EP 463 – Polygamy Wow!

Utah flirts with decriminalizing polygamy, coronarivus ruins your vacation, Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell marry in Hawaii, meetinghouse wifi changes forever!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Gospel Living app is here! Much anticipated, the app aims to unify uplifting messaging, goals, and chat into one ecosystem. For now, the app was designed with youth in mind. Does it hit the mark? Miss it? What can be updated in the future to help it achieve its goals?

In the wake of the ongoing $100 billion question—that is, the Church’s confirmed massive holdings—Presiding Bishop Gerald Causse sat down with the Church News to offer some more transparency on the issue. The sprawling interview covers many areas, but curiously, notes the Church’s many expenditures while not acknowledging that the $100 billion war chest represents savings and investments – not budgeted funds for expenditures, at least as best as we can tell.

We reported recently that the Church was pulling a certain number of missionaries from Liberia because of ongoing economic stress in the West African nation. However, due to the continued dwindling of resources necessary to keep the remaining missionaries afloat, all missionaries in the country will now be temporarily reassigned.

LDSAccess. Pioneer47. You know what it means. It’s all about wifi at your meetinghouse. Well, ostensibly as part of the continued effort to use the “correct” name of the Church and not anything “LDS” or “Mormon,” even the wireless network is being renamed. Granted, the new name—Liahona—still has little to do with the actual name of the Church, but… OK! Also, those wishing to use the network will now be required to accept terms of service every day. Allegedly, this is to minimize use of the network, though we’ve spoken with some folks behind the scenes who have said it also aims to stop businesses near Church meetinghouses from sipping the wifi. We’re not sure what situation there is that the building’s wifi signal is somehow strong enough to make it to the exterior doors, let alone adjacent buildings, but sure!

One of the unofficial reasons—or at least an apocryphal one, depending on whom you ask—that Church leaders opposed same-sex marriage is because it could open the floodgates to other forms of marriage being legalized. After all, if the state says I can marry someone of my same gender, who is the state to deny me the right to marry multiple people?

That’s the question now facing the Utah state legislature, as a bill decriminalizing (remember, decriminalizing is not the same as legalizing) polygamy has cleared a major hurdle and moved to the state senate. If passed, this would not necessarily mean that polygamists could legally be wed to as many women as they wish, but it would mean they would be spared prosecution for doing so.

The perplexing saga of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell continues. The couple apparently wed in Hawaii recently after Lori’s children disappeared. The whole thing is nuts. Where are the kids? Why are previous spouses dead? Why aren’t the protagonists producing the kids? Why isn’t Hawaii doing more?

Coronavirus continues to grip the world, and Latter-day Saints are not, uh, immune. The Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantied at a pier in Yokohama, Japan, is holding many passengers, some of whom are from Utah and confirmed to have the virus. But that’s not all! Doctors are basically forcing tea down their throats! FORCING. And you have to buy your own. What is all this?

Hey, one person thinks Latter-day Saints should vote for Pete Buttigieg! Read more!

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