EP 476 – The Only Peer Review You Need Is Social Media

It's Jesus only in Church meetinghouse foyers, revisiting Mark Hofmann, phased temple reopenings, and the latest from Kate Kelly!

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]mall in stature but huge in spirit, Devin Thorpe, our beloved “resident communist,” is in the studio to break down the news. He also has some updates on his experience campaigning in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District.

Before inevitably dipping into COVID-19 news, let’s talk about how the Church is now mandating that only approved imagery of the Savior be used in meetinghouse entrances and foyers. To be clear, this means that anything that is not Jesus in this places must be removed, including any bulletins, tables, easels, etc., that might have other information on them. It is all Jesus and furniture. That’s it.

Utah is the second-most religiously biased state in the country against irreligious people, a study funded by atheists says. Are you in Utah? Are you a random atheist who follows this podcast? Let us know your thoughts! Props to Mississippi for being #1 in so many bad ways. It is probably also the leader in floating casinos.

Famed Church historian Richard Turley is retiring. He came to the Church right after the Mark Hofmann scandals and has played an enormous role in opening up archives and facing our history. You can listen to the godless and evil Salt Lake Tribune’s interview with him below.

Alright, coronavirus! Week 543. In the wake of dumb Latter-day Saints flouting social distancing guidelines to welcome Mikaeyluh and Janathhyn home from their missions, the Church issued a very clear reminder not to be dumb when dropping off these missionaries as they head out for their new assignments.

The limited reopening of some temples represents the first phase of returning to some sense of normalcy after coronavirus. The Church announced last week 17 temples would open solely for living sealings, then a few days ago added 17 more to the list. How “phased” can an approach be if we don’t take time between phases to gather and analyze data before taking next steps?

In other temples news, shocking the region – nay, the world – the Orem City Council approved the site plans for the upcoming Orem Utah Temple. Devin claims this temple will also lack a statue of the angel Moroni, and he also doesn’t like that Moroni was actually added to some temples that originally didn’t have one.

Site work is also underway at the Washington County Utah Temple. This means dirt is being moved around.

And the plans for one of our favorite upcoming temples, that of Tooele Valley, entail far more than the temple itself, but an entire planned community in the middle of farmland.

Like any Latter-day Saint and reader of Glamour magazine, you might have wondered what happened to Kate Kelly? Where is she? Is she into women now? Is she in favor of underage marriage? All these questions, and more, are answered in an interview with none other than Glamour! (OK, so we can get behind the campaign to get states to outlaw underage marriage.)

Assorted news: a nice profile on the Church’s peanut butter efforts in Texas, the Church donated food as part of a major relief effort in Hawaii, and Jana Riess wants men to listen to women.

Lastly, Devin is supporting a Utah Rotary initiative to provide relief to the Navajo Nation. Check out this list of needs and contact Devin if you can help.

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