Only a few weeks removed from seeing the exterior rendering of the upcoming Tooele Valley Utah Temple, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has now released—wait for it—interior renderings! What! Such luck for us today.

Let’s check them out.

Baptistry of the Tooele Valley Utah Temple | Intellectual Reserve

Celestial Room of the Tooele Valley Utah Temple | Intellectual Reserve

Lobby of the Tooele Valley Utah Temple | Intellectual Reserve

Ordinance Room of the Tooele Valley Utah Temple | Intellectual Reserve

Sealing Room of the Tooele Valley Utah Temple | Intellectual Reserve

The standout here is the celestial room, notably the ceiling. You’d be forgiven if you thought the sloped ceiling was the same as that of the cupola outside, but that won’t be the case. Doing so builds nicely on the general temple motif, however. The rendering suggests a celestial room not at an edge of the building, but based on the higher windows, likely in the center, underneath where the main spire work starts.

Ordinance rooms, which we’re assuming will follow the now-ubiquitous three-room endowment configuration, appear modest in size, which is interesting for a temple of such square footage. However, the temple is not much larger than the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple, which has similarly sized ordinance rooms. We only have the one rendering of what appears to be the middle room, probably because the Church doesn’t want to release a rendering of the first room, which typically has a mural reflective of the area in which the temple is built, and we’re a ways off from that mural being finalized.

There is some beautiful window glass work on display here. Note the similar design of the windows in the large sealing room as well as the baptistry. That is particularly interesting because the exterior rendering shows curved windows only on the third level, with squared off windows below. Baptistries are often on the ground level or a basement, but we don’t see any curved windows in the exterior rendering. Of course, it is just one rendering, and we don’t know if the sides or rear of the temple will incorporate some other glasswork.

The Tooele Valley Utah Temple is also notable for being the first newer temple in Utah without a statue of the angel Moroni atop the spire.

No groundbreaking date has been set, and COVID-19 might delay things, but expect to see some action within the next six months if the Church is already releasing multiple sets of renderings.