EP 475 – Surviving Not Thriving

The Tabernacle Choir gets a new logo, BYU Magazine goes all in on listening to women, Shanghai Temple might face a rocky road, a bevy of COVID news

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter a few weeks of bearing kids and delving into Church history, we’re back with the news! And who better to guide us through the items of the week than our resident Idaho experts, the TWiM Sisters, Arianne Smith and Tiffany Hales.

What do you think of the Church’s new logo? Or what about what we have editorialized as the Tabernacle Choir’s “bad” new logo? A graphic designer sounds off on the Church’s latest branding efforts in an interesting discussion with the Daily Herald.

The Salt Lake Tribune exposes corruption at the highest levels of temple planning! OK, not quite, but it does reveal that the upcoming Shanghai China Temple is not quite as planned or approved as we might have supposed. Worth a read.

Also worth a read: BYU Magazine published fascinating research about the roles of women, and notably, how women are not listened to and what to do to enable women in your ward, social circle, or business.

You’d be forgiven if you thought this had already happened, but due to coronavirus, the Church has canceled all youth treks and other gatherings in 2020. As erstwhile Young Women’s advisers who have ample experience with trek, Tiffany and Arianne have some thoughts!

Perhaps this is a good time to cover other COVID news. Church welfare farms are having a productive year and expect to thrive in the COVID climate.

The First Presidency released updated administrative guidelines during our home-at-church saga. There’s nothing terribly earth shattering here, but it does give specifics where specifics have been needed.

How have aspirants husbands and wives responded to temple closures and the inconvenience of a small, socially safe gathering at a courthouse or elsewhere in order to be married civilly? KSL has you covered with the scoop!

Being forced to return early from your mission because of coronavirus is a drag, but many are finding rich blessings in the experience. Also, the April 30 deadline to decide whether to return to the field in the U.S. or defer for a year has come and gone, and as such, the Quorum of the Twelve is actively reassigning missionaries.

Somehow, the Tabernacle Choir was still planning its European tour this year. Lo! No more! And who’s to blame? Those Nordic socialist?! Nay! COVID!

In positive COVID news, here’s the story of a primary music director who is still rocking the casbah virtually. It’s good stuff!

The Church has also received some excellent press for its response to COVID, having shifted production at a number of its facilities to produce masks and other important personal protective equipment.

Have you ever woken up and wondered to yourself why you haven’t created custom sacrament trays? People do it all the time! Well one man is living that reality and his story is found at the inappropriately named LDS Living.

Assorted news: the First Presidency wants you to take part in the Census; the New York Times publishes an expose on mommy bloggers that gives Latter-day Saint women their due as pioneers in this crucial effort; Guy Raz, host of NPR’s “How I Built This” podcast, talks about Mormons as entrepreneurs; some story about BYU baseball pitcher Cutter Clawson, deemed a “child actor” by the Deseret News; and of course, Lori Vallow wedding ring intrigue!

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