Temple Predictions – April 2020

Coronavirus may have shut down church, but you can't shut down our semiannual temple predictions! Who will win?!

Bonus Round: Russian Temple Location Speculation

Geoff: Alright, we’ve known about a temple in Russia for a few years now, but we still have no location. Where shall it be, me hearty? My money is on Samara.

Joe: Yes, it’s been my impression that perhaps they’ll announce a followup with a specific location this general conference, or maybe they will just say “we announce 10 more temples for planet earth, locations will be chosen at a later date.” With that said, I’m betting on Saratov. It’s gotta be Saratov.

Honorable Mentions

  • Henderson or Summerlin, Nevada – Vegas has faith in abundance
  • Tarawa, Kiribati – One of our favs, and it still makes more sense than Guam.
  • Bahia Blanca, Argentina – More of an outside chance, but Argentina has been hotter on the temple front lately, and something has to serve as a gateway to Patagonia.
  • Missoula, Montana – A new stake in 2017 and geographic isolation could make for a potent cocktail!
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – Close to the temple in Columbia, SC, but it’s also one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Plus, banking, oh my!
  • Heber Valley, Utah – It’s more than fancy second homes in Midway, folks!
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – We have a great stake center there, and the Church in the UAE (and the Persian Gulf region) is largely composed of western expats and Filipinos. And Filipinos = temples, obviously.
  • Singapore – A YSA ward! A well-organized stake! An anchor for fast growth in Malaysia and Indonesia!
  • Chiclayo, Peru
  • Aguascalientes, Mexico – There’s another temple in Mexico ~somewhere.
  • Yerevan, Armenia – 1 in 500 chance. Armenia lost its only stake in 2016, and activity rates are low. But this could be for funsies!
  • Never count out the Philippines

Dark Horses

  • Punta Arenas, Chile or Ushuaia, Argentina
  • Rapid City, South Dakota – The more famous of the Dakotas is one of the few states without a temple at this point.

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