Do you hear that? That’s the sound of musicians warming up for the Virtual Youth Music Festival hosted by the Church.  That’s right TWIM family, mark your calendars, because the concert happens on July 29th, 2020, at 6:00 pm mountain time. Youth around the world are invited to attend this concert.  The theme is: “Hear the Voice of the Lord,” echoing President Nelson’s counsel to learn to hear the Lord better in our lives.

The concert will be available on the Strive to Be YouTube channel, as well as on the Church’s live broadcast and Facebook live pages.

According to the newsroom:

“The pre-recorded, 40-minute, livestream virtual concert will feature personal, powerful testimonies by youth and Church leaders, inspiring music in various languages, as well as photos, videos, and performances of youth from around the world.”

While exact details of the performances are unclear, the promotional video gives us a few hints. Yahosh and Oba Bonner are featured prominently in the 40 second promo. But that’s not all! We also catch a glimpse of David Archuleta.

And if you miss it, don’t despair. The concert will be available on the Strive to Be YouTube page, and in the Gospel Library music collection.