EP 473 – The Beginning

Most of you have not suffered through our very first show, so with 2020 commemorating 10 years of This Week in Mormons, the time is now!

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat better way to commemorate 10 years of This Week in Mormons by making you suffer through our very first episode? An episode so green and amateurish, and yet we still had to rerecord the entire thing because we didn’t know what we were doing!

So our first show, dubbed “The Thirty-Foot Temple” after some design tweaks to the then-in-progress Phoenix Arizona Temple, dabbled in only a few topics, including the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center, technology in the Church, obese Mormons, and so many other topics discussed with our signature maturity and sensitivity!

Those years ago, we had no idea what TWiM would become, and we’re thankful to all of you for being part of the community.

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