Temple Predictions – April 2020

Coronavirus may have shut down church, but you can't shut down our semiannual temple predictions! Who will win?!

Kananga Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple

Joe: The main reason I’m pivoting from my Lubumbashi prediction to another cluster of wards and stakes closer to the only temple in the Democratic Republic of Congo is simply because other temple-guessing folks are hopping on the Lubumbashi wagon, and I’m a temple hipster.

Also, Kananga is the Benin City of the DRC, so see my explanation under that prediction as context/subtext for this one. What do I mean? Kananga is a middle point of sorts between Kinshasa and Lubumbashi, but far enough away from either. And since I’m of the opinion that both locales will get a temple in the near future, I think this regional hub of 1.2 million people, and the economic anchor for 6 stakes and a district in the surrounding vicinity (3 of those stakes in the city alone), it makes a heckuva lot of sense.

And, I know, so does Lubumbashi. But the road from Kinshasa leads to Kananga first. A temple here would bring the entire existing temple district outside the city of Kinshasa closer to a temple than a Lubumbashi temple would. And that’s the sum of my whole argument. With a Kananga temple, you’d get all the stakes from Kanaga and Lubumbashi as part of the district, whereas a Lubumbashi temple would be primarily just Lubambashi and its immediate area.

Geoff: But is Kananga too “close” to the temple in Kinshasa? I don’t imagine the journey is anything but arduous, regardless, but Lubumbashi would anchor a larger international region. With that said, a temple will go up in Harare, Zimbabwe at some point in the future, which would thin out the need in that part of the world.

I’ll let you have this one. The Kinshasa temple was only dedicated last year, and we’re already calling for second temples in other African nations this go-around, as you’ll see. Let’s make it a trend.

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