President Nelson Announces Eight New Temples, Including Dubai and Shanghai!

New temple announcements knocked the doors off of a, uh, empty conference room. Amazing announcements!

It’s become something of a capstone to General Conference to have President Nelson announce new temples. And this time around, without the gasps of the Conference Center, might have been superior to get some very important particulars across about these temples.

President Nelson announced eight temples in the following locations:

  • Bahia Blanca, Argentina
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Benin City, Nigeria
  • Syracuse, Utah
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Shanghai, China

Shanghai, of course, is a whopper, and President Nelson went to lengths to explain how a temple there will function, stressing that part of the Church’s existence (which is mostly off paper) in the People’s Republic of China means no missionaries. The temple in Shanghai will be  built in a multipurpose facility and will function by appointment only. It will also only be open to residents of China, thus removing it from anyone’s temple tourism list.

Like any of you, we were floored to hear of a temple in mainland China, as the only temple in China is in Hong Kong, and it was built right before the British handed over control of Hong Kong to China. The Hong Kong China Temple is currently closed for major renovations.

Elsewhere, our predictions did OK! We were spot on with Pittsburgh and Benin City, and more or less on with Lubumbashi (we were split between there and another location in the DRC). Dubai is also an amazing choice, and we’ve long predicted a temple either there or Abu Dhabi, giving Abu Dhabi an honorable mention this last go around. Tallahassee also jives with one of our previous picks for Panama City, Florida. The Florida Panhandle sits largely outside the 200-mile radius of temples.

And Joseph will be elated about Bahia Blanca, one of his longtime favs.

Mongolia was, of course, robbed.

Syracuse, Utah, though! Hats off to everyone who thought of it. We saw rumblings about it in a few places, but thought a temple so close to the upcoming one in Layton was bizarre when other areas, like north Cache Valley were underserved.

Amazing stuff! Stay tuned to This Week in Mormons for continued coverage.

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