EP 468 – World War C

Missionaries start returning home en mass due to cornavirus, General Conference scales way back, Utah gets rocked, and felon toilet paper thieves in Idaho.
Ed Kosmicki/Reuters

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]eoff is currently dying from COVID-19, so we have the TWiM Sisters™ up in the house to cover for the foreseeable future. OK, that’s not exactly true. Geoff is fine. But the Sisters are here!

How’s coronavirus response looking from western Idaho? Arianne’s ward did a full-blown “sacrament meeting” (minus the ordinance of the sacrament), replete with assigned speakers and everything. What has your ward or branch done in response?

First, missionaries. The Church is sending most missionaries in Africa home for isolation or reassignment. This represents a humongous shift in resources, particularly as Africa is currently the fastest-growing area of the Church.

Missionaries in the United States and Canada have been instructed not to go door to door (which isn’t their job, anyway), and are largely under house arrest due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Robert Kirby of the Salt Lake Tribune had something similar happen to him during his mission.

In addition, the Church chartered flights out of the Philippines to get all non-Filipino missionaries out of the country before a government deadline.

On to Brigham Young University – Idaho, where a student tested positive for COVID-19 after interacting with many other students. Idaho remains one of the states in the United States within minimal restrictions placed on public gatherings.

Also in Idaho, massive amounts of toilet paper, latex gloves, and cases of hand sanitizer were stolen from BYU-I. You rock, Idaho.

Deseret Industries, a wonderful resource and employer within the Intermountain West, is closing its doors due to coronavirus, although it will continue to serve some individuals. Bishop’s storehouses, at the time of writing, are to remain open.

Also in the realm of provident living, one McKay Coppins wrote a great piece in The Atlantic about his own experiences with food storage as a Latter-day Saint.

The upcoming General Conference was initially closed to the public, but due to rapidly escalating health concerns, the weekend-long series of meetings has now been moved to a studio somewhere on Temple Square (mysterious, no?), and only key participants for each session will be in the room.

Latter-day Saint YouTuber Mark Rober is at it again, this time with an informative video for your family that shows how easily germs transmit, and how much good washing with soap for the appropriate amount of time actually does.

Hey, so there was an earthquake in Salt Lake City! The statue of the angel Moroni atop the Salt Lake Temple, which is currently closed for a major refurbishment, lost its trumpet in something of a metaphor. We guess?

The earthquake did not damage other buildings on Temple Square, but it did damage a few meetinghouses as well as the Church’s Humanitarian Center and Beehive Clothing manufacturing plant.

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