EP 481 – Defund Wards

Photo: Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
BYU-Idaho steps in it when trying to address race relations, male missionary fashion may now not involve ties, active Latter-day Saints support Trump less.
Photo: Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]urt Francom, the veritable legend of Leading Saints is back with us to discuss leadership, having children the same as as your noble host, and, uh, Utah politics. Yay, Kurt!

Young male missionaries may now, in some circumstances, wear no tie or even a blue shirt! What is this?! The Brand™, folks! What about THE BRAND™?! Anyway, it’s cool for them. Soon they’ll have beards. And leave their wives for four years.

The video below is everything. EVERYTHING. NEPHITES. IN. EUROPE. Because all of world history must revolve around us.

Also a fun area where we make everything about us: BYU-Idaho’s Performing and Visual Arts Facebook page published a bafflingly tone deaf article trying to equate the Latter-day Saint experience, particularly early pioneer history, to the Black Lives Matter one, even finishing the remarks with the note that one may simply choose to rise up!

Should Dixie State University be renamed? A letter to the editor to the Salt Lake Tribune suggests—though does not make explicit—that the term “Dixie” used to describe southern Utah carries racist roots. Likewise, should we rename Brigham Young University?

Black Mormon lives matter. And we should know that and make sure others know it. This article helps.

The Daily Herald interviews Joseph Freeman, described in the headline as the “First black to receive LDS priesthood.” All erroneous headlines aside, it’s a good interview!

Last week we mentioned Mitt Romney marching with Black Lives Matter supporters. Our friend (and former guest), Ben Park, published an op-ed in the Washington Post contrasting Mitt’s march with similar ones undertaken by his father, George, in the 1960s.

Were you wondering what Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has learned about himself during the pandemic? Wonder no more! He spills the beans!

A new study argues that Utah Latter-day Saints who self identify as “active” support Donald Trump’s reelection less than their peers. Read the data. Face the music. Draft Evan McMullin!

Mentions: we nearly evacuated the Tucson Arizona Temple because of a big ol’ fire; saints in Tallahassee, Florida, make face masks; saints in Yuba City, California, start demolishing their stake center to make way for the Feather River California Temple; bodies were found at Chad Daybell’s house; we’re developing land in Jackson County, Missouri; and a woman is trying once more to sue the Church over truth claims.

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