EP 465 – Devin Thorpe for Congress

Photo: Weekdone
Surprising us all, our own host Devin Thorpe is running for Congress! Coronavirus cancels part of General Conference. How to make the sacrament cleaner.
Photo: Weekdone

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell this came as a surprise. Devine Thorpe, our beloved co-host and “resident communist” is running for congress in Utah’s 3rd congressional district against first-term congressman John Curtis. We take no formal sides in this intense battle of wills, but at least we get to learn more about what would drive Devin to go after a seat that voted about +40% Republican in congressional elections.

But you are here for the Latter-day Saint news, and such news you shall have. Coronavirus panic continues, and the Church is taking plenty of precautions. Notably, all leadership sessions of General Conference have been canceled. (Geez, conference is only a month away?!) Missionaries across Asia now face serious restrictions on going outside to do the work, and those near the end of their missions are being sent home early. Senior missionaries are being released across the board.

What about elsewhere? The passing of the sacrament represents a serious hygiene challenge when you think about it. By Common Consent has some ideas on that, as well as a history of how we’ve changed the sacrament to fit the times in the past.

Also on the sacrament, Jana Riess, ever the polemic, was unaware of even the apocryphal—now codified—standard that one is supposed to take the sacrament with one’s right hand. Riess is a lefty, and she gives us some research on a world that favors right-handed individuals, in general.

The Washington DC Temple is coming back! The world is thrilled! America is thrilled! Geoff is thrilled to not have to drive to Philadelphia!

Washington DC Temple Open House and Rededication Dates Announced

Also, the design for the Brasilia Brazil Temple is lovely!

Brasilia Brazil Temple Rendering Released

McKenna Denson, the woman who accused the Missionary Training Center president of raping her, is going to settle her case out of court, so this might be the last we hear about any of it.

Two brothers in Payson, Utah have been charged with a hate crime for attacking a black missionary.

President Nelson still wants us to care about General Conference! It’s still happening, folks, even with coronavirus concerns. As such, he released a video with a new campaign hashtag, #HearHim, asking us if we hear the Lord. Do you? Can you do more to hear Him? Study the First Vision over the next month and see how you feel.

The LDS Film Festival wrapped up, with awards going to some prominent films, among them The Heart of Africa, a film that could have been made elsewhere, but the producers wanted to kickstart the film industry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so that is exactly what they did.

Lastly, after BYU dropped homosexual behavior as an Honor Code violation, the university’s third annual Rainbow Day was a much more public celebration than in years past.


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