Temple Predictions – April 2020

Coronavirus may have shut down church, but you can't shut down our semiannual temple predictions! Who will win?!

Herriman Utah Temple

Geoff: There are roughly 10 stakes that could feed a temple in the southwest Salt Lake Valley, an area that has seen rapid population growth in recent years. And the area has few barriers to continued growth, unlike the central portion of the west valley, which has some Kennecott installations to fight with. Nope, just pure, unfettered Intermountain West bliss out in Herriman, folks. With membership growing along with population, it might make sense for the western part of the valley to receive its fourth temple. If not Herriman, then maybe Bluffdale.

Of course, the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple is nearby, but it will have plenty of stakes left over even if it loses the southern 10 to Herriman. And despite what you might assume, the recently announced Taylorsville Utah Temple won’t have much effect on Oquirrh Mountain, so there doesn’t need to be a fear of over-poaching the anchor of Daybreak, America’s Heartland of Love™.

Plus, Herriman has a Kneaders right next to a Sonic. If this isn’t God’s country, I don’t know what is.

Joe: I think you mean America’s Stepford Nightmare™, but sure. Consider my reaction here that ubiquitously used blinking guy gif. Herriman? I’m sorry, did you say Herriman?? I…what? There is a temple in Herriman, it’s the Zion’s Bank practice facility for Utah’s professional soccer teams!

Actually, in many things with the church, I do think Utah has a different standard than the rest of the world. Never is that more true than when discussing scalable church infrastructure. My gut tells me it makes more sense for Utah to need clusters of 20-30 stakes to become home for a new temple rather than 10, particularly if it’s so close to other temples. Look what it took for Layton to finally get one! Moreover, I’m not a fan of Suburbia temples. Sorry, I’m just not.

Geoff: Where’s the line on Suburbia temples? So only Urbia temples? Exurbia temples? Does that mean the original Provo temple is lame sauce but the City Center one is totally legit? Star Valley Wyoming is fair game, as is… Palmyra? Most temples are suburban, you noob.

Joe: *shrugs shoulders*

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