 1.62-acre site at 2-B Garudachar Palya, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka. That puts it in the middle range of temples, and based on the renderings, it looks like it might be similar in size to the soon-to-be expanded Hong Kong China Temple.

Unlike the renderings of the Provo City Center Temple, which pretended the large NuSkin complex was not directly adjacent to the temple lot, the Church has at least showed that buildings will, indeed, surround this temple, although it’s opted to pretend the buildings are the same color as the sky. Sure.

Some Google Maps sleuthing reveals what appear to be a Honda dealership and a large office building next to the temple property. Why the blue? It’s not like we pretended the Philadelphia Temple wasn’t in the middle of the city. Oh well. Enjoy your offices while you can, Ernst and Young (now officially EY). The Church is apparently going to force you to drape a large, sky blue tarp over your building.

Keen eyes will note that the temple is either attached to or about an alleyway across from an additional structure. That building will house a new two-level meetinghouse, new Church offices, a distribution center, housing for temple patrons, and residences for the temple president and service missionaries. An existing meetinghouse and Church offices will be demolished to make room for the entire project.

This is super, super exciting. No groundbreaking date has been set and details are still being ironed out. Regardless, this temple will serve India’s 14,000 Latter-day Saints and also serve as a great regional hub, particularly as it will be the only temple (for now) between eastern Asia and either the forthcoming temple in Nairobi, Kenya, or the Kyiv Ukraine Temple.

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